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61 High HP Bosses

This gets so boring. Unless the boss has multiple phases, the player is going to get bored

62 Secrets that are borderline impossible to find
63 Fending off enemies during a boss battle

Enemies come out of nowhere while you're fighting a boss. They distract you from fighting the boss. It's annoying. - madoog

Oh no the person your about to save has 1/2 heart left gets hit then you have to start the boisbattle all over again

64 Nazi Zombies
65 Loading Screen

This is tedious, because if you have nothing better to do, you have to wait for this tedious loading screen to load. Major flaw of CD. - Chaofreaks1

66 Paying for upgrades in FPS V 1 Comment
67 Red explosive barrels

"Oh look, a shiny red barrel. Why we don't just go near it and use that as a cover? "

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68 Vehicle sections
69 British accents

These Are Always In Racing Games like Gran Turismo

It's not racist what if the game originated in Ukraine

This is not a cliché. In fact, this is just racist. Take this off the list.

70 Random and unoriginal sequels
71 Over-complicated controls

Games that are easy to learn and hard to master are the best type for me. It allows a gentle learning curve, but also provides enough challenge to make the game fun. Over-complicated controls ruin this and make me want to stop playing the game almost immediately. I can understand in some cases if the complicated controls are not required to beat the game, but not when an almost impossible button sequence is my only efficient means of attack. I'm looking at you, fighting games!

The exact reason why I don't play fighting games besides smash bros.

This is why I don't play any complicated games on the PC or any Xbox games, too many buttons/keys for too many commands. I liked it simpler with NES and the like, plus the more simpler DOS PC games. - NuMetalManiak

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72 Professional wrestling moves

The only wrestling moves I can think of are punches and kicks.

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73 Control stick spinning

My thumb often cramps when doing this

74 Weak protagonists

I get it your a plumber, but seriously, Mario! 1/2 hit(s)!

If there's a reason that a character, have to die severly times, whines and being annoying, and I'm looking at you, Bubsy the Bobcat and Tidus

75 Backstabbers
76 Not being able to do any damage to the boss as part of the plot
77 Getting killed by a grenade
78 Dark rooms

Especially where you can't see but you're enemy can totally see you just fine and attack you. - NuMetalManiak

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79 Maze levels

*cough* Great Maze from Brawl *Cough* - SmashBall

80 One life
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