Worst Users On Twitter

On a social media platform filled with toxic people, these are among the worst. Check out these users if you wish, but at your own risk.
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While he may seem like your typical annoying SJW, he's far worse than that. He literally sexually assaulted his sister and admitted to it online, which to this day, he never lives down.

what a terrible person

2 @The_moviebob

In addition to being a terrible movie reviewer, Bob Chipman also comes up with some of the worst takes on the site. He constantly whines about the Joker, and has extremely stupid and invalid reasons for his dislike of it while practically worshipping Captain Marvel and TLJ. Even worse, he's literally advocated for the death of people he disagrees with.

I politically view him as a Social Justice Warrior, and he's very annoying many times.

that's awful

3 @renfamous

So many people follow and look up to her, but they don't actually realize how she used to be a paid alt-right troll to attack anyone who has left-leaning back in the day. She's the definition of a grifter, as now she's a massive SJW, and as a matter of fact, was also a huge supporter of #kickthevic.

4 @Sonicfox

There's a reason to why furries have such terrible reputations, and this guy definitely contributes to it. He constantly feels the need to remind people he's gay, as if it somehow makes him superior, and will call you homophobic if you tell him it's not a personality trait.

5 @zei_squirrel

This person is one of the most annoying marxists on the internet, which is saying a lot considering how marxists are. They're extremely self-righteous, constantly calling out people for "wrongthink", and actually believes that being a centrist is the same thing as being alt-right.

6 @Sweetbeans99

Not only did she make a comic expressing how happy she was that PewDiePie and his wife were robbed, she also made a comic encouraging others to shoplift and even implied that she did it in the past. She also uses the fact that she's trans to shield herself from criticism.

7 @anerdskull

This guy is an extreme leftist only exists to call those with even the slightest different views "nazis" or any other type of bigot. He has beliefs such as: the left can do absolutely no wrong, POC who aren't as far-left as him are fake, and that all gamers are sexist, racist, nazis.

8 @Chinchillazllla

This woman is a straight-up psychopath. She believes that everything Antifa does (including assaulting people with milkshakes, severely beating them to the point of hospitalization, arresting people for no reason) is justified. This makes her even more hypocritical when you realize she wants ICE abolished for "torturing kids", yet has no problem with Antifa attacking teenagers. She thinks that people deserve to suffer just because they don't have the same views as her, for example wishing Rush Limbaugh to suffer through his lung cancer, wanting Donald J Trump Jr's kids to be put in concentration camps and even responded to a tweet by Charlie Kirk stating that young children who like Trump deserve to be attacked. Oh, and don't call her out on her behavior, or she'll send her fellow Antifa simps after you!

9 @Leftistthot420

She's another one of those idiots who thinks it's impossible to feel sorry for billionaires, as if they're not human beings. Also, she made a pretty disgusting tweet about Kobe Bryant's death.

10 @9_volt_

He has the worst takes on this site when it comes to video games, and treats them as if they're facts. For example, he claims Sonic Adventures is a terrible game because its graphics don't look well, despite the fact that it came out in 1998.

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11 @Gillition
12 @mmpadellan

Also known as Brooklyn Dad, Padellan has been a Trump reply guy and a shallow loser with no life whatsoever, only going scorched earth any time a conservative does anything.

This guy seriously thought the Capitol Riot was worse than 9/11.

13 @brdiaperboy

His Twitter is truly disgusting and you wonder how he’s still around. He’s an ABDL person but he takes the fetish to the extreme, he actually collects wet and dirty diapers from daycare trash cans. Do you have any idea how unsanitary this is? I know that they’re from babies and toddlers and they’re least likely to carry a harmful disease like hepatitis or HIV but it still carries illnesses but they could have other sicknesses like the flu or something. But it doesn’t stop there, he actually opens them up to show the contents! *gags* It’s not just disgusting, it’s unsanitary! And the diapers could be weeks or even months old, that’s long enough for the waste to culture for instant illness. You also wonder how he’s able to get them without being caught, he could get fined or imprisoned for trespassing, unless he works at said daycare or is a trash man that collects trash to go the landfills. That sounds more likely but how is he not fired for saving all the wet and ...more

14 @enigmaolivia
15 @evilcrashbandicoot
16 @evilcrashbandicoot1
17 @Antoons
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