Top Ten Worst Veggietales Songs

VeggieTales is good, but not all of their songs are that great.

The Top Ten

1 Rock a Bye Baby

I think its supposed to be for kids under 5.

Well I like it

I don't like covers of baby songs. - RalphBob

2 Lost Puppies

It is really bad, but that is why it is funny. It isn't supposed to be good. - RalphBob

3 Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

For the same reason as number one. - RalphBob

4 Footloose

Why would they cover Footloose? Most little kids don't know what Footloose is. - RalphBob

5 Mess Down In Egypt

It is nothing close to their song Belly Button. - RalphBob

6 Larry-Boy Theme Song

I love him and he is a really great friend. He is very helpful and we know each other for 12 and a half years so I I met him ( watching veggietales) when I was 3

It isn't as good as the original Larryboy song. - RalphBob

How dare you this will hurt larryboy's feelings!

7 Boondocks

I don't really like country. - RalphBob

8 Come In Twos

I heard In The House isn't as good as the original. - RalphBob

9 Radio Sweetheart

That's sexist

Too girly in my taste. - RalphBob

10 Itsy Bitsy Spider

Same as the first and third. How exactly is this an "action" song? - RalphBob

The Contenders

11 Best Friends Forever

This should be on top. It's a song about girls texting using texting lingo.

12 Boyz in the Sink

To the (mostly male) music critics who scoff at boybands, you don't know how it feels to be a fan. Do you like insulting female entertainment more than celebrating? That's not a question that's yes.

13 The Veggietales Theme Song
14 Veggietales in the House Theme Song
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