Worst Video Game Death Battle by Screwattack

The Top Ten

1 Mario vs Sonic

So unfair, sonic gets all of his abilities, but not Mario. Death battle is cheating

Worst one ever!

Screwattack did not even give HALF of Marios items! Also the research was bad. Also it is just super smash flash, but worse

2 Peach vs Zelda

Just because the Light arrow is used for killing evil doesn't mean it can't be used on anything else. I mean look at it's sprite on Ocarina of Time it's an arrow fused with magic.

3 Luigi vs Tails

Ripoff of Mario vs Sonic

4 Deadpool vs Pinkie Pie

Nobody won. Waste of time. Stupid video. Screw Attack said "the loser is us"

I like Pinkie and Deadpool but this was just stupid

Its amazing

5 Mewtwo vs. Shadow the Hedgehog

Dammit! Shadow should have won because there's no way Mewtwo can wipe out Shadow's memories! It takes impact force not mind control! Screw you Screwattack!

6 Pokemon vs Digimon
7 Samus vs Master Chief
8 Raven vs Twilight Sparkle

The Ending Was Unforgivable

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