Angry Outlaw #37 Phillips CD-i & Amiga CD32 Part I

htoutlaws2012 The Angry Outlaw may have strong beliefs in what he says, but that doesn't come with controversy. It's uncontrollable, and it's passionate outbursts... some of the things he'd do pushed the boundaries of reviewing, censorship, and all things entertainment values. To put it in another way... Viewer discretion is advised.

Well... looks like I didn't come home empty folks. I brought with me something that had a chance to be good, and the other was just something that never should of been nothing more than a poor excuse disguised into a masochists dream. Personally I like to play with fire with these right now, ''Right heh Fire Fire!'' - Beavis Oh my apologizes folks for my review of this i'll be joined by the iconic duo of Beavis and Butthead. ''Yeah... that's right fart knock.'' - Butthead Now let's see what exactly were in for boys. (outlaws faints) ''are you okay dude huh uh huh.''

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A couple of mean reviewers with fire in their eyes known by the names of Beavis, Butthead, and Outlaw yeah... you know what i'm saying. If you cross they will whip your limp dick away. Beavis, Butthead, and outlaw. Awe... Yes! They are the leanest, the meanest cats in all of reviewing media.

Not this old rusty junk! The Phillips CD-i and they even gave us a free shipping with another console around the same time called the Amiga CD32 which will come back to since its obscured compared to the CD-i that was just notable for what it attempted to do by partner up with you guessed it Nintendo. ''Yeah Nintendo kicksass huh uh huh'' - Butthead Yes they do Butthead, but one thing they wished they unfortunately should of just avoided is agreeing to use their characters on a questionable system that probably was not going to succeed in anyway possible with its outrageous initial price of $1,000 why is that? Apparently there are different sets of these hideous looking VCR systems that come with it of its really strange control setup that consists of your typical look controller, and some sort a thing you could use a mouth piece for something WHAT WERE THEY THINKING when they thought this thoroughly? ''Heh uh huh those guys must suck.'' - Butthead ''Yeah THEY SUCK! SUCK! SUCK! SUCK!'' - Beavis Back to the deal Nintendo made went through to give them there licensed franchise characters, but one other thing never went through that's nothing more than an interesting case in history. Phillips wanted the idea for a great partnership in which Sony could merged with Nintendo to make the untitled system that was already ready to be shipped off, but never came to be finalized all the way as Nintendo backed out of it. What's even more depressing is they managed to get Phil Hartman to pitch in for the product to really try to compete against Nintendo, and Sony where its unclear if its either a 4th gen, or a 5th gen console, but based on release it should be more in that Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis timeline. Back up to Phillips since that alternate plan failed they proceeded to the original operation cartoon filmation in which case that's what it tried to be a family based system like watching movies, but like a game I looked at way long ago Plumbers Don't Wear Ties the only thing that qualifies is the opening cutscene everything else is just completely screwed up with still images not seeing the entire scene other than to fantasy size it in your crazy perspective where with these next four games they were moving, and dear lord do I have a bad feeling about this... ''Bob-omb!'' What was that, and where did it come from this haunted system.

How about we start with Hotel Mario since its only one bad game compared to the unholy tri-force that was tragic in the face of gaming. ''Hey Beavis its like being in a cartoon'' - Butthead ''Yeah Yeah Cartoons heh uh heh.'' - Beavis Oh no they didn't they made the characters not only off from not being anywhere near the voice actors, but sound inferior versions of themselves. After that cringeworthy mess we get to the game which is basically going up ladders, and shutting doors that's it. Gets extremely repetitive fairly quick to the point is there anything worth at the end of this. As you finish the terrible tragedy you are greeted with the heroes getting kisses, and all these wave back at you like this is never going to happen eve again, and for good reason simply awful concept with nothing unique whatsoever this should of never happened, but this is only the beginning of what will be the unholy endurance test of these next three Zelda games. ''uh huh ugh that game sucked'' - Butthead ''Yeah it sucked let's kick it KICK... I'LL KILL YOU!'' - Beavis ''BREAKING THE LAW! BREAKING THE LAW!'' - Beavis, Butthead, and outlaw

We will start Zelda's Adventure which is completely different from the other two games that would end up being released the same day, and yes developed. By the cover i'm not sure where to begin, but be into the crap factor fro being its own self, and not with the other two let's find out why. First off you begin immediately as you press play, and its nothing, but silence all around. You have 4 hearts, and these blue things. in this quest you are to ''collect signs, and defeat the almighty Ganon to free Link from Ganon's terror.'' Oh hey is this Virtual Hydlide because that's what it totally resembles the likes of the likes of that putrid garbage. ''Yeah... heh this sucks uh huh uh'' - Butthead ''Yeah change it to something else fartknocker.'' - Beavis''

Oh boy now were in deep code red now, Wand of Gamelon, and Faces of Evil. Both are equally as bad as they sound, but will start with the slightly lesser cheesy of the two. We are greeted with a soso opening cutscene, and than we here Link so us how the controls work in his cringe voice acting counterpart that doesn't sound in anyway appealing to his own likeness. What's with this wizard anyway what does he even do, and why do I care since the timeline of story seems a bit off from the main series. You fight every single antagonist you come across, and the ultimate end comes in a fitting total rejected kiss from zelda with a end quote of ''GREAT I WON.'' Needless to say a cornball of a game that just is an embarrassment.

To complete the unholy triforce we have Wand of Gamelon inwhich.... (CD-I magic sucks in outlaw, and Beavis, & Butthead into the game completing the ancient transformation into their world. Whoa... did we get sucked into the gam itself I knew something was up with the mystical voodoo thing when I warped it out of the box. ''Whoa Beavis where are we.'' - Butthead
''It looks like were in your pants uh huh uh huh uh'' - Beavis As the three dudes found their way to the castle the only way they had to get outta the game itself was to beat the game itself without taking themselves out in the process thus they can't revert back to reality. Stay tuned if they can withstand the might of villainy.

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