Minecraft Fans


Awesome game. Annoying fan base. There are people at my school who only talk about Minecraft and make unfunny creeper references and it is beyond annoying

I haven't met that many annoying Minecraft fans, but when Minecraft fans are annoying, THEY ARE ANNOYING.

Yeah, creepers are not in real life and they won't explode, it us a species of vine - MChkflaguard_Yt

I'll admit I love Minecraft, but the fanbase is horrible. People always make songs about the game, and some are awful, and people can't respect others. I've played Master Builders on a popular server called Mineplex once, and got into a huge fight with three idiots. One for constantly building porn, and the others for harassing me for no reason. I was kind of new back then, so I hardly ever used the Report book. Plus on Hypixel, yet another popular server, I got kicked out of someone's house for three dumb reasons: (one I can't remember, but I can clearly remember the other two.) One for being "rude", which I was stating my opinion on a game, and the other for my skin being bad. I hate people sometimes. There are tons of trolls on the game. And the fanbase, don't get me started on that. They act like drunk people. - Powerfulgirl10

Great game, too much YouTube mania. I'm a Minecraft fan myself and I find it stupid that some people call gold, butter and stupid herobrine doesn't exist. Also survival is slightly overrated and creative is much better - Harri666

Now before I begin, let me tell you that I LOVE Minecraft and I'm a completely normal fan. Anyways, a handful of Minecraft players are super obsessed with the game. They also bash all other games saying that they're not 'creative'. If you share your opinion if you don't like Minecraft, well let's say there will be blood...

Next thing that annoys me is THE CONSTANT LIST OF Minecraft VIDEOS ON YouTube! GRR! I mean, I watch one every now and then, but the people who are unhealthy obsessed with Minecraft watch them 24/7. Most of the YouTubers are normal fans of Minecraft, but the fanbases of the YouTubers *cough* Sky fans *cough* watch these videos and talk about Minecraft and relate the game to the YouTuber's videos all day! It's so annoying!

So yeah, like what one of the comments said, "Awesome game. Annoying fan base."

To add in, people at my school, mainly the boys, only talk about Minecraft and bash those who dislike Minecraft. So to conclude, Minecraft fans can ...more

You know, I consider Minecraft one of the best games today. But when I get on servers, there's a bunch of idiots on there. And even if the Minecraft Fans aren't Minecraft, they're STILL idiotic. My brother was in a pool, and some idiot came up to him and said, "I LIKE BUTTER" to him. Now this isn't some rant against Minecraft. Like I said, Minecraft is one of the best games today. But some things about Minecraft just piss me off.

I am a Minecraft builder and I can 100% assure the fanbase is the most annoying in the whole milky way. It was filled with 8 year olds without a brain which will backstab anyone who opposes Minecraft and of course, its bits and the players! These fanboys are just trying to look cool & MLG without actually playing the game. And therefore the decline in discipline and peace on multiplayer server which brings down Minecraft!

Then the YouTube videos. There are nooby trolling videos which has almost nothing inside it, and cringey parodies of good popular songs as well. All of them are about diamonds/mobs/ (whenever about Minecraft) and has little creativity.

Finally I found Minecraft community sensitive to certain kinds of people. Including my type. There is already enough proof to say there are so many radioactive kids which hearts are uranium attacking anyone different from them. So dreadful.

Maybe I should quit Minecraft... - MChkflaguard_Yt

Dumb ways to die number 104: saying "it's gold" on the Skydoesminecraft server

Not all the kids are annoying though. Me and my friends used to be full on INSANE about Minecraft but we matured after a while and nowadays I'm practically covering my ears when someone talks nonstop about Minecraft and his own stupidity. - IAmNotARobot

I like Minecraft, but I don't act like the extreme fanboys. I don't even go on servers, because I don't have Xbox live. I'm just a casual fan, that's all.. - Pony

I love this game I like sky and all BUT the thing that makes me mad is when people correct when people say gold is butter We can call it what we want to call it. I'm a girl gamer and the thing that is annoying boys are like girls can't play, Minecraft

I love Minecraft, and It is for sure the best game of 2012-2014. But the fans are annoying and make me feel like this is a little kids game when it is clearly for all ages. It just makes me feel ashamed that I even play this.

Good game? Yes. Good fanbase? Heck no. The fans of the game ruined it for me. The turn good songs into some stupid parody, spam you with a bunch of hateful comments if you say one bad thing about the game.

I'd say around 90% of the Internet is inhabited by these moronic 8-year-olds.

Most Minecraft fans don't even know how to tie their damn shoes! I have a friend who is obsessed with Minecraft and surprise surprise, she's one of those terns who just won't grow up.

If You like it That's fine. It's just some Fans are the Rudest People I've met. Some People Bully and Harass People who Dislike or Never Have Played It. I Heard on the News that A Boy Killed his Brother, because He Thought He had deleted His MineCraft World.

They keep yelling when they die and are overhyped when finding a diamond. If these kids played Dark Souls, their parents would be deaf from yelling.

These kids just cannot focus on in-depth gameplay like building something really epic or make a mod. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Minecraft fans are usually obsessed with the game. They give me bad vibes. I really cannot look at comments in AntVenom's videos (AntVenom, for example, is acceptable as a fan) because they're stupid.

Minecraft doesn't actually have a film yet.( Thank Arceus. ) However it has a bunch of ear splitting songs about MUSHROOM STEW. And I hate my friends for singing on repeat.

Minecraft is fun but some people get to into the game, one of my "friends" and I was playing and I took something of his and he punched me (in real life) because of that

Minecraft is a good game and all, but whenever someone says that it's not that good, the fan base is ripping so and so apart. It's an ugly and vicious fan base.

This fan base should be no1, because the game is OK, but these bastards flood YouTube with minecraft animations and song parodies. Also, the fanbase is pretty much 9 year olds who can't take a little bit of criticism or sarcasm. - Ballistc

This used to be a great game with a great fan base. But in the past few years its become the cancer of YouTube due to its moronic 8 year old fanbase.

I like Minecraft, It's a well made game but to be honest the fanboys... Are AWFUL especially the 7-9 year old boys they're always like: HOLYSHIZZZ ITS HEROBRINE when its not even real, and they keep saying "Minecraft is the best game in history because you can do ANYTHING. This game sucks that game sucks Minecraft is better! " seriously its getting REALLY annoying!

Fan base is full of whiny 8 year olds who just play this all day. And don't even get me started with the animations and music videos they are absolute cancer. - CatsOMG

People work hard on the animations and they're pretty good but the fanbase sucks - PeeledBanana

Because most of them are skydoesminecraft fans - hurjelert