James Buchanan

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James Buchanan, Jr. was the 15th President of the United States, serving immediately prior to the American Civil War.


First off those people who's voted for Obama as the worst president clearly have done very little research into the actual numbers. Secondly, even if he was terrible I have a hard time believing he could come close to this guy. Heck, even as someone who really dislikes the way Bush handles things, he still isn't close to this guy. James Buchanan was a complete coward, he basically refused to do anything to prevent the growing civil war because he was worried about his reputation, and alienated all sides in the process. The idea that powerful leaders appear in times of crisis is easily disproved by Buchanan.

He was a "pro slavery" president. I don't think you can get much worst than being in favor of owning human beings as if they were animals! Also the Civil War started when he was in office! After Lincoln was elected in 1860 he still had to wait for Buchanan's term to run out on January 20, 1861 to be sworn in. During that time Southern states started seceding from the Union and what did Buchanan do? Nothing! He was president during our nations worst test ever and he did absolutely nothing! Obama and Carter were terrible Presidents but Buchanan was worse than both of them combined! - aggies123

Why is this loser/joker/slavery supported at the Number 4 spot? He is worse than Bush and Carter combined. I actually supported Obama and his ideas. But this guy basically put the weight of the Civil War on Lincoln's shoulders. He did absolutely NOTHING, NOTHING for slavery because he supported it. Also, look at his face in the picture. He also set the stone for the Confederacy and did NOTHING to stop it. He was just so lazy! - MatthewtheMagma

Wow, are people idiotic enough to believe Barack Obama is worse than James Buchanan? Thankfully, this isn't supposed to be a factual list. Still, it's pretty idiotic people are always one to first vote Obama or even Bush (and yes, I am aware I have voted for Bush several times, but I still think Buchanan is worse than him) on this list without realizing that Buchanan has done more damage than them. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

The people voting for Obama and George W Bush on this list seriously makes me wonder if they have ever heard of this man. Buchanan was even noted as having "southern sympathies" which is why the Civil War happened. He also said that African Americans should be treated as second-class citizens. Most of the bad things that happened in Obama's and Bushes terms were things they couldn't help out on (for the most part). Buchanan letting the civil war break loose was purely a lack of effort considering Lincoln was able to do it after his term.

This guy was a bachelor because he practically just he didn't really do anything, didn't have a nice look, and was NOT a good president. He caused the Civil War (pretty much), and he made Abraham Lincoln solve everything. If you were to say all of the presidents who did nothing to help the country, then all you would say is Warren Harding and this dude. But Buchanan is slightly worse than Harding because Buchanan did ESPECIALLY nothing. Finally, he was the 3rd oldest President, and the "Old People Are The Greatest" does not apply here. It would just be easier for everyone if we forget he existed - Top10Masterz

People say Obama the or bush is the worst since they lived through their reign but this guy did nothing right and practically started the civil war and yes I know of Iraq which was an uh oh to say the least but at least you could see where bush and Obama were coming from he should have known this would cause a split even with morality standards of his time

While Bush and Obama are both arguably bad presidents (though I'm hesitant to rank them without enough historical hindsight), they still managed to clear the abysmally abysmally low bar set by Buchanan. This doormat let the country fall apart under him and did absolutely nothing about it.

I'm actually regretting voting for Wilson over Buchanan. He nearly committed treason, and did nothing right. He was largely responsible for the South's recession, and was very indecisive. I don't think the rumours that he was homosexual have any significance. There's nothing even close to proof, and it wouldn't make him any better or worse. - FuzzySlippers

Very disappointed to see that Barack Obama was number 1 and that Buchanan, who is clearly the most horrible president ever, was so low on the list. Buchanan did nothing to prevent the looming threat of the Civil War and was hated by even the people of his own party.

His name is James? I never knew that

He didn't cause the civil war, he just did nothing to stop it. Crappy guy, Crappy president. He even gave Abraham Lincoln a note during his inauguration saying, and I quote, "If you are as happy entering the White House as I leaving, you are a happy man," basically implying that he was HAPPY he left, and I am too. - Boshua

Did nothing for the 4 months after Lincoln was elected to the end of his presidency to stop the south from seceding; basically let them secede and arm and left the problem to Lincoln. That's only the yip of the iceberg with this guy. Worst President ever, and it's not even close.

It's easier to hate a president we were all alive for (Bush, Obama), but COME ON! Buchanan basically led us into the Civil War, and did practically nothing to stop it. I do think Lincoln was great, but really only because Buchanan was so terrible.

This idiot of a President basically sat back and relaxed for four years and put all the stress on Lincoln when Lincoln was already stressed enough. Plus HE STARTED THE CIVIL WAR BY DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! How isn't he number one!

It's easy to demonize our modern presidents, but never had we had such a cowardly, ineffective, weak kneed, indecisive and nation destroying president as Buchanan.

This guy was pathetic. He made a gigantic mess and was too weak and afraid to fix it. He couldn't even keep the country together and sent the US to war with each other because of his failure. - UncommonLoon

All I have to say to people who think Obama was the worst president is that they need to check some former presidents instead of rushing at the mistakes our current president has made.

Hey, whoever voted for Nixon obviously isn't thinking about the president who literally dropped the nation off a cliff. We are very lucky that Lincoln saved us. It should have been James Buchanan who got murdered by John Wilts Booth!

Such an idiot, basically the biggest supporter of the Confederacy. The idiot Confederate states left right after this moron left and good ole Abe stepped in.

How is a president that did nothing to stop a civil war lower than Obama?! This list is one of the most biased lists on this website! Remix is a-coming up soon! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This guy was horrible! What kind of president lets all these events leading into the Civil War slide? At least Obama wanted to try and help prevent America from falling apart! - isaaonrtdmtr

You think Barack Obama is an awful President? Be thankful James Buchanan isn't President nowadays.

Although Bush, Carter, and Obama were all average-bad presidents, it takes a special president to be like Buchanan. He essentially pretended slavery didn't exist, and allowed the south to secede.

Some people seriously need to check their history books if they think that Obama is the worst president.