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81 Helpless female characters

Princess Peach is so helpless she even gets kidnapped in her own castle.

Like Princess Peach or Elise.

82 Antagonist shoots his goons after meeting Protagonist

I believe antagonists do this just so they can use up more power for themselves. But still, antagonists would have a better chance of beating the protagonist had they not killed their henchmen. It would be strategically more difficult for a protagonist to tangle with multiple enemies and a boss at the same time instead of a one-on-one fight against a souped-up version of the antagonist. - NuMetalManiak

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83 Enemies that take your items V 1 Comment
84 Secret Princes
85 Bosses that spam the exact same one-liners repeatedly

Ugh, I am now reminded of Galactus, the final boss of Lego Marvel Super Heroes... And even worse, he says these recycled one-liners AFTER EVERY ATTACK.

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86 Rubberbanding AI in racing games

God-damned Mario Kart 64 Grand Prix...

87 Mortal Kombat Perfect Play AI in fighting games

Good GOD, the Intensity 8.0-9.0 AI in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS...

88 Nerd stereotypes
89 Evil doctors
90 Spam/Respawning Enemies
91 Time Limits
92 Fire Levels
93 Instant death attacks

I'm looking at you, MGSV: Phantom Pain. God damn Skulls and their one-hit kills.

94 Heath drainers

Oh God I hate this one. Your constantly losing heath for no reason. L what. I know its supposed to intensify the game but come on. How do you expect me to beat the boss with half HP

95 Losing to the Bosses

Nothing hurts more than seeing your character dead on the floor and the douche you were fighting laugh like a total ass

96 Weak weapons
97 Bad gameplays
98 Cheap attacks
99 Bad voice acting

I'm looking at you Roger Craig smith as Sonic the hedgehog and other bad voice actors

100 Things your character clearly should be able to physically do, but can't, causing the player to get lost and confused
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2. Backtracking to old areas
3. Main character has amnesia

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