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Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is an American businessman, television personality, politician, and the 45th President of the United States. Born and raised in Queens, New York City, Trump received an economics degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1968. In 1971, more.


How the hell did this egotistical, simple-minded, racist, sexist douche get elected? He's only been in office for a few weeks and even many of his long-time followers have turned against him, due to his temporary banning of refugees from the Middle East. I guess Tronald Dump would rather watch thousands starve on the borders of countries while he sits on his ass combing his rat's nest of a toupee for the thousandth time. I know it loses all meaning when people say it about every new president, but I'm not exaggerating when I say that Donald Trump is the worst president we've ever had, and he's been in office for less than a month. Unless he gets impeached real quick, the next four years are going to be HELL, probably seeing a dip in foriegn relations in almost every country except for Russia. How we, the American, people, allowed such an evil, odious man to run our country is something that I will never understand. - Spark_Of_Life

Only two weeks into his run, and he's already turned America into a country that runs on fear and racism yet again, completely denying terrorist attacks against Muslims while blanketing all Muslims as terrorists despite very few non-ISIS attacks (not all Muslims are ISIS, and not all ISIS is Muslims) actually being damaging, throwing around the term "illegal immigrants" in place of "refugees", prioritizing the absolute most trivial things and actually hurting our society while ignoring things that have actually mattered, not even talking about the Internet thing (you know, people NEED the Internet for basic things nowadays)...if America becomes a dictatorship, that'll be the best thing that'll happen.

At worst...well, considering that the majority of this site's population is American, this site might become completely barren. Again, this is all in the first two weeks, we haven't even gone a month.

The worst part? He's actively spited us by turning around on some of his ...more - WonkeyDude98

Trump wants cuts to college aid programs and end Public Service Loan Forgiveness, subsidized loan programs, and cut science. He is a big piece of poop. All the idiots that voted for him thinking he wants anything good for anyone who isn't a millionaire are complete retards. Aside to the fact that he wants to screw over all Americans that aren't rich. He religiously says ignorant false things about many races and muslims. He does put things in perspective though I am much happier poor than being that ignorant piece of filth. People like him are narcissists who don't ever learn from their mistakes because they never had to. When I was younger I said ignorant things about people different from me but I learned because I'm not a total douche and was corrected. He isn't about being a better person or better president or better anything. All he cares about is his brand and money not one of us that are less fortunate than he is.

I was just reading some of the comments under Trump. Some one thinks that Donald Trump is worse than a man who killed 20 million people and tried to wipe out an entire race! Also this same man ( lets call him Mr. Democrat) said that we,Americans, should not like the idea of our country getting 1st but that we should let other countries bully us around because to Mr. Democrat being patriotic is the worst crime anyone could ever commit. Mr. Democrat also said "America was built on crimes, racism and corruption " and said we we viciously enslaved African- Americans to bring economic power to the United States. Did you ever hear about the Arab slave trade which enslaved far more White people and lasted much longer? How come you are not complaining about that? And America and the Western World were the first people to ever free slaves and abolish it. India to this day has thousands maybe even millions of slaves. Here is a list of the people Americans have freed...
.African-American ...more

A STEREOTYPICAL Trump Supporter: Make America great again! Good thing Crooked Hillary lost because she would have started World War III with Russia! Screw the press! They're a bunch of liars even though I've listened to them my whole life when trying to know about the current events that were going on in the world around me! Also, I am a huge Republican and I want to put the Democratic Party in jail and kill all liberals and Muslims in the US! Also, I am dumb enough to think Obama is worse than Buchanan even though the latter caused the Civil War! Need I mention that I think Donald Trump is a handsome star who really knows how to mingle around the lad-

*Entire country gets nuked by China because of Donald Trump's tension with them*

Also, keep in mind that this is what a STEREOTYPICAL Trump supporter would probably think. If this offends or triggers anyone, I highly apologize if anyone feels hurt by my satire. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

WHAT?!?!?! Obama is #1 on this list! And Trump, #8! The only reason Obama is #1 is because some people on this site are either white racists or greedy capitalists. I hate Trump to the bone, he is a very bad person. Just look at his track record as president, which includes unconstitutional travel bans, supporting so-called "health care" bills that would have thrown 20+ million off of health insurance (which all failed, thank God), and repeals of environmental regulations for the sake of a coal industry that will not exist in 80 years either way (get it? ). As you all already know very well, Trump would rather live in his own fantasy world where everything is how he WISHES it was, instead of reality. And don't get me started on how he reacts to anyone he disagrees with. Worst president ever by far, even Bush wasn't this bad. Oh and Trump may have colluded with the Russians to get into office in the first place (and consistently denies it). - allamassal

He has no absolute ability to cope with his job. He's a fool to even show up to be voted in an election. We all here in the US are already starting to disapprove of his actions. A wall? That has to be the dumbest thing a president has ever thought in less than a year of BEING president. He thinks he's a good president, but he's not, he is a clown and made the US the punching bag of jokes and excuses. Sooner or later, he is going to start a war due to his lack of president ability. Heck, we already are getting some bomb warnings from neighbor countries. China and other countries are just staring at us, laughing, as they dominate. We used to be the top when Obama and other GOOD presidents, now with Donald Trump, we are weak and poured in shame.

At least when Obama said s***show, he was referring to the war in Libya, not the country itself... Trump? Yeah, he actually did call most African countries s***hole countries. I understand most of the African countries in particular are impoverished and not in a clean state, but at the very least, did Trump have to blatantly call these countries out like that? I know me and everyone else who hates him seem to nitpick and call him out on every single thing he does without giving him a chance, but really, can I really take his presidency seriously when it's hard to tell if what he's saying on Twitter is really an accomplishment for his presidency and the country? Don't forget he appointed most politicians that have changed our country and the world for the worse... (Looking at you, Ajit Pai, Mike Pence, etc.) - ModernSpongeBobSucks

How is Trump lower than Hebert Hoover? If Hoover WAS the cause of the Great Depression, I could understand, but he wasn't. Trump, on the other hand, is lying to Americans, is racist, a complete idiot, immature, has done nothing but bad for the country, and before you say "But the Tax reform! " It also is making the country worse. Trump, instead of spending 1.5 trillion to fix America, uses it to give rich people more money, and make middle-class pay MORE for taxes. Good job America. You could have elected Bernie, but we got this racist, sexually assaulting bastard.

Honestly I think 99% of the presidents that america has had have been corrupt and selfish. (Save a few like Abe Lincoln and George Washington) its cause of money people. America is supposed to be a free country. Not run by some power crazy maniacs. Now I'm not saying trump is good or bad. He hasn't lead us into work war 3 yet so I can be happy. So far I think he is sexist and has no respect for women or their rights. I am sick of women being treated like dirt because men think that they can have power them cause they are more "fragile" and can be taken advantage of. IF YOU THINK THAT I HATE YOU! But overall I hate Hillary equally. I also don't think people should be judged because of who they vote for. It's not kind or healthy. So if you have broken up with a friend out family member, make up with them cause life is short and you can't have everything so keep close to your loved ones and keep going no matter what!

Guys, I'm so confused... why is this not at the top? I was able to write a list in 5 minutes of 25 reasons he's unfit to be president. Here, I'll sum it up in 3:

1. He's so incredibly immature. He continuously offends people and other countries, which is incredibly unsafe for us. Also, he just talks like a baby! He has no self-control.
2. He's incredibly racist and sexist. Obviously, there was the leaked audiotape, and he's proven many times he doesn't respect women. And where do I start on the racism? Worst of all, he tries to pretend he isn't racist, even after everything he's said about Muslims (yes I know that's not a race), Hispanics, blacks, etc. Also, he inspires this hatred in his supporters, and has made it seem like it's okay, thus making America incredibly unsafe for minorities and women.
3. He's such a liar and a hypocrite. Oh. My. God. The Russia scandal, the audiotape, the amount of people at his inaguration, him spending OUR money so he and his family can ...more

He disparages women, the disabled, people of color, and anyone who expresses an opinion contrary to his own. He may have the title of President, but is 100% NOT presidential caliber. He needs to pay his share of income taxes, be accountable for past transgressions abusing women, and step down.

He hasn't done anything majorly bad yet, but I'm still skeptical about how he'll do even though I'm desperately hoping for him to do well. He attacked the press again recently, so that kind of makes me worried about how that will correlate with his behavior and policies for the country. It isn't a good sign when the president displays undiplomatic behavior, especially in his first days since inauguration. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This isn't about the press. This is about his diplomatic attitude and how he'll handle it with certain issues. People say that Hillary Clinton would have started a war with Russia if she were elected (and before you say she would do that, let's not forget that our main focus is Donald Trump), but look at how he's handling China right now. We could very well be on the verge of a cold war or worse with a country that's even more economically and militarily powerful than Russia itself. So Donald Trump's complete brashness is more than just a pet peeve to me. It's more of like a flaming match ready to ignite a bomb on the spot. Plus, if you really think I'm listening to lies from the press, how about telling me where you get YOUR up-to-date information on Trump? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

How the hell is this prick lower than Obama? Obama, he made mistakes, but so did every president, and in most cases, their good choices outweighed their bad ones. He is not one of those cases. He ran just to see if he could pull it off, he condones police brutality, he's an immigrants, grandson, son, and two-time husband who hates immigrants, he cheated on two of his wives, he calls trans troops who risk their lives to protect ours a burden, it goes on and on. Tell Satan I said hi, Donald.

Not the best pick for President ( I would rather have Pence as President ), but did you look, no terror attacks since his inauguration ( Some plots though ). He did upgrade the USA's military. He did try to impose a temporary travel ban until the Judge from Honolulu halted it. To all who say " He's racist," his own wife is Mexican. To those who want to kill him, he has a 10 year old son. And don't call me an idiot because I watch FOX News. Your own little media tells you the things that you want to hear. He's not a Abraham Lincoln or George Washington, but we should give him a chance to prove himself. I'm not saying that it's destiny that he is going be one of the best Presidents, but he might make some good choices. Even JFK isn't perfect ( Bay of Pigs is all his fault). Even MLK wasn't perfect. Everyone isn't perfect ( Except Jesus Christ). We'll wait a couple of months or years and then rank him.

I know it's only been a few days, but he's been bad so far.

Considering he has already broken promises before even being inaugurated, such as filling his cabinet with the elite, and has an insane Twitter addiction...he's probably going to be really high on this list at some point.

He's a complete idiot and he has done nothing but make America worse. Some of the things he has done are:

Attempt to reban Transgender people from the military likely because it was a thing that Obama unbanned.

Made it legal for coal companies to dump waste into rivers and streams.

Made it legal for airlines to NOT disclose baggage fees.

Made it legal to poison the Ecosystem with lead.

Made it legal for ISPs to collect browsing history and sell it.

(POSSIBLY as of December 20th) Repealed Net neutrality, which just so happened to be a thing Obama had instated.

So yeah, he won't make America great again. He'll just make it worse. And Trump, Mexico is never going to pay for your useless wall. It's also not going to be 4-12 billion, it is likely going to be around 30 billion at minimum.

This president is not a president, my friends. He a laughingstock, except for the fact he scares me. I, for the first time, legitimately am terrified for what our country will become when and after he is inaugurated. Picture the apocalypse, people! Riots in the streets, A WALL BETWEEN TWO FRIENDLY, NEIGHBORING COUNTRIES?!?!? Honestly, I cannot understand the thought process of those who voted for this... thing. It is a YUGE mistake my friends. Good luck to you, I wish I was moving to Canada right now.

He has no idea what he is doing. He is alienating all of the traditional allies of the United States, especially other countries belonging to NATO. He lies so much that we have no idea where he stands on the issues and he probably doesn't know himself. The only "allies" we seem to have left is North Korea, possibly China and Russia (hmmm collusion). He is isolating the United States from the rest of the world! What other country is isolated from the rest of the world? That's right! NORTH KOREA! He admires tyrants like Kim Jong-Un, Xi Xingpin and Vladimir Putin. HE WANTS TO BE LIKE THEM! HE WANTS TO BE A PRESIDENT FOR LIFE! The first thing he started doing when he took office was to start to tear up the Constitution of which he took an oath to "protect and to defend." Is this the kind of insane lunatic we want in the White House? NO! He even looks severely insane in the picture. General Colin Powell said it best. Trump is a "national disaster! "

Okay, just point out, I'm only 11 so I'm not into politics, but hear me out. A few days ago he banned trans people from the military. That's just plain discrimination and even before this, he hasn't really done anything to "make america great again". He's said and done some pretty bad things that I can't just shrug off, he's immature, doesn't know what he's doing and I sincerely hope he doesn't serve all his years in office.

Let me tell you all a story. There's this entire generation of people that was grown up to believe that things can just be handed to them. They think they all deserve special treatment and think they are going to get stuff. For example, if this generation did not get a goodie bag and someone's birthday party, something was clearly wrong with that birthday party. So the reason all of these grown ups are protesting is because they think that Trump being kicked out of office can just happen. It can't, so they are throwing fits, getting comfort dogs, and drinking hot cocoa. I don't remember this happening during 9/11. Are you guys serious? Luckily, I wasn't grown up thinking things could be handed to me. They just can't, especially in the real world. All of these Trump Haters are getting their reality check. - DCfnaf

Can't wait for your reality check to bounce! Obviously proper English is one of those things that wasn't handed to you either. - Amathea

Complete dimwit. Using insults, blaming problems on others, inappropriate talk about females and having half knowledge of what he is saying is pretty sad. In theory a man like him is obsolete in this era where people are more intelligent and open minded. The fact that many news sources cover him while he says those same news companies are fake tells you how phony the system is. Uncultured administration benefiting the 0.1 percent and the Rothschild too. Thanks to Bump more people will group up and for resistant networks to the senseless ideology of this moron. More people will also wake up to the fact that both Republicans and Democrats party are broken and that the dull system needs to change.

Yet you are calling names and insulting. I betcha you would've voted for me again, huh? - HusseinBarackObama

Donald Trump is the most inept president in history. He is a thin-skinned, reactionary, vindictive, immature, con man, bigot, misogynist, Twitter addict who has the temperament of a 9 year old. Additionally, through his words and actions he has normalized hatred and bigotry. The knuckle dragging segment of his constituents have been emboldened towards hate crimes. The Donald Trump presidency will take a long time to recover from.

I am 40, this guy is the closest to dictatorship I personally witnessed America get to. Also his lack of knowledge on various political stages made him look like a fool on several occasions. Perhaps America has never been as divided and unstable as it is under Donald Trumps presidency. It's well documented that leaders around the world get a good laugh out of current American affairs under Donald Trump.

You got 4 years, Trump. 4 years. You could either make America great again or make America god-awful. It better be the former. - ModernSpongeBobSucks