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41 Tedious fetch quests

Dead Island is full of these. Why can't those morons take care of themselves!?

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42 Invisible walls

Fallout new Vegas killed it with this in places it wasn't even necessary... Places you go through if you follow the main road as example.

43 Zombie outbreak
44 Jumpscares

Some people consider this not scary, I might as I'm easily startled. The cliche is still overrated though.

So overused yet it gets us every time

You know who what I mean, Freddy Fazbear

He's here he's There he's every where! who ya gonna call phychic friend fredbear!

45 Ascension levels

These are levels where you have to climb up and up and up, but WHOOPS make one mistake and you fall down down down and have to start all over again from the bottom. These levels aren't fun, they're tedious.

ARGG THESE ARE SO ANNOYING LIKE hey this is so easy BUT THEN aah I have fell for the 10000000th time now

Castelian for NES is the worst example of this. It completely ruins the game.

46 Antagonist is killed anti climatically, in a quick cutscene

I'm looking at you Didact. Really? A pulse Grenade killed you? You're the last Forerunner, immune to Flood and you can use the force, but a pulse grenade. 95% of the time, that doesn't kill a normal enemy. That boss fight wasn't even boss fight, and it's an 11 on an anti-climacticness scale of 1-10.

47 Permanently missable items

Then I have to restart the game to get the fullexperience, and I have to go through all the boring parts again, and then at the end I find out I missed another item, and the process repeats until I'm so darn bored with the game that I just pushover it in the back of the closet and start a new one.

I'm looking at you Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure for your ridiculous "don't miss a sound" in which I had to restart to get the missed sound recording -,-

The master ball in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire was the worst. You had to get it rather than getting it given to you.

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48 Stealth mission

Oh, I need to sneak this guy it's easy (after ten minutes) oh no (and you got killed)

Just give the tense! No need to explain anymore

Yep, definitely. Every time a non-stealth game forces you to use stealth, they make it hard. Really hard.

Sonic Heroes does have a misson to get a chao,BUT! You must go in the sneaky way! So boring,i spent 30 minutes in that misson, and the Prize was: 1 eblem,


49 Russian enemies

What I am wondering is if we are ever going to have an American be a villain(I would do this if I was a Game Developer.)

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50 NPC's can't die
51 Ludicrous camera angles
52 Final bosses themed around the power of friendship

Sonic Heroes was great, but the end was all about teams and friendship and stuff. Can I just go kill robots? - TrueBlueHeroes

53 Microtransactions

*cough* Call of Duty *cough*

54 Chest high barriers

Barriers that are short enough to be jumped over but can't be jumped.

It's like some kind of field of psychic energy.

It's like the game creators just couldn't be bothered to:
1. put a wall there, lessening curiosity.
2. let you go in.

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55 Villain with a British accent

Get this racist idiotic entry off the list.

I'm thinking Wheatley from portal 2

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56 Rubberbanding AI in racing games

God-damned Mario Kart 64 Grand Prix...

57 Characters who clearly could have had a far bigger role in the story but didn't V 3 Comments
58 Repetitive One liners
59 Attacks that are impossible to avoid
60 High HP Bosses

This gets so boring. Unless the boss has multiple phases, the player is going to get bored

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