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George Walker Bush is an American politician who served as the 43rd President of the United States from 2001 to 2009 and 46th Governor of Texas from 1995 to 2000. The eldest son of Barbara and George H. W.


George W. Bush was a complete disaster and the worst president this country has ever had. He was an embarrassment and a mistake that never should have happened. We'll be decades trying to repair the damage this man caused our great country. He pushed our economy into an oligarchy, he destroyed our freedoms by trying to turn us into a third-world theocratic state, he destabilized the Middle East, was far too careless with the lives of our troops and with our nation's finances, and ruined our reputation abroad. Plus, he was horrible for our national unity. The hatred Americans feel for each other was stirred up to a fever pitch by Bush's policies. I believe Bush may have been well-meaning in some areas, but he had incredibly faulty judgement and the worst leadership skills of any president in memory. He never seemed to be in charge and let Cheney get away with all sorts of corruption.

The only thing that George W. Bush achieved was to make his father look like he had a stellar ...more

George W Bush is the most over rated president in history. The republicans love him and I fail to see any good reason why. He freed Iraq from hussein. Good job. Iraq has almost no government and is plunged into chaos. Now ISIS is a thing thanks to him. The Iraq war created the federal debt crisis. The total costs of the Iraq and Afghan wars will reach between $4 trillion and $6 trillion, when the long-term medical costs are added in for wounded veterans, a March 2013 report by a Harvard researcher has estimated. Earlier reports said the wars cost $2 billion a week. All this to topple someone who had nothing to do with 9/11. IDIOT. I'm not saying Saddam was a good president. I'm saying it was a stupid move to topple him. Now things in Iraq are worse. 9/11 happened under his watch. He said he would catch Osama if he got re elected. He got his second term. Guess what he did. NOTHING. HE didn't DO JACK. Republicans voted for you because you said that. Obama killed Osama and republicans ...more

George Walker Bush is clearly 100% the worst president to ever take the oath of office. His stupidity when it comes to foreign affairs is absolutely astonishing. I have absolutely no idea how the former president could've been elected to a second term. I just love how many Obama haters there are because they have no idea the hell that not only George Bush has put him through but members of the republican party as well. I do understand that it must be extremely hard to keep a country safe especially the one we live in today, but his horrifically poor judgement is the main reason he's the one of the worst presidents to ever live. The fact of the matter is this former president not only put the American people at risk but the lives of many soldiers by creating the war with Iraq. Not only is he the sole reason for the loss of life of almost 5,000 U.S. soldiers, over 100,000 innocent civilians as well. It's just so terrible of how many ignorant people there are out there in our world that ...more

The Katrina debacle, in which Bush waited nearly a week to send supplies, which led to half of Katrina's death toll, had placed the U.S in an economic recession, placed the U.S in a failed war, and did not even try to go after Osama Bin Laden, who planned the 9/11 attacks. Obama was not perfect, and he did double the national debt, and for anybody complaining that Obama spent too much time at golf courses, Trump spent much, much, much more time. When Katrina happened, Obama was golfing, but because the governor of Illinois told him not to go. Obama pulled us out of the Recession, had Osama Bin Laden killed, tried to help the U.S with global warming, ended the Iraq War, and helped our economy thrive. Bush is obviously the worst, and even though Trump is much more racist, sexist, and misogynistic, he continued America's booming economy, his Hurricane Maria debacle was not as severe as Bush's Katrina, and at least he BARELY did anything, which is probably good, as some of the things he ...more

Wow where do I even start? He's guilty of so much, taking advantage of 9/11 to get into the Middle East for their oil oh and guess what? That war is still going on now even after so many have died from both sides. He dragged the entire world into a recession, I am no fan but how can you expect Obama to drag the U.S. out of something in four years, something which took 8 years to accomplish? No unfortunately I think he has done to the U.S. what happened to the U.K. and all nations that had their turn at being the most powerful country and I don't think they will ever be able to recover properly. - neemsay

He lied through his teeth at every press conference and he caused the economic problem before Obama came to office. Over 10000 soldiers and people of Iraq died during the war under his presidency and said to the nation that we will capture Bin Laden, guess what, the mission is a big fail because of him. People now say that Obama fail the nation, but let's not forget who put the nation into a war that killed over 10000 soldiers and people of Iraq, want the nation to pay more taxes, kick illegal citizens out instead of giving them citizenship requirements, and called the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression nearly a century ago.

Quite literally, the Worst president the U. S has ever produced. 9/11 was caused by Bush because he knew it was going to happen, but instead of trying to stop it, he decided to just let it happen in order to see what he could do about it. After that, he then took advantage one of the most tragic events in human history and then covers it up by saying that God told him to pay the Muslims of the Middle East a severe punishment. In reality, he decided to attack the Middle East only for their wealth, oil and rich resources, confirming him as a very greedy, selfish president. George Bush is not only the worst president of the U. S, but is also one of the worst presidents in the world. Letting a terrorist attack occur on purpose is never a forgivable act. This, and using this sad event, sacking so much money and resources and ruining the reputations of Islam, the Middle East and the U. S itself cements him in this spot... - SuperNova22

George W. Bush is responsible for getting thousands of our young people killed in wars that destabilized the middle east, more deaths that caused by the 9/11 attacks. This alone makes him the worst president. Unfortunately, the list continues with with the great recession, lost respect around the globe, a weakened country due to ineptitude and dumb policies, and even things like the inability to form a sentence. The expensive tax breaks were a disaster. One in a long line of dysfunctional Republican "leaders." Thankfully, we've been rescued from him and our country has been put back on the right path.

G.W. bush was by far the stupidest, most incompetent, and least qualified President the U.S. has ever seen. He stole the election by voter fraud and intimidation, ignoring the electoral advantage of Al Gore and forcing the SCOTUS to call the election prematurely. He lied about his military service and used his trust-fund family influence to gain admission to a prestigious University he had no business attending (his SAT scores would barely have gained him admission to a public University in his own hick state, let alone an Ivy League school.) Once he stole the office of the President, he bankrupted the country with two wars he lied to get us in to, costing thousands of American lives. When the Great Recession hit, partly because his economic policies had been so ineffective and misguided, he proceed to bail out the banks and investment firms with the hard working tax-payers' money. He cause the biggest recession since the Great Depression of the 1930's, yet still lives in opulent ...more

Bush lied to America to go to the war in Iraq. There were no weapons of mass destruction. ISIS wouldn't even be around today, beheading countless people, if we didn't go to Iraq in the first place. Money used in the Iraq war could've been used on other things to help our nation and even the world in many different ways.

Also, take note that the results of economic decisions made about 4-5 years ago show up today. The Great Recession of 2008 occurred because of decisions made in 2003-2004 when George W. Bush was in office and we had a republican congress as well.

Because of the above reasons, I voted George W. Bush the worst president America's ever had.

I am 62, and he is by far the worst president in my lifetime. Anyone who can't see this is just stupid, like Bush. How many presidents do we have that can't even enter some of the other country's of the world for fear of being arrested for murder. As has been said, he just can't be that stupid, May be his only defense for the lives of the innocent people he has killed. I would not be surprised if he were not responsible for 911 also as the case against him is much larger than one may think.

Bush got us into two very costly wars that ruined everything from American confidence to our own influence world wide. The reason so many are mad at this is that people continue to defend and praise a man that made most Europeans think of us as complete warmongers. The entry into Iran made the people there despise us and we were definitely not treated as "Liberators", but rather just people looking for oil. I haven't even MENTIONED the economic crisis yet! The reason bush was far worse than Obama was that Obama did have a lot of people against him on every step he went (congress) so he couldn't make things as the majority wanted... With bush everything was self-inflicted and spiraled out of control.

W Bush isn't the worst but definitely wasn't best! He inherited a weak military with very a poor national security from the Clinton Administration. Went after and caught Sadam and their were even WMD's. I even give him credit for Killing Osama (lets be real, Obama and Hillary would have messed up 9-11 and the hunt for Osama). But it all took way to long, which took us from a Surplus too a Deficit. He butchered the English language and his tax policies were not ideal but better than what we have currently in 2016! The thing I fault "W" with the most is divide we have in the country. Bush started the divided Obama just put the final nail into it, to the point where we are more likely to see a 2nd Civil War than a President to unite the left and the right!

That George W. Bush is not best president in United State of America. But That George W. Bush is worst president in United State of America because being Bush make war on Iraq for long years cause harm economic and jobs too will be losing. Bush is only not best person. He is worst than Jimmy Carter and Nixon. Understand that sure Bush didn't worked plan fixing jobs and economic into improve and will not good care usa. It's Hopeless and not bright.

I had a great time as a kid in the 2000s. However, George Bush has got to be the worst president we've had in the past 100 years. He made hardships on everybody and did much of nothing to redeem his actions. Starting wars with Iraq and Afghanistan and nothing was really even achieved out of this. I don't think he was truly responsible for 9/11 but as a president, these are just certain things you can not let happen and sadly, he did. Katrina came and he barely cared much. Then in 2007, he plunged us into a Huge recession that made it tough on everyone including me. I've never cared much for Bill but at least he was cohesive enough and get some stuff done. Sure Bush has done some good for us but overall, he made plenty of very poor decisions. Also, I'm really sick of people blaming everything on Obama.

Absolutely the worst president of all time. George W. Bush did not seem to have a single clue about what he was doing during his presidency. Also, why is Obama or Bill Clinton on this list? In my opinion, Obama is an incredibly underrated president and most of the people who are putting him on this list seem to have no idea what they are talking about and have seemingly been brainwashed by conservative propaganda.

He is anything but a good president. If I could describe George W. Bush in one word, it would be WAR-CRAZED. If he was still president, he'll have probably killed every innocent civilian in the Middle East despite trying to bomb ISIS. All I can do now is just hope we don't get another idiot in office who wants to just bomb all over the Middle East! Oh my goodness, am I gonna miss Barack Obama so much! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Sad part is... He was elected in the first place... Bush senior is like the gremlin "stripe" from that awesome 80's flick " gremlins" and junior is kinda like the retarded, cross eyed fury one... if you've seen the movie you'll know what I mean... what I'm getting at its why would you elect another gremlin. I mean sure he's retarded and he looks harmless. but he is STILL a damn gremlin.

No crap he's the worst. I'm not even American and even I can see how he's driven america downhill. Bush is extremely greedy. Not even trying to stop 9/11. He left a huge pile of crap for obama to clean up, and people hate on obama for his decisions. How the hell do you clean up something that big, it wont be easy! So so greedy, and using god (how dare he?! ) as an excuse to attack the Middle East. He is disgusting, terrible - dragonfly99

You people who think he was a bad President obviously have no clue. First thing, there were WMD found in Iraq. Do your homework before flapping your ignorant liberal traps. Sure he isn't the best but by far the worst. And in comparison to OBAMA, there is no comparison. Obama has divided this nation. By race, by class and by economics. Racial unrest is almost as high as it's ever been, poverty is at an all time high which means the most people ever on welfare. Our borders are open to anyone and anything that wants to come through and terrorize the American people. Our freedom where our health has been destroyed by a disastrous policy called Obamacare. Which in fact is a IRS entity now. Where does the IRS have anything to do with our choices for healthcare. He is in thick with Iran while leaving Isreal in the dust. What is wrong with you people. The whole world is erupting and you are blaming Bush. Obama has created the world to be a very dangerous place. I do believe Bush told Obama ...more

Both Bush's were buttheads! President Obama may not be the best president ever, but he far from worse. He doesn't come close to incompetence of these yahoos! At least he tries to help the middle and lower class people. The Bush boys only only cared about the rich. People diss President Obama for the hardship were are in... Look at the mess he has to clean up left by Bush Jr. Remember it took President Clinton two (2) terms to get everything back in order after the first Idiot Bush; President Obama should be given the same consideration!

Obama number one?! Please! Get your facts right. He's a darn good president. He had to clean up after the worst president ever- George bush jr. What did he do for the country? Nothing! He is responsible for a war that should not have happened. Gas was up to 5.00 a gallon or more. Then bush gives us a joke of a tax check then bails out Wall Street pure corruption. What about Cheney making war profits from Iraq? And bush? Bush is a money hungry cold hearted jerk that can't even speak right. His book decision points about made me puke. That idiot didn't write that book. And where is he now? Hiding in his ranch. He should be deported with Cheney. War criminals. I could go on and on Making fun of Obama for winning the peace prize is a ridiculous. He deserved that award and then he donated ALL the money to charity. Would bush do that? No! He couldn't even manage the Texas rangers and you idiots voted for him. A crook and a killer

Truly His hands were tied. IN our opinion He Is The Best President too Represent the People. ,And We truly Love and Honor His Service To the People Of America. , And We Honor His Accomplishments In Foreign Policies. ,WE Honor Him As The Man Given To Us. , Able And Well Prepared for battle.

HE's an intellectual imbecile, a moron. HE destabilised Mid.E to an unprecedented scale. A place most people in the world thought would be impossible to worsen. HE is SOLELY responsible for creating IS's. HE is responsible for the war in Syria and the following waves of muslims refugees invading Europe today and all the crimes these perpetrate. HE is responsible for the economic crash and subsequent depression. If one ever doubt using birth control, one should think of HIM. The world would be better off if HE never had been born at all!

Got us in 2 unpopular wars for unjust causes (looking for weapons of mass destruction remember). Cut taxes for the wealthy (and they did not produce many jobs) which cost the American people trillions of dollars in revenue. Is totally responsible for 3/4 of our deficit (heck of a spender). Oversaw the great economic collapse of 2008 and did nothing to try to prevent it plus had no clue how to solve it (he said no one could have saw this comming even though economist & news shows kept warning this was going to happen). The first few day's he did nothing for the victims of Katrina because he had other priorities (raise money for the GOP party). Even Castro of Cuba offered to give donations telling the world press that the U. S does not help it's poor people during a natural disasters. in finale Bush left office while the U. S was losing three hundred thousand jobs a month, economist said at that time it was going to take many, many, years for the U. S to recover from this economic ...more

Oh no, a isolated group of individuals attacked us? And their hiding in Pakistan? Let's declare war On them! And a Iraq! Why? Oil. I mean TO DEFEAT TERRORISM! (The logic behind this is = to me wanting to kill a rat, and said rat hides behind a random person, so I shoot the person as well as a random guy next to me. Then I don't even kill the rat, but I let the next guy go through all the effort to do it.)