Woodrow Wilson

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Thomas Woodrow Wilson was an American politician and academic who served as the 28th President of the United States from 1913 to 1921. Born in Staunton, Virginia, he spent his early years in Augusta, Georgia and Columbia, South Carolina.


Woodrow Wilson, during his term created the Federal Reserve bank and Income Tax to finance the debt created by America borrowing the money created by the Federal Reserve yet the creation of paper money is paid by us. By the way, just a few congressmen were in cahoots with the president, so they met when all the others were back home to pass the bill. They snuck it through thanks to Wilson. For this reason he is even worse than Obama.

Former NJ Governor and Princeton University Professor and Chair, Vocal KKK, Confederate slaver, started WW I from European conflict, Sedition Act removing freedom of thought and opinion starting decades of riots and bombings, Federal Reserve, Communists/Lenin/Stalin sent to Russia 1 week after this Supremacist entered WW I after arming and Wall Street funding Britain and France after he started the income tax to pay for the next century of world wars and cold wars. If this man never existed racism and war today would likely not exist. - tjkk

Now, those who think he was very racist and anti-progressive need to do a little research. He gave women the right to vote, and softened immigration laws. Now, Wilson's decisions regarding World War I (We'll call it "The War", as they did at the time) are what I consider to be the focal point of his terms, especially his second. He was remarkably dishonest, as one of his re-election promises was to "keep the US out of The War", and he did just the opposite. His embarrassment of Germany in The War was largely causal of WWII. He wasn't awful, but certainly not all that good. - FuzzySlippers

Woodrow Wilson was a racist and only backed women suffrage for the votes. He also passed Sedition Acts that not only contributed to the Red Scare, but allowed it to run rampant in government. He encouraged self-determination, but only for European, or, rather, white nations. He denied the right for African and Asian countries then under imperial rule the same opportunity to choose their own leader and government style.

Woodrow Wilson sold this once great nation to the international bankers by getting blackmailed for being an adulterer. Federal Reserve Act of 1913 virtually made the citizens of United States slaves to the banking cartel. When was the last time this "private" organization that we call the Federal Reserve get audit it? That's right NEVER!

Re-segregated the military, trampled all over civil liberties with the sedition act, and catalyzed organized crime by passing prohibition. It is also arguable that he contributed to the Treaty of Versailles being such a disaster by refusing to suck it up and work with the republicans during negotiations.

Federal Reserve Act of 1913, signed into law by none other. This and the NDAA are the two worst bills in US history, making Wilson and Obama the two ABSOLUTE WORST PRESIDENTS EVER!

Calling him a racist has nothing to do with how things are today you can't blame them because of how they were raised to think. The times between how and then things are much different. So not that the though during that time period made it better, but it's not to put them to blame for a though that was forced into them by the world then.

Re segregated the military and federal bureaucracy, segregated federal buildings. Criminalized speech that disagreed with him. A big supporter of euthanasia and sterilization of the brown people and low intelligence people. Worse than Jimmy Carter.

Wilson was the President who sold America to the Federal Reserve Bank, who have retained ownership since, bleeding the nation dry over the last century. So Wilson was not just a bad President, he was actually a traitor.
The people who voted Obama probably never heard of Woodrow Wilson.

He sold out America for corporate greed. Failed miserably trying to establish the league of Union. Didn't keep America out of world war,; some say under false pretenses. Established the federal reserve which was to protect Americans from finical ruin. Turned out to be a pyramid scheme. His only success was to appoint general Pershing as the general of the army.

Sedition and espionage acts... that's all I have to say. No other president to date has gone so far over the constitution as much as he has. He's the worst, Obama is a close second though.

Wilson wasn't even alive during WWII (he died in 1924) NOW GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!

US citizens who disagreed with entering the First World War were arrested as disloyal traitors and some were treated so badly they died in prison. Wilson took us closer to fascism than we've ever been, before or since. If Trump or Dubya were as smart as Wilson, they might be as bad -- that's why Wilson was so bad, he was actually smart and manipulative enough to begin to create a fascist state here in America.

The legacy he left for himself is what matter, not what happened during his presidency. How he left office is what makes him what he is today in our societies eye.

Start of progressivism. Communism to follow

Most unpatriotic president, when he sold the United States, to form the federal reserve, and IRS act to international bankers, to control our currency. The founding fathers fought against this because of the serious consequences. He dishonored all those who fought and died. Later on he said it was a bad mistake.

Believe it or not, he was extremely racist. - JustAnAccount

Wilson foolishly led the USA into the War to End All Peace. He made the world safe for dictatorship, and his actions paved the way for Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin.

First draft. Had the Idea for the UN. Allowed communism to fester.

My he rot in hell introducing under the cover of darkness the Federal reserve act.

Yet another horrible president

Woodrow Wilson was instrumental in starting the socialization of America.

Take him out without him you will not have a dad ever herd of woman history

He sent thousands of men to Mexico to capture Pancho Villa, a criminal who killed 18 people. They didn't capture him.