Why I Hate : Activision

Skullkid755 And we are back, with another rant on the worst game developer of the 21st century, Activision! There are several bad things about them, and they will be explained one by one in each paragraph excluding this one and the last one. So, keep on reading about Awful Activision in this post!

Call of Duty : Now, I'm not much of a call of duty fan, but seriously. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare's trailer is the most dislike game trailer on YouTube. I can see why. First of all, it's copying Halo by going into a future similar to Halo. Second of all, the thing that made Call of Duty great was taking place in an actual historical/modern war, not a futuristic, unrealistic, Star Trek wannabe. Also, wanna know something? Call of Duty Black Ops physics were less realistic than Half Life 2's. Half Life 2 came out in 2004 and Black Ops came out in 2010. This means that Activision is lazy and can't keep up with gaming evolution. Many people are only gonna buy the next CoD game just to get a remake of Modern Warfare. So, nostalgia is also something Activision eats for breakfast.

Skylanders : A good example of a cash grab. You need a bunch of dumb toys in order to play it, raising the price, along with a device to read the toys too, also raising the price. They could have designed it so that the data could be copied onto the console's memory unit and allow you to use the toys like that. In fact, name one Skylanders character besides Spyro? Well, I can't, did you? If you didn't, then you should take into consideration how many individual toy characters that are in the series, that you can't name even one.

Guitar Hero : So many games, so many, so many. It was fun at first, but then it went capitalism and now you have to pay for songs as micro transactions, which brings us to the next paragraph. I want to have fun, not spend money. At least the music is pretty good though.

Micro transactions : You know Clash of Clans, then you know these. These are an example of video game capitalism. You pay for extra stuff in games, like weapons, outfits, even levels. It gets worse when the one who pays the most wins the most. Meaning, when you are very skilled, someone who bought everything would just kill all other players in one go, without death. They are the incarnation of greed and corruption in the world of gaming. They especially suck when you pay for the game already.

Spyro the Dragon : You remember the old Spyro games right? They were fun, unique, and classic. The franchise then went downhill into complete trash thanks to Activision. They bought the franchise from someone else, ruined the franchise, and turned Spyro into a toy for a cash grab. Now, he's the incarnation of capitalistic nostalgia.

Tony Hawk Nostalgia Rush : I am not much of a skateboarding game fan, but I still like the genre and look forward to playing one of the games when I get my PS2 or GameCube out in the future. Guess what? Their contract was running out, so they had to rush the next game in the series last year. A complete act of greed and laziness. It was broken, rushed, and nostalgia based cash grabbing.

Annual Releases : Every year, a new game for Call of Duty or Skylanders comes out. This means, that over time, they are milked, lose innovation and originality, and eventually start to decline dramatically. Not all the time though, Pokemon feels new each game, even though there are over 10 on the DS. Variety in settings, Pokemon, and gameplay make Pokemon a series with to many games, but still good improvements with each game. Call of Duty and Guitar Hero went from very fun to very milked, very unoriginal, and very greedy with micro transactions.

So, in conclusion, Activision is the worst video game company of this century, and deserves more hate than EA. At least EA makes good games, at least EA is overhated, at least EA doesn't feed off of nostalgia. So, whose your least favorite game company, and how do you like this post? Tell me by commenting, and goodbye.


This is a very creative and well-crafted rant. Another post well done, Skullkid755. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

The dystopian Bikini Bottom in The 2nd Spongebob movie was more epic than The Call of Duty Infinite War trailer - visitor

Yup. Right you are. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Great rant.
It's obvious Skylanders was meant to be a rip off. - ProPanda

EA deserves all the hate it gets, but I do agree that activision is worse. While both have great games, EA has my favorite franchise(Mass Effect). At one point I would've disagreed(Back in 2012 when Call of Duty was still great), but now, I agree. - visitor

Great rant,even though I like skylanders,but only the first one,the rest are like early spongebob turning into modern spongebob - Nateawesomeness

Very creative with excellent reasoning. My cousins are obsessed with Skylanders, and they watch all the videos and stuff on Youtube, but I looked at it and was so disgusted with it. - TwilightKitsune

Great rant.
WHY, SPYRO, WHY? - Martinglez

All the 32 skylanders in the first game(otherwise known as the only good game)

Magic Element:Spyro,Double Trouble,VooDood,and Wrecking Balll
Tech Element:Trigger Happy,Drobot,Drill Sergent,and Boomer
Water Element:Gill Grunt,Zap,Slam Bam,and Wham Shell
Air Element:Sonic Boom,Whirlwind,Warnado,Lightning Rod
Undead Element:Chop Chop,Ghost Roaster Hex Cynder
Life Element:Zook,Stump Smash,Stealth Elf,and Camo
Earth Element:Basher,Terrafin,Dino Rang,and Prism Break
Fire Element:Eruptor,Flame Swinger,Sunburn,and Igniter - Nateawesomeness

Yeah, but if you hadn't played a game from Spyro the Dragon or Skylanders, then you'd be more likely to know just Spyro than the rest of them.Wait, why is one of the called Sonic Boom? So Activision is a Sega copycat too. - Skullkid755

More people tend to hate EA more than Activision probably because of the fact they make sport games every year people are sick of seeing it on E3 in there conference why even have a conference is a better question. The same can be said about Activision as well with Call of Duty every year it looks like the train might end now that people have finally woke up and hated the trailer the 2nd most disliked video ever that tells me something right there. Now I know this is a rant and it was explained very accurately and like EA if I was going worst developers of all time top 10 maybe, but top 5 cause I can think of 5 companies worse than both combined.

LJN (obviously)
Phoenix Games (whom I believe is the worst developer of the 21st Century)
Data Design Interactive (mostly make copies of games and put em out only to realize they suck so bad why there not higher on this list It's criminal you talk about the 2 companies that pretty much now copy & paste here's a great example of that, but 10 times worse)
Stellar Stone (do I need to explain all just sum this up with 2 words Big Rigs! )
Wisdom Tree (Unlicensed games that somehow made it out to the public there are either a combination of very mundane or just plain ripping off) - htoutlaws2012

Call of duty here? That was obvious.. - Ananya

Awesome Rant - VideoGamefan5

Call of Duty and skylanders were bad games to be honest - Fullwalking