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1 OMG (Raymond v Raymond)

He does not seem into the song at all. His voice sounds bored most of the time, and a terrible rap by the worst singer ever, will.I. am. , makes this song one of his worst ever. If will.I. am was not on it, it would not be on this list, but he just embarrasses Usher on this song. But if you put will.I. am. Aside, then the song is good and one of his better ones (top 25). Will.I. am just killed it and kills everything else. - spencermorgan23

This is a good song


"Honey got a booty like pow pow pow
Honey got some boobies like wow oh wow! "

W, T, F?

2 What's Your Name

Usher did not seem to learn his lesson from this sing, which was criticized as the worst song on Here I Stand, and decided to bring will.I. am back for on his next album. This is definitely the dumbest song he has made, and features the worst rap ever by will.I. am. - spencermorgan23

3 Love In This Club Part II

This is one of the worst vocal and lyrical performers by Usher ever. Beyonce and Lil Wayne also fall short. Not only that, but Usher and Beyonce's voices do not seem motivated and come off as bored. - spencermorgan23

Good song

4 So Many Girls (Raymond v Raymond)

His voice is auto-tuned the entire song, and the song is so stupid. Usher, you are 30+ years old, girls do not want you the way you they used to. And now your voice does not = a good song. - spencermorgan23

5 Will Work for Love

The song lyrics do not make any sense and the song is pretty stupid, although his voice seems less bored and bland than on his other songs on Here I Stand. - spencermorgan23

6 Foolin' Around [Raymond v Raymond]

This is a very sad attempt to make another "Confessions, Pt II", and the lyrics are very poor, although his vocals are not that bad compared to other songs. At least his voice was not auto-tuned during this song. - spencermorgan23

7 Something Special [here I Stand]

Poor lyrics, poor beat, and no motivation. The song is so boring, just like Usher's voice in it. There are only a few points in the song where Usher throws out some good lyrics. - spencermorgan23

I'm up your likeliest the such a bad song

8 U-Turn [8701]

The song is about the growth of music through Usher's life and how the music shaped who he was and who he is now. I quite like this song for its ingenuity and ability to pay homage to so many in so few words.

Poor song. Although his voice is good, the lyrics just do not sound very good and the music video is poor. - spencermorgan23

9 Okay [Raymond v Raymond]

Although his voice sounds more motivated during this song, the lyrics are poor and there are few 'okay' parts about this song. Songs like this make you wonder if people are running out of things to sing about. - spencermorgan23

10 Guilty [Raymond v Raymond]

Usher proves on this song that he is "guilty" for making stupid songs. Also T.I. 's rap is terrible and just embarrassing. - spencermorgan23

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11 Climax [Looking 4 Myself]

He sounds as if he were a whinny girl! Can't stand that song!

I hate this song, because, all he does in the song is whining. But I Like "DJ got us fallin' in love again" and "".

A good song

12 U Got It Bad [8701]

This is his best song

13 There Goes My Baby [Raymond v Raymond]

Don't get me wrong I like Usher and the song that did it for me to purchase his CD Confessions was CAUGHT UP. When I first heard THERE GOES MY BABY on the radion it was cool. But, if you think about it, it's out of key.

14 Yeah (Confessions)

Good song

15 Scream [Looking 4 Myself]
16 Good Kisser [Good Kisser]

Such a terrible song. I think he was trying to revive RnB but this song is so bad even for an RnB song. The worst lead/comeback single I have ever heard in recent times :(

17 Burn [Confessions]
18 I Don't Mind
19 No Limit
20 His Mistakes
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1. Yeah (Confessions)
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1. Climax [Looking 4 Myself]
2. U Got It Bad [8701]
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