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21 Wii Controller

I have no idea why Nintendo released this piece of crap. If you've had a history with the classic controller design, this thing will frustrate you. The buttons are awkwardly placed and the motion sensitivity will sometimes mess up and screw up your game. Also, I have pretty big hands and the controller was actually a bit small in my hands so it made pressing the right button a pain. Now if you've played with this thing a lot, then you may get used to the feel of it soon, but trying to play Smash Bros. on this thing was just ridiculous and made you look like a total noob. And trying to play racing games with the thing was a pain in the ass and made your arms hurt like hell. Then Microsoft had to make it even worse by releasing the stupid and broken Kinect. I'm glad Nintendo switched to new controller for the Wii U. I was a bit worried about it because of the size but the controller has a natural feel to it with the way you hold it and the button placement. - Mcgillacuddy

There's nothing wrong with the shape of the controller. It doesn't break or anything, but sometimes the motion controls screw up and make you lose.
Why do we need motion controls anyway? Buttons are fine! We don't need motion that doesn't respond to the sensor that well.

The controllers was a nice idea but is really frustrating in some of the Wii games - egnomac

Why does this need to be on the list.

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22 Madcatz GameCube Controller

It breaks and sticks easily. It could barely be used for a month.

23 Konami Laserscope
24 Playstation 3 Controller Playstation 3 Controller

This controller is exactly the same as other PlayStation controllers.

Light, fits well on your hands. Joysticks are okay, overall great. - recaller

Bring back the Boomerang controller! - imacg4

The ps controllers are ok but the duelshock4 is amazing - Harri666

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25 TI-99 Joystick V 2 Comments
26 Kinect 1

Kinect is awful. It does not work. The Wii remote is a much better idea of a motion controller.

27 Commodore 64 Controller

This is one crappy controller

28 Atari 5200 Controller
29 PS Move
30 Steam Controller Steam Controller The Steam Controller is a game controller developed by Valve Corporation. The controller is designed not only for games developed for controller users, but also for games traditionally played with keyboard and mouse controls so that they can be played through the controller.

What the living hell is this? Is this supposed to be a controller?

31 Alphagrip AG-5

How many video games need 100 buttons, anyway!

Too many buttons

32 Atari 7800

I know the system and the logo, but not the controller.

33 Playstation Mouse
34 SOM
35 Intec G5406 InterAct Controller

That controller (s) is the tiniest thing ever (there smaller than an Snes cartrage)

36 NES Controller

It's so uncomfortable it makes my hands hurt after 5 minutes of play time. Definitely one of the worst controller ever made.

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37 Virtual Boy Controller

Laugh Out Loud - VideoGamefan5

38 ColecoVision Controller

It has a disc instead of a joystick.

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39 Philips CDi Remote

Ok, this piece of garbage thrown up on by a skunk is the WORDT controller I have EVER had the displeasure to use! It felt terrible, unresponsive, and to add the cherry on top of the crap pie, it was the MAIN controller that came with the CDI! This piece of crap was doomed from the start

40 Dualshock 4

This is good! Whoever put this here is full retard. - noo7na7

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