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Ubisoft Entertainment SA is a French multinational video game developer and publisher, headquartered in Rennes, France.


Uses the same formula for nearly all of their games. Despite being a "triple A" developer, they consistently release buggy games and produce a surprising amount of shovelware. They would rather make unimaginative and repetitive yearly releases than spend more time to create innovative and well polished games. They overhype their games and fail to deliver on promises often leaving gamers disappointed. Every time I see the Ubisoft logo before a new game trailer, it automatically makes me skeptical and unlikely to be interested in the game.

I've bought a fair share of Ubisoft games in the past couple years, but I believe I'm actually 100% done with buying anything they launch. I had such high hopes for For Honor, until I realized how poorly it was supported by the developers. There's still P2P connection on this game that is purely focused on fighting and button inputs in relation to another player, which is hard to do when the host migrates every other game and causes the game to crash. Not to mention all the microtransactions that Ubisoft tries implementing in everything. It's a shame.

Ubisoft is a company built on lies. Every year, they promise next level story concepts and mechanics, but once the actual game comes out, the final product is no where near what was expected. Everything feels rushed and half done. It's a true shame because Ubisoft could be a great company if they took pride into their work.

Terrible. Stealth games with no stealth and what looks like reused assets across every single game they put out. Splinter Creed Cry Dogs, hack the historic island database tower; stealth/hacking is completely optional and furthermore offer's no incentive as well as being terribly broken.

I used to be Ubisoft fan.

Games requiring too narrow a margin of graphic card compatibility. Games that are too buggy and glitch to be played. Lack of support for glitches. Continue selling bugged game with no support. Also, trying to weasel in on the "Steam" platform-style server system.

Ubisoft had delivered some of the most disappointing games for the past few years. They delivered the most irritating bugs. Watch dogs and Assassin's Creed Unity were really disappointing due to their bugs. Did anyone notice how difficult was first far cry even on easy difficulty. However I would like to say that far cry 4 is underrated.

I think they are the worst because they are unfaithful to their customers, look at WATCH_DOGS, it is the pinnacle of graphics they said, WRONG! The Division is photo-realistic, WRONG! Assassin's Creed Unity will change the face of video games. WRONG!, WRONG!, WRONG! If they delivered what they showed at E3, they would be right up with Bethesda, but they are untruthful about them, until they deliver, they will be at the bottom at the barrel in my mind.

Ubisoft seems to think their base is 12 year olds with moms credit card. There games are constantly buggy, have poor support, crash, and their multiplayer games have the worst servers I have ever seen. Ubisoft must have paid this website off, because they are truly the worst game company ever.

Not because they make bad games, but because they break promises and just release the same game over and over again. Watchdogs 2 will probably be a great game just like Assassins creed 2, after which I will never play another game in that franchise again.

Probably the worst company in gaming right now. Most of if not all of their games fall very short of what is promise. There is a general disdain for the PC community, games are buggy, micro-transactions run rampant and season passes don't include all of the released content. Franchise games play the exact same way every year that they are released.

Always over promising on their games. Extreme Hypocrisy and clear ambitions on sucking their consumers dry without actually providing quality games. Sad ending to initially a good company.

Ubisoft has overtaken EA's crown as the worst game company of this decade, and make no mistake: that's no small feat. From recycling the SAME game year after year, with the same mechanics and filling them with all sorts of cash grab micro-transactions, to turning everything they touch into mindless, boring "open world" games, they have turned themselves into a cancer to this industry.

They can't make a multiplayer game where everyone is still there at the end of it, no idea why they're just useless when they have to do connection

Far Cry 4 is only 2 years old but it doesn't seem to function well with Windows 10 but they are not doing anything about it. Where's a new patch?

Every game is the same, with a different setting. Plus repetitive missions.

In their games, they always have a big juggernaut in a game or a big warrior, ex: Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, Watch Dogs they all have someone with big armor.

I played Watch Dogs. It was not fun. I hated missions which you have to attack group of cars.

Paying a lot for their games. Then pay some more for subscribing their network. Want your full game? Then DLC it a little more. You end paying a lot for a subpar game.

I can kinda see it but 9 is a little stretchy. - htoutlaws2012

They have made some amazing games but I will admit they have made a lot of mistakes.

Rush games to meet deadlines and they are extremely buggy, they require too much computer power for what the game looks like.

So obsessed with anti-pirate measures they make it so paying customers can't access the game!

So much promise with game titles, amazing teaser trailers then to just be let down by bad preforming games that demand a high level PC. So much greed from the company with DLC's and micro transactions. Horrible... shameful... support for all game titles. No response from the devs or support team. Weeks for a reply on tech support. No updates as to why their Piece of UPLAY login system doesn't work globally. Forced to login to UPLAY just to play a single player game. I have had to walk away from UBISOFT before due to crappy support for not being able to play any of my games I purchased; now I'm back to attempt to play them and still they haven't fixed any of their problems and support is even worse then before. UBISOFT is be far the worst game company out there to date.

Disgusting game developer, only cares about money

The saddest moment in my life was I bought Watchdog