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41 Pokemon Go Fans

They are rude, careless and they don't pay attention to their surroundings

Pokemon Go fans can be summed up by this: They pretend to be Pokemon fans, they act like they know everything about the franchise, and they can barely name any Pokemon past the original 151! - Goatworlds

And why aren't Pokemon Go haters on the list? They are far worse than the fans.I have seen them.

They act like they are the 'Mr Know it All' of Pokemon when they play it. I myself am a Pokemon Go player(I knew Pokemon Existed way before Go), but I don't act like a walking Pokedex.

42 Bayonetta Fans

If it weren't for the main character's gluteus maximus or in the case of feminist the mere fact that the main character is female would anybody really care about these games at all? Unfortunately those who do care about them care way too much and are much too defensive.

It's like the creator remembered all the hype concerning "Tomb Raider" and the sexiness of Lara Croft and saw it as a challenge.

And now that's she's in Smash Bros we'll never be able to get rid of her crazed fans.

DaisyandRosalina Ignore that whiny hater please. He just wants to pick on fans

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43 Earthboundians

This shouldn't be this high. Earthbound fans are constantly being attacked by Undertale worshippers for their difference of opinion. Earthboundians genuinely seem like nice people.

Earthbound was once underrated. Now its way overrated. Their fans don't bother me though. - marmalade_skies

This is at number 20?...this is even on the list?! Kill me right now...

Undertale is worse - ikerevievs

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44 FIFA Fans

Soccer Sucks and so their games - Xicor12

init mate

45 WOW Fans (World of Warcraft)

WoW Fans are full of ungrateful, entitled children who will whine about anything that they think is wrong. An ability removed or reworked? ITS RUINED! The story goes a direction I don't like? BOO! BAD! The forums are so full of these idiots they may as well rename General Discussion to General Whining, since it's what they ALWAYS do nowadays.

People who sit on their computer chair all day are people who this game it ruins lives - ikerevievs

46 Playstation Fanboys

NOBODY WITH A BRAIN CARES ABOUT WHICH PLASTIC TOY IS APPARENTLY BETTER. Someone please snap your fingers; these guys are in a hypnotic trance. They instigate almost EVERY fanboy war comment for no reason. Even if it's a comment involving PC, expect one of these morons to climb in your windows and snatch yo peop-err, start some stupid crap for no reason.

They start flame wars to other consoles because apparently, they are the best console

If its not PlayStation they hate period

The Playstation 4 Pro was a exact Duplicate of The Xbox One S - KDProductions

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47 Castlevania Fans
48 Wario Fans
49 Super Mario Fans

I love Mario games and the character, you know what I don't like... You guessed it his fans
Fans- sonic sucks and his games, Mario will always be better and his games are better than any other game.
Haters- I want him to die, he should be forgotten because he sucks.
Honestly people are ignorant. - Legendman

Every other character has mildly annoying fans, but I have ZERO respect for Rosalina fans. Great, your sexy space Peach waifu's in main story games, but don't rub it in someone's face. JFC they act like she has to be protected at all costs, because God forbid she gets called a "Peach clone" otherwise you'll get blasted with PAGES about how Rosalina is beautiful and sexy and there are "differences" to make her stand out but everyone else knows that's a lie because chances are, they're mainly defending her because she's hot. Sorry Rosalina fanboy's out there.

I'm a Mario fan but I don't hate sonic, I got unleased colours generations and lost world - Harri666

They're hypocrites. "SONIC FANS ARE SO BUTTHURT" they get butthurt if someone prefers Sonic over Mario. "SONIC GAMES ARE THE WORST" They need to know that some Mario games are the worst too. - hunnyqueen09

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50 Star Fox 64 Fanboys

If you're too close-minded to play any other game in the series, you're not a true Star Fox fan. Get out of the fandom and take your toxicity with you.

I love the series, but I can't stand these guys.

Star Fox Command has a worse fanbase to be honest, namely because of the "wars" about Krystal's characterization, which ending is canon and even shipping wars. You don't have to worry about Star Fox 64. Although I enjoy both games.

I've said it before and I'll say it again.

Liking Star Fox 64 is okay.
Worshipping the game like a god and threatening to kill anyone who likes the other games in the series is NOT okay!

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51 Super Smash Bros. Melee Fanboys

These guys suck because they hate Brawl and attack anyone who doesn't like Melee but likes Brawl - ShaunFan04

I have never seen a group of people who are such douchebags to those who like the later games in the series.

Really? this game are awesome! - oshawott98

Why do people go bonkers crazy over a mediocre fighting game again? Also, why the hell isn't this up higher on the list? I swear to god, this describes over half of the kids at my high school. Such arrogant douchebags need to do something better with their lives other than making fun of people who don't play this game, especially in a "competitive" manner. Also. FOX IS MUH BOYFRIEND HUSBANDO WAIFU DERPY DERPITY DURR! That gets on my nerves! Half of the people who favor Fox (since the tier list is bs to begin with) don't even care about the Star Fox series on its own! (Well, yes, Adventures and Command were terrible Star Fox games to begin with, but I prefer the original SNES and N64 titles myself, even with its cheesy one-liners. However, this is still not an excuse for being an arrogant butthurt retard who belittles those who play as "inferior" characters.) Now onto Melee itself. The controls suck, the dodging only works whenever it feels like it, the graphics ...more

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52 Battlefield Elitists

Battlefield Elitists are basically Call of Duty fanboys, except they constantly put down other all shooters that aren't battlefield, and are usually full grown adults, which is even more pathetic. Being older doesn't mean you can't be called immature for doing the same thing the Call of Duty 12-yr-olds do.

Really annoying nowadays.

53 Modern Sonic Haters

Sure modern Sonic has a few bad games, but we still care about blast processing, right Aura?

54 Amourshippers

LoL Yes! This! Even though it's technically not a 'gaming' fanbase.

55 Princess Peach Fans

The person that put her here obviously has never encountered a Rosalina fan.

Someone who never met a Daisy fan made this

Princess peach has fans?

Oh great let me explain how they are annoying.



Some are Pauline haters. "SHES STEALING MARIO FROM PEACH" "SHES A WHORE" - hunnyqueen09

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56 Terraria Fans

Some Minecraft Classic fanboy put this here. While both fandoms are great, the old Minecraft fans still hate Terraria, and some old terraria fans hate them back. I don't see a thing worng with either game. I love terraria, is THAT BAD? - Goatworlds

I have played both Minecraft and Terraria but Minecraft wins. I find Terraria gets boring for me and if you have a look at the description on the Terraria app it literally says "makes Minecraft look like a half baked game" so really even the creaters of Terraria are encouraged the hate on Minecraft. Minecraft is not one of my favourite games and is more my "go to" game if I am bored and have no other games but the Terraria fans just need to see this and hate the creaters more then Minecraft because the creaters encouraged this Minecraft vs Terraria.

I love the game but I just hate it when people compare it to something like minecraft there not the same people! stop comparing them! even half of the fanbase are like minecraft sucks terraria is best game ever play terraria instead of MiNeCrap! seriously those types of fans are annoying

57 XB1 fans (Microsoft fanboys)

There are some sailor mouths, but seriously. They don't start half the console wars crap.

These fans are so annoying, all they do is swear on Xbox live - Harri666

Without Microsoft, you have no windows 10. Without Sony, you have no music and movies.

Microsoft is doing with Xbox games ported to PC? Stupid Microsoft doing this.. - oshawott98

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58 Pewdiepie Fanboys

Pewdiepie is not even a game stupid.

They are completely unwilling to watch an entire video before they leave a comment and there are MILLIONS of these morons!

Pewdiepie is not a game.

*goes to school* *heers kids talking about pewdipie* Guys, Indont really like Pewdi... *Hets beaten up* WHAT AM I NOT HUMAN TO NOT LIKE PEWDIEPIE!?!?!?

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59 Assassin's Creed Fans V 1 Comment
60 Minecraft Haters

The top comment is trash

They don't know quality gaming when they see it. They continuously bash Minecraft. I know one and he always talks about how much Minecraft sucks. - Goatworlds

They're almost bad as the fans

Nobody here knows the true quality of gaming. Most of the people who hate Minecraft are so stupid they don't even know how to play it. that's who the haters are. Welcome Goatworlds these people are bitches- YashaGaming123

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