Ronald Reagan

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Ronald Wilson Reagan was an American politician and actor who was 40th President of the United States from 1981 to 1989 . Prior to his presidency, he was the 33rd Governor of California from 1967 to 1975, following a career as a Hollywood actor and union leader .


He established Trickle Down Economics, which is the reason why the rich continue to get richer and the poor continue to get poorer! He created the huge economical gap in our country! Reagan is by far one of the worst presidents in history.

Should be much higher, at least above Obama, and yes I am absolutely for real because I do not get my facts from FOX News. Conservatives think of him as a great ax-cutter but he raised taxes every year but one during his presidency. I see people saying that Obama raised taxes. If this is true for you, congratulations. You are in the wealthiest 2 percent of Americans, because it is false for everyone else. The CEO pay discrepancy started under Reagan, and ballooned under both Bushes. If you're giving Reagan credit for ending the Cold War, then give Obama credit for normalizing relations with Cuba. Reagan also had a much more reasonable Congress to work with. Look, I think Reagan was a nice man and unlike the Bushes, I think he really believed what he was doing was best for America. Unfortunately, unless you are one of the super-wealthy, he was wrong.

You sound like one of those people who think the world owes them everything - sportmaniac10

May his soul rest in peace but this man should be in the top 10 of bad presidents. Several informed reasons have already been given by others so I will not repeat them, but what was shameful on his part was his willingness to capitalize on the nation's compassion after the assassination attempt on his life by using the opportunity to advance draconian policies knowing that Americans were not willing to oppose him publicly in light of his misfortune. There we were as Americans - "fiddling while Rome burned" and that was very unfortunate.

Worst president ever. He was the 1985 homophobe of the year and screamed a lot of insults against homosexuals (he said they deserved AIDS and all this other homophobic bull) He slipped guns and supplies to some terrorists in Iran since they wouldn't let American hostages go, he tripled the national debt, had an unnecessary war against Grenada and shut down mental hospitals so people with mental illnesses couldn't get necessary treatment

From----The DragonBorn 87

No money allocated to find a cure for Aids. He was an uncaring homophobe. Trickle down economics debunked as a fraudulent sham to eliminate the middle class. He thought poor children should get ketchup instead of nutritious vegetables. Thought trees caused pollution. Reduced college aide and any aide for the mentally ill or sickly. He was a horror, comparable to the occupying the White house at present.

People on here who say he was a great president are very ignorant. Ronald Reagan created and WANTED huge deficits. He wanted a rationale to dismantle the public sector, or any part of the government that helped the average person. He was a toady to the top 1%, and put the nation on the path of globalization and "trickle down." He wanted to give away what was best about our society to the very rich.

He contemptuously defied the Constitution by illegally selling arms to Iran. He funded the Contras of Nicaragua, violating the Boland Amendment of Congress. He called the Contras "Freedom Fighters," when in fact, they destroyed schools and health clinics.

Reagan gutted health and safety laws. He put James A. Watt in charge of the environment. Reagan said that catsup in a school lunch constituted a vegetable. Reagan was a sadist through and through. The people here who think he is great are not educated. - Blue_green

Tripled the deficit and began the decimation of the middle class. Refused to focus any attention or allocate funds for the scourge that was Aids that was fatal during his administration. Thought ketchup was a vegetable to provide for poor children's nutrition because he was so concerned about others. Thought trees caused pollution and was involved in Iran/Contra for which he let Oliver North take the fall. Hi wife offered an inane, ineffective bumper sticker slogan.. Just say a means to address the complex and debilitating systemic problem of drug abuse. He was worthless. Simply, worthless. - Pfeifferpfan

Reagan's policies are why we are where we are now. He had no idea of the long term repercussions of his inept taxation and economic policies. NAFTA (yes it passed congress in 1994 during Clinton's term, but it was Reagan's idea), outsourcing, deregulation of the banking industry, attack on the middle class and unions, the idea that wealth trickles down, the S&L scandal that cost taxpayers over 300 billion, etc. Reagan set in motion the economic disparity that has caused our economic disaster. Bush (the second) tried to use the same policies that Reagan did and look at where we are.
Reagan, for my money is the third or fourth worst President ever.

Ronald reagan was the worst #1 with Obama at #1 what did this dirty prick liar on the take do for you. he stole your money so you do not get enough money to live off on your social security,we all paid in to. he made sure he got his money. jobs gone to other country's. union buster. he wanted us to kill ourselves working for nothing. Raising taxes on the poor. Destroying the middle class. Making the rich even more richer. with trickle down economics "REAGAN ECONOMICS" I am still waiting for my crumbs. Reagan is the devil and he is laughing in hell at us. Because of him they think they can still do it to us. like trying to sell a ronald reagan coin on T.V.. I do not know anyone who likes this dirty liar prick. so read up on this devil dirty liar prick devil see for your self. there is no way he should be at #23 Ronald Reagan is #1

He made the rich richer and the poor poorer. Look at the statistics. Even his Vice President, George HW Bush, called the trickle down economics "voodoo economics." In addition, he gave weapons to Osama Bin Laden to combat communism in the Middle East. Yes that's right, he gave weapons to Osama.

Raised taxes 8 times, 4 times in 2 years. Supplied weapons to to Muslims that help develop Al-Qaeda. Started the war on drugs which has been an absolute money pit failure by concentrating more on marijuana. He tripled the federal budget. He gave amnesty to 3 million immigrants! For the life of me I don't know why people praise this man.

He was literally the sheriff of Nottingham. Raising taxes for the middle and lower class and lowering taxes for the rich. He also did not end the cold war he was merely President when Gorbachev produced Glasnost and Perestroika. The reason he is credited with that is because he said "Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall! " That is the only thing he did to stop the cold war. Even when he was in office he had around 30% approval rating.

When intelligent people start voting he will be number one as the worst President. He should have stayed in Hollywood and I like an idiot voted for his pack of lies.

You are right, Reagan is the worst president because he took a nation that had a sense of helping each other, and Reagan wanted to make hatred and selfishness cool. - Blue_green

Reagan was easily the worst president ever. No other president has done more to damage the credibility of the government, a body which however inefficient is all that we have to "...establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty." Once he created the belief that "government is bad", he effectively destroyed the Republican party. We are seeing the fruits of Reagan's destruction in the GOP today.

He completely IGNORED the then emerging AIDS pandemic, enabling a widespread death sentence to millions. The subject was just too touchy for him to address publicly. Many lives would have been saved, were not important enough to save for someone who only cared about saving face. Actor turned President. what did you expect?

Piss poor president. Piss poor leader. Piss poor person!

Ronald regan rules one of the best not worst stupid list how bad are you what's next lincoln

He SUCKED the rich mans dong! And his acting skills helped make it seem like a good thing

He was Too Conservative! He torn down the poor! They Were unsupported and all died of lack of Healthcare!

By far the president who's evil was underestimated the most. The civil rights movement, firing people for expressing their human rights to protest for African American pay equity, and El Salvador/Grenada. Awful. He contributed one thing to this country, and that is his son.

Awful, just awful! Traitor and pawn of the Military/Industrial Complex. The man deregulated everything he could, handed the air waves over to propaganda networks like Fox, crippled the American economy with his voodoo economics, pillaged the environment. Too bad Hinckley missed.

As a young man he got the butter on the bread by stabbing his actor colleagues. As Governor he sended the national guard against students and threw mental patients out from hospitals. He cheated in the 1980 election. As President: He invaded Grenada illegally. He supported Muslims with heavy weapons in there fight against the Soviet Union. He even helped terrorists in Nicaragua fighting against a democratically elected government. Didn't do anything against the climate at all. An awfull person should never have been President. Even Berry Goldwater thought that of him as a criminal.

Illegal actions, racism, lying to America, funding terrorists, imperialism, increasing the wealth gap, massive debt. Why does anyone like Reagan?

History will show his presidency being the worst ever. This is where the point of inflection happened where the a Republican Party said deficit spending don't matter. Washington may be the father of our country. Reagan is the father of our national debt. Which, will eventually be the end of this nation.

Most corrupt POTUS ever. Committed treason giving weapons to enemies of state to get elected. Armed both sides of a war. Allowed the US to be attached multiple times with no recourse. Propped up dictators in many countries. Lied under oath. Ballooned the debt. Liar and thief till the day he died.