Angry Outlaw #38 Phillips CD-i & Amiga CD32 Part II

htoutlaws2012 Previously on the Angry Outlaw... ''Oh my apologizes folks for my review of this i'll be joined by the iconic duo of Beavis and Butthead. The Phillips CD-i and they even gave us a free shipping with another console around the same time called the Amiga CD32 which will come back to since its obscured compared to the CD-i. To complete the unholy triforce we have Wand of Gamelon inwhich....Whoa... did we get sucked into the game itself I knew something was up with the mystical voodoo thing when I warped it out of the box. How will they return back to reality escaping eternal suckage world of Wand of Gamelon find out now.''

A couple of mean reviewers with fire in their eyes known by the names of Beavis, Butthead, and Outlaw yeah... you know what i'm saying. If you cross they will whip your limp dick away. Beavis, Butthead, and outlaw. Awe... Yes! They are the leanest, the meanest cats in all of reviewing media.

Well this blows... now boys if were gonna get back to the other side... (as the stare at Zelda while he says for a plan) ''hey butthead whose this.'' - Beavis ''Ugh huh huh probably Blondie uh huh huh.'' - Butthead that's Zelda who we need to get back to the other. ''huh huh awe other side?'' - Butthead Follow my lead if you chose to make it back in one piece without getting hit. The game is about to begin come on boys keep up. ''huh uh yeah...'' - Butthead (checks his pocket) Whoa what's this? Its the beat the game device, but unfortunately it limits you from how much you want to unwish to proceed go by. I managed to have us three to have nine lives, but make sure Zelda doesn't die a lot otherwise were never getting back outta this voodoo magic. Many of these missions weren't that bad at least, but its odd not seeing the close ups of characters from this distance once were spawned with Zelda must be workable in that sense. My favorite weird interaction is when Zelda takes down some generic wizard he goes ''YOU KILLED ME.'' as Zelda simply says ''good.'' Like what happened there nothing special to say on defeating this character, and for what reason. After some big of struggles after the two boys were close to dead with 3 lives while I was able to keep all my lives protecting Zelda for the most part... I get to the final boss being obviously Ganon ''You Dare Bring Light to my lair... YOU MUST DIE!'' I managed to lose a lot of health, but somehow Beavis was able to turn into cornholio, and slice up Ganon back into the book while taking a dumb on his face in victory. ''The Change, NO you haven't seen the last of me.'' ''Whoa Beavis you beat that guy like Kebab or something.'' - Butthead ''I need tee pee for mu bunghole I command you give me the seed of satisfaction.'' - Beavis (suddenly the three are reverted back to the outlaw's house, and immediately unplug the system) ''Awe No!'' - Beavis ''Well Beavis once again we were close to scoring, but digitally it was ugh... not meant to be huh uh huh.'' - Butthead

Right to conclude the CD-i was a complete failure that just was not what gamers would ever picture themselves enjoying a console with a VCR look plus the very awful looking cartoon like animation equals as one of the worst ideas in history. Well that's enough voodoo for me as now we look at The Amiga CD32 as the title suggests it is play in 32 bit rom right well let's see it the name lives up to that. First off it was by Commodore who were responsible for making the Commodore 64, and this was there second attempt which frankly not many could recall this, but of a gem like this let's see why nobody talks about this obscured potential mess. The first of its kind, yet it was the PlayStation that revolutionized the 32 bit style, and that had to good to not so great looking games, but ultimately graphics are never something to just against the importance of gameplay so what type of games did the Amiga have that have this capability. There was never really an exclusive standout, but there were some fairly good titles for such a weird looking controller model with the match of flying a plane shape. Meanwhile this has a very unappealing color scheme as well which doesn't help the case of me trying to really invest in this whatsoever if I fought the Commodore 64 was a dull console this already feels like just that with slight differences. Well one pro in this case i'll give it its got a good sounding console startup one of the earliest as well to do so. Follow by in this case Zool which shows off the Amiga's name of good 32 bits selection where with other games are not quite that type of bit as they are more less 16 bits which isn't bad, but does it fit the grand scheme to the console itself? ''So what if its like good huh uh huh.'' - Butthead While it maybe a good game, and all, but does it represent the point of the console passion for 32 bits is where i'm getting at. I mean while it had a unique experimental attempt it only got sold in like 4 different countries that weren't in the U.S territory believe it or not which makes me ponder who shipped me this box? ''Hey Butthead I think we need to be shipped outta at once heh huh heh uh heh.'' - Beavis ''Yeah... later dude.'' - Butthead

(Hours later after doing some research)

Ugh... what this must be off was this his final wish before he passed away was for me to be tormented my death inside that video game. Why Stephen Hawking why! (A text message appears with a robotic voice over) Hello you are probably know that I have passed away when I sent you that, but don't worry I managed to keep one just for you... to do my final fulfillment. If you are back out alive from that than you are for more bargaining than you ever received outlaw. You may have bested many demons, and corrupted government organizations, but than you meet me a brilliant mind with a few magic tricks up his selves. You have managed to get to this far into the message than this will self destruct in T-minus 10 seconds. (Little time to react to the detonating of a deceased message from the unexpected from the United Kingdom. After hustling outside throwing the bomb out a neighbors lawn luckily wasn't home in that afternoon) Oh boy glad that's done well that's guys hope you enjoyed this, and hope you enjoy you sizzling summer til next time... What the heck happened? ''Try? Now that the soul is free, I bleed my heart of all I can bleed. War!''

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