Franklin D. Roosevelt

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt, commonly known as FDR, was an American statesman and political leader who served as the President of the United States from 1933 to 1945. A Democrat, he won a record four presidential elections and dominated his party for many years as a central figure in world events during more.


Trust me on this one, I got my degree in American history. FDR is without a doubt one of if not the worst president we've ever had. Franklin D. Roosevelt is responsible for one of the worst times in American history. Of course, if you know anything about history then you probably know what I'm talking about. In 1942, Franklin D. Roosevelt, after the attacks on Pearl Harbor, forced over 100,000 Japanese-Americans to concentration camps. This was just plain racism, as most of the Japanese-Americans he forced into these concentration camps were all for America. "Well Ryan, clearly you didn't pay attention in class because FDR helped us through WWII." Yes, I am aware of this. However he's also the reason Japan bombed us in the first place. I recommend you read an article on it, because I don't think I could explain it well enough to convince you. It's just sad that so many consider him the greatest president of all time, considering that Lincoln is so much better than him. - hiphopgod

He had the audacity to claim to be a supporter of freedom and try to topple a regime that throws people in prison camps based on ethnicity, when he did the same thing to Japanese Americans. But everyone I've talked to about it just tries to deny it so their perfect little historical view isn't sullied

His "New Deal" policies extended the depression by several years. When you take tax from those who produce to give to those who don't, weakened the economy. Just like Hussein Obama's "redistribution of wealth" policies today are causing the slowest, most pathetic economy the nation has ever known.

Japanese internment. Court packing. Gold confiscation. Proposed 100% tax on high incomes. Paid farmers to destroy their crops. Amongst many other things (the list is moderately longer if you happen to lean right). - djh101

Short term stimulation out of the Great Depression but created a long term detriment of the country by increasing state control over the population. If it wasn't for a war, the economy would have further stagnated. Invented the mess of social security. Was buddies with malicious dictator Josef Stalin.

If Jackson should be removed from the twenty for ethnic cleansing then so should this guy from the dime! He removed thousands of Japanese Americans without even reasonable suspicion. He also stripped German and Italian Americans naturalized or their citizenship! He was overrated and a dictator himself! How come Dwight D. Eisenhower who accomplished much more in his life time gets zero respect...? It was the latter who helped win WW2 not this guy!

FDR's policies undoubtedly prolonged the Depression, and his endless make-work projects did very little to actually provide a viable long-term solution to the nation's financial problems. His decision to raise interest rates in 1937 plunged the country deeper into recession still, and ensured that the US would not further recover until WWII. However, FDR's most egregious sin was introducing Keynesian deficit spending, which essentially guaranteed the US would accumulate a massive national debt. The problems caused by this reckless spending strategy persist today, with the US currently shouldering a 18 trillion dollar debt.

He may have lead the country through the depression, and eventually to the end of the depression. He did it by continually antagonizing the Japanese to provoke an attack by supplying the Chinese with supplies and armaments to help them fight Japan. He chose to end a depression by killing thousands and thousands of Americans.

He being his dumb self put Japanese-Americans in "military camps" and forced them out of their homes where they were only allowed to bring a small bundle of their belongings and at the camps many died because of the terrible conditions. This all happened because he thought that people who were japenese who had never been to Japan and were born in America are traders and honestly I hope he died a slow painful death

Everyone in the comments are the biggest idiots on EARTH. He put innocent Japanese Americans in prison camps. Truly the worst president ever - venomouskillingmachine

He expanded the government, confiscated all gold owned by American citizens, abolished American-Japanese rights, and don't quote me on this I think he passed laws that hurt black people.

Tested a bunch of experiments which fail today and are why we're in so much debt yes while his foreign policy was great he made the government explode in power and that's the problem today

Introduced big government, packed the court, and made the depression longer!? If he was such a great president (elected four times), then why was everyone in a hurry to pass the 26th amendment (limited president's terms) after he died? - queen11

He did not lead us out of the Depression but caused the recovery to take longer.

I think Trump is worse, but I don't like FDR either. I used to think he was impeccable because he helped us through the Great Depression and WW2. I am still grateful to him for that, but when I found out that he snubbed Jesse Owens and wouldn't meet him after the 1936 Berlin Olympics, I was furious! "I can't because it would cost me too many votes from racist citizens." WELL, WHO CARES? You were president for long enough! FOUR YEARS WAS FINE! You could've not been racist and helped African-Americans even just a little bit, and for that, you deserve to be on this list.

TERRIBLE. He did not get America OUT of the depression... A combination of his and Hoover's policies only WORSENED and PROLONGED the depression! His presidency marked the beginning of the welfare state, which continues to haunt us today.

Top 10 worst. Why did he send four Aircraft Carriers 240 nautical miles away from Pearl Harbor four days before the attack? Had a communist on his cabinet. Started the first communist programs.

He locked up American citizens just because of Japan

For one, his programs in the new deal failed, for two, he unconstitutionally took out four supreme court leaders and illegally placed his own in to make his social programs legal and for three he avoided joining the one thing that took us out of the depression (WW2) until Japan attacked us

Eisenhower should have tossed his limp little behind off the Statue of Liberty the moment he sent his own citizens to interment camps. Disgraceful scumbag.

He expanded government and is praised by liberals and put Japanese in Concentration camps. Need I say more?

Get any facts about presidents that you know straight! This guy led us out of The Great Depression, WWII and many other things. This guy should be on nicest presidents ever.

He kept us in the depression! Europe was out years before us due to his progressive politics. Do some fact checking folks!

You have gotta be kidding me. Dear Enterer: Read some damn history.

He confiscated all gold from the American people and then immediately doubled the price. He was a thug.