Top 10 Worst Video Game Design Decisions of All Time


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1 One guy, no continues (Double Dragon 3, Dick Tracy, etc.)

Were you watching Angry Videogame Nerd? - Delgia2k

2 Almost no collision detection on platforms (Wizard of Oz)
3 Unspeakably awful controls (Superman 64, Kid Kool, etc.)
4 No pause button (Ghostbusters 2, Dark Souls, etc.)
5 Virtually-impossible-to-avoid stage hazards (Battletoads)
6 Completely insane control schemes (Kid Icarus: Uprising)
7 Hideous art styles (Yoshi's Story, Wario: Master Of Disguise, etc.)
8 Unlistenable music (Winter Games, Crazybus, etc.)
9 Cryptic and confusing bull required for the best ending (Cave Story)
10 Mandatory experience-point grinding as a substitute for actual gameplay (Earthbound Zero, Hydlide, etc.)

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11 Overly long and unskippable cutscenes, especially right before bosses (Cave Story, Ocarina Of Time, etc.)

One time me and my friend were playing ocarina of time, and I was literally spamming the a button just to get the cut scene over with. Why? Because I was in a hurry and we had to go somewhere. - nintendofan126

12 Releasing games unfinished (Sonic 2006, Duke Nukem Forever, etc.)
13 A main character that disobeys the player's commands (Lester the Unlikely)
14 Giving bosses ridiculously oversized amounts of health as a way of making them artificially difficult (Henry Hatsworth, Super Star Wars, etc.)
15 Time trials that forget to reset the timer when you die (Donkey Kong Country Returns)

Street fighter 2010 - Tgamez

16 Overly long passwords (Metroid, Hydlide, etc.)
17 Not giving the player enough lives (Battletoads, Contra, etc.)
18 Tank controls (Resident Evil, Super Smash Bros 64, etc.)
19 Final bosses that die in one single hit (Fable 2, Zelda CD-i, etc.)
20 Damage-sponge enemies (Destiny, World of Warcraft, etc.)
21 Horrendous checkpoint placement (Ninja Gaiden NES)
22 Unhittable enemy placements (Ninja Gaiden NES, Metroid, etc.)
23 Not giving the player enough directions to aim (Metroid, Super Pitfall, etc.)
24 Making the continue feature a hidden cheat code (Super Mario Bros.)
25 Gimmicks that make the gameplay worse rather than better (Super Mario Sunshine, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, etc.)
26 Ridiculously overpowered and obnoxious playable characters in multiplayer (Super Smash Bros, Goldeneye 64, etc.)
27 Multiplayer modes that just ruin the single player mode and are absolutely terrible in and of themselves (Destiny)
28 Comically unbalanced class systems (Team Fortress 2)
29 Quantity over quality (Action 52)
30 Hours upon hours of boring and pointless filler (Final Fantasy XIII, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, etc.)
31 Butchered combat mechanics in games where you will have to do a lot of combat (Fallout 3, Oblivion, etc.)
32 Being overly reliant on graphics (Call of Duty, Super Mario Galaxy, etc.)

Call of Duty is not popular for the graphics, people play it because it's gameplay is fun.

33 Overpowered defensive mechanics (Super Smash Bros. 4, Kirby Super Star, etc.)
34 Hard modes that overdo it beyond belief and just completely ruin the general experience of the game (Cave Story)
35 Horrible camera angles (Dynasty Warriors: Gundam, Ninja Gaiden 2)
36 Having to wait a ridiculously long time to respawn (Drake of the 99 Dragons)
37 Stupidly long load times (Crash Bandicoot: Wrath Of Cortex, ModNation Racers, etc.)
38 Rubberband AI (Mario Kart 64, ModNation Racers, etc.)
39 Overly exploitable mechanics (ModNation Racers, Super Metroid, etc.)
40 Useless weapons (Dr. Jeykll and Mr. Hyde)
41 Unwinnable games (Dr. Jeykll and Mr. Hyde)
42 Making you play through the same game twice rather than adding more levels instead (Ghosts N' Goblins)
43 Insultingly atrocious endings (Ghostbusters, Ghosts N' Goblins, etc.)
44 Getting knocked back into bottomless pits almost every single time you get hit (Ninja Gaiden, Castlevania, etc.)
45 Unplayable co-op (Battletoads)
46 Overabundance of fetch quests (Cave Story, Borderlands, etc.)
47 Every single quest being the exact same thing (Destiny)
48 DLC that ruins all of the fun you had with the old stuff (Destiny)
49 Downright cryptic and confusing bull required just to play the game (Little Red Hood, Milon's Secret Castle, etc.)
50 Confusing controls (Caveman Games)
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1. One guy, no continues (Double Dragon 3, Dick Tracy, etc.)
2. Almost no collision detection on platforms (Wizard of Oz)
3. Unspeakably awful controls (Superman 64, Kid Kool, etc.)


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