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21 Charlotte Harris

Things I predict she freak out over andre my radio is talking andre people are going to a place where you get on these big huge machines tat take u for a ride andre all the trees lost their leaves in the winter andre all the pictures won't stop staring at she freaks over anything

She is so annoying, and she wanted tori to hold her oatmeal and tipped it all over her hands

Poor thing ah there something on the roof grandma that's just the ceiling fan

Are u joking andres grandma is the only person who makes me genuinely laugh until my ribs hurt shes the best character on the show

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22 Tori's Dad
23 Carly Shay Carly Shay

Why is she here she's not part of victorious.

24 Festus

His language is weird. On the episode "The Wood" he made Tori and Jade drive him home in a wheelbarrow. Also he made Tori and Jade sing a song in Spanish, he is lucky enough to have a flipping ride home. He made all of the main Victorious characters go to a disgusting holiday in Yerba.

25 Erwin Sikowitz

Not bad but to much of a hippy and a worrier

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