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61 EA Fanboys

They don't deserve fans.

62 Skylanders Fans

Too many "customs" aka buy a Whirlwind figurine, pull out its horn an wings, paint it pink and purple and call it "custom I made myself". I have seen customs made completely from scratch that are cool, but the recolour customs are just... NO.

I'm a teen and I am a skylanders fan. I can't why skylanders is on this list. Could someone nicely explain it for me?

Why is skylanders even around still

It is because TheHyenasSBE drew a busty female Spyro. That was unforgivable. (Poor Spyro)

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63 Digimon Fanboys

Vote this higher. They have a cancerous fan base, they always always are quick to attack Pokemon for ripping them off, excessively brag about their anime, and have the most unoriginal designs (seriously they're just dinosaurs with guns).

Digimon can talk, most Pokemon cannot. Pokemon have more original names than Digimon. Both are EQUAL. I am a Pokemon player, by the way. Most pokemon cannot talk which is lame but Digimon can. However, Pokemon have better names than Digimon. Pokemon name: Rapidash ; Digimon name: Flamingpegasusmon. BOTH ARE EQUAL. NOW STOP FIGHTING OVER WHICH IS BETTER.

They're highly obnoxious and are constantly bashing a way better franchise. - Goatworlds

Digimon is awesome and is WAY better than Pokemon it also doesn't even have a big fan base not to mention it and Pokemon can't even come close to a comparison because they are nothing alike plus digimon has a eat better story

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64 Yandere Simulator Fans

Yandere Simulator has a Fanbase?

Yandere Simulator has the most cancerous fanbase full of 11 year old weaboos I've ever seen, and it's a real shame because the game looks like it has a lot of potential.

Get rekt fans and haters - BorisRule

There bad because they oppose unique ideas and waste tanderedevs time with emails

65 Starfox Fans
66 Witcher 3 Fans

They say literally every single game other than Witcher 3 is bad. Dark Souls was better. Same goes with Bloodborne and a few others.

Often completely intolerable towards any kind of criticism to the franchise, as well as possess an exaggerated superiority complex in regards to other games, no matter the genre. Claim that the Witcher "changed their lives" and/or "spoiled other games" for them, which would all be fine and well if their whiteknighthood wouldn't come down to bashing all other games and/or people who don't think The Witcher in itself is comparable to the second coming of Jezus.

Witcher 3 is good, but not good enough to justify the mindless circlejerk and entitlement that there's nothing better in existence. And that is from an objective point of view.

67 Bowser Jr. Fans
68 Metroid Fans

They begged for a new game in their franchise, but now that they got one, they feel the need to whine about a new game just because it is not exactly what they wanted. They've even gone as far as to start a petition to cancel the game, which is a bit insane.

No. You're not entitled to a huge-ass big budget Metroid Prime continuation. Take what you have with Federation Force and maybe stop complaining about companies making spinoffs.

Fan base waited 5 years for new game. New game announced. Fan-base tried to get it cancelled.

Really? This game is awesome! Take this off! - oshawott98

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69 Nintendo 64 fans
70 Dark Souls Fans

Some are friendly but boy do they treat this series to much like Jesus H Christ. as in religious it's stupid that they forget it's a game pretty damn sad going along making childish slang to fit its defense kind like your calling the spouse/child/god is fat or ugly or something, any to much zealotry like a cult than a fanbase maybe a like a horror movie don't maybe a joke in itself.

I love the Soulsborne series. As in I really love it. Ever since Demons' Souls, I have had a special attachment to Fromsoft and their masterpieces. I can't describe how much I love it. In fact. I love it like you would love a really close person such as a spouse, a sibling, a girlfriend/boyfriend, a dear friend, etc. I know there are some Dick-Asses in the community, but most of us are good people. I know these games are hard. I know they're strenuous. And I know they're not for everyone. But the only real dicks are probably 20% of the community.

What agout Dark Souls haters

This game sucks! Bloodbrone is better than dark souls 3! Those fanboys are annoying, they are PC gamers they hate console each other - oshawott98

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71 Yoshi Fans

Why are Yoshi's fans considered horrible? Is it because they hate Toad? This ain't the only fanbase that hates Toad. There other fanbases that hate Toad just as well. You cannot blame them for the hate on Toad.

They are not the worst fan base though. But they are still horrible. "YOU CANNOT HATE YOSHI! " - DCfnaf

As a Yoshi fan myself, I agree. Most of us, although not that loud, don't like when our favourite character gets insulted and some of us don't really understand opinions. This is the worst type of Yoshi fan and I am sorry if you ever encounter one. - Wojt3kk777

Yoshi is my 3rd favorite Mario character with 2nd Luigi and 1st Mario. But his stupid fanbase is so annoying as hell. The fans are annoying it makes you want to jump from a building.

This should be higher, his fans are so annoying! (No hate on Yoshi) put how many dislikes you want to put Yoshi fanboys this would just confirm how annoying you are. - DaisyandRosalina

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72 Street Fighter Fanbase
73 No Man's Sky Fans

Don't be silly, no man sky fans don't exist

74 Elder Scrolls Haters

Just because I'm a tween girl playing TES doesn't mean I'm a tomboy! I hate it when people just hate on the game because they hate me and I play it, and if they were talking to one of their friends they would probably say. "It's cool dude, like awesome, bro? " And all the stupid slang our society uses today.

75 Silent Hill Fanbase
76 Resident Evil Fanboys

Always complaining about every single thing. Always forget to count Code Veronica as a main game. They don't even care for the story or the characters.

Some of these people are even worse than Pokemon genwunners. They think the franchise died with RE4 and any RE game that doesn't have stock camera and tank controls should not be counted as canon

They sucks at Silent Hill

Totally think anygame predating RE4 is superior in mechanics and gameplay, Don't care about story or plotpoints, character development etc.

77 Cave Story Fans

Seriously, the fanbase defends this game way too much for its own good. It is overrated and they should at least act as if they are somewhat aware of that incredibly obvious fact. - xandermartin98

Also the ones that are egotistical a-holes, like pretty much every major fanbase. - xandermartin98

Wait this fandom exists?

I was talking about the overly obsessed ones that make tooth-rotting sugary romance shippings and Rule 34 fanart of every single CS character they get their hands on.

78 Clash of Clans Fans


They are the definition of elitism.
When a game is similar to COC they give it a one star saying it's the same game. They get so addicted to the game it's crazy. Plus, most of the fans won't take ANY criticism of the game.

Clash Of Clans Is About Fish And Trophys Wats that... FISH what WOT IS DIS
IGN 10 out of 10

79 Saints Row Fanboys

Wait they have a fanbase that goes everyone I met internet real life don't act insane over it

This is a fan base?

Sorry horrible wording back there. I have never meet a saints row fanboy. They keep pretty chill. real life,and online they keep pretty down about the game

80 Bioware Games Fanboys

Bioware fanboys have to be the most self-entitled, retarded, whiniest, touchiest and most unpleasable gaming fanbase I have ever seen! They are complete cancer!

For the past 5 years, these annoying wretches have been completely condemning Bioware at every SINGLE TURN!

They'll bring down entire games based on the most trivial things! It doesn't matter how good the latest game is, they don't care, they will ALWAYS find a reason to whine and baw!

They LOVE to put one title in a series on a damn pedestal and say it's the best game ever, despite having notable flaws, and everything that came out after them is automatically inferior, despite ALL the improvements made! (I'm looking at you, ME1 fanboys!)

The best Bioware characters I can compare theese fanboys to is Ashley and Kaiden from ME2 onwards! Thickheaded, shortsighted, holding in to the past, whiny and overemotional to the point where I just want to shoot them! Surprisingly fitting, considering that the ...more

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