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Brussel Sprouts

I was sad that I didn't like them one of our family members, cooked these

You should go watch the episode of kids trying Brussels sprouts. There were 8 kids and all of them liked them except for Thomas. And there was one kid named Elle who was super obsessed with them. It was so crazy! There was also a little boy named Lucas who tried it and said "Mmm, its good! Can I eat the whole thing? " And a little girl named Cooper tried it and shoved the rest of it in her mouth with a smile on her face. I was also shocked by the comment section how about 99.99% of the comments said things like " I LOVE BRUSSELS SPROUTS THEY ARE LIKE THE BEST THING EVER! " I am serious just type in "kids vs food Brussels sprouts" and see it for yourself

These little bad smelling, bad tasting, evil little vegetables are the worst tasting and the worst smelling

I love brussel sprouts you JACK WAGONS!


It ain't that bad.

It doesn't taste that bad. It goes good with fried rice and other stuff.

Brocoli Tastes Horrible. And Wow... I Just Found A Second Hidden One In My Dinner (Fries, Chicken Nuggets, And Peas/Corn

What? I love these!


An awful vegetable. It doesn't have that much flavor, its hard to chew, and it looks weird.

Anything that changes your pee is horrible

Are you kidding me

By far the worst tasting


Tastes like total crap!

It is just bootleg lettuce

Not bad, but still taste bad.

It smells so bad.


Actually tastes like bugspray. So bad I actually physically gag when it enters my mouth

Smells and tastes like a$$.

Oh god this one is bad

Smells like my ex girlfriend's anal glands


Why can't this be higher than Broccoli? Broccoli is delicious! Onions are basically the bane of my existence, unless they're just onion powder. If I discover an onion in my food, I'm heading straight to the toilet to vomit.

I hate them with a passion and refuse to eat anything with raw or cooked onions in them (onion powder is fine though).

Onion is a terrible horrible person and vegetable and is taken out of every burger and is not needed in this society

No onions! Anything but an onion!


Beets are hideous. I can't believe they only are only ranked at #9. They are the #1 worst vegetable to me.

Ugly and taste like dirt

Who likes beets? GROSS!

What? I love beets!


Don't even wanna try this, my family (including me) don't eat this

Eggplant is horrible. I understand why someone would like it. But it's not for me

An Atrocious Vegetable. Eggplants Taste Like The Smell Of A Lawn Mower, They're Slimy, And It Looks Like Vomit

Eggplant is good


Zucchini is like eating plain nothing with a hint of the most disgusting foods in the world.

The worst vegetable goes to Zucchini, I mean you can eat cooked broccoli and I'll even eat plain, Brussel Sprouts put some sauces. Though Zucchini I can't even swallow it. "It's a Cucumber rip-off! "

I hate it so much. The taste is... eew!

So squishy and just horrible and gross... BLEH!

Lima Beans

stop eating things just because they're edible; there are better veggie options out here.

These are seriously disgusting... Why is broccoli on the list?

Mom makes me eat em. I hate the texture so much..

No flavor, weird texture!

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Bitter Gourd

It's just I don't understand why this even exists, a better way to get Vitamin K is to eat broccoli and mushrooms so that way broccoli is actually enjoyable

Just eat something else.

Worst vegtables


It is a fruit but it is used as a vegetable

Not a vegetable

This is a fruit

The tomato is only a vegetable in Veggietales.


What even is this



I like spinach
I eat it like Doritos

I hate spinach even though its healthy. When I eat spinach I puke.

Spinach is literally the worst thing I have ever tasted

Works for Popeye, doesn't work for me.

Sweet Potato


I an really offended that it is on this list

I ate sweet potatoes one time at my school, and I did NOT like them.

I tried it before, my taste buds say NO!

why not just regular potato like what

Bell Peppers

These are fruits...

I just like these for some reason


Celery may as well not even exist!

Terrible taste

Discusting! Tastes like a tree!


Carrots The carrot is a root vegetable, usually orange in colour, though purple, black, red, white, and yellow cultivars exist. Carrots are a domesticated form of the wild carrot, Daucus carota, native to Europe and southwestern Asia.

Carrots are not THAT bad. If you dip the baby carrots in ranch, it actually tastes good!

I hate carrots I would rather eat all the vegetables on this list but carrots, also I won't eat any other orange food, which is probably one of the reasons I have terrible eyesight that and I play videogames all day

I know a lot of people like them, but I just can't stand carrots.

I have mixed feelings about carrots


we have edamame now so we no longer require your services

Peas Gross!


I have tried the green ones, my taste buds say GET IT OUT OF MY DANG MOUTH!

I love olives but I don't likE the black ones.

Taste like salty dirt

Only one I don't like


Don’t get me started they physically make me sick


They make me gag. I can't stand potatoes. Except for potato wedges,french fries, tator tots, hash browns and chips. I’m ok with that. But no for mashed potatoes and baked potatoes. Yuck

One of my favorites


These taste like crap why aren't they number 1 brussel sprouts are good if you cook them well

It should be illegal to cook this in a home where young children have to smell it-even when they aren't required to eat it!

Gross. I puke when remembering its taste and sticky texture.

This looks ugly as hell take this vegetable to hell please

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