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61 Amourshippers

Does this thing even exist?

LoL Yes! This! Even though it's technically not a 'gaming' fanbase.

62 Kingdom Hearts Fans

They complain. The worse ones are the ones that hate Kairi because she's interfering Sora and Riku when she isn't - ParkerFang

They complain about certain games and if they don't get what they want, then they'll go nuts - hunnyqueen09

Fanbase or not, KH was a terrible series to begin with, and still is. (Disney mixing with the JRPG genre is like oil and water, honestly)

There is so many reasons to dislike KH and it's fanbase... Let's see.
1. It is glorified crossover fanfiction in the form of a popular video game.
2. There are just some things that shouldn't be crossed over with. Disney with an iconic video game brand or developer, namely one of the more mature JRPG works such as that of Square-Enix, just doesn't fit too well, despite how "well" KH fans think they do.
3. The fanbase hates the female characters for no reason other than that they "get in the way" of shipping two male characters together. For instance, they hate Namine because they want Roxas to be with Axel. Kingdom Hearts is mistaken as a 'yaoi' series because of this.
4. Before My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic became a hit on the Internet, various web sites such as DeviantArt were flooded with Kingdom Hearts yaoi garbage during the 2000's. Thankfully, those days are over.
5. Last but not least, KH is terrible like I've mentioned before. I still cannot believe that ...more

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63 Super Mario Fans

I love Mario games and the character, you know what I don't like... You guessed it his fans
Fans- sonic sucks and his games, Mario will always be better and his games are better than any other game.
Haters- I want him to die, he should be forgotten because he sucks.
Honestly people are ignorant. - Legendman

Every other character has mildly annoying fans, but I have ZERO respect for Rosalina fans. Great, your sexy space Peach waifu's in main story games, but don't rub it in someone's face. JFC they act like she has to be protected at all costs, because God forbid she gets called a "Peach clone" otherwise you'll get blasted with PAGES about how Rosalina is beautiful and sexy and there are "differences" to make her stand out but everyone else knows that's a lie because chances are, they're mainly defending her because she's hot. Sorry Rosalina fanboy's out there.

I'm a Mario fan but I don't hate sonic, I got unleased colours generations and lost world - Harri666

@Hunnyqueen ignore that person who has unessecary hatred towards you. Just ignore because he knows that you're better than him

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64 Princess Peach Fans

The person that put her here obviously has never encountered a Rosalina fan.

Someone who never met a Daisy fan made this

Princess peach has fans?

Oh great let me explain how they are annoying.



Some are Pauline haters. "SHES STEALING MARIO FROM PEACH" "SHES A WHORE" - hunnyqueen09

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65 Terraria Fans

Some Minecraft Classic fanboy put this here. While both fandoms are great, the old Minecraft fans still hate Terraria, and some old terraria fans hate them back. I don't see a thing worng with either game. I love terraria, is THAT BAD? - Goatworlds

I have played both Minecraft and Terraria but Minecraft wins. I find Terraria gets boring for me and if you have a look at the description on the Terraria app it literally says "makes Minecraft look like a half baked game" so really even the creaters of Terraria are encouraged the hate on Minecraft. Minecraft is not one of my favourite games and is more my "go to" game if I am bored and have no other games but the Terraria fans just need to see this and hate the creaters more then Minecraft because the creaters encouraged this Minecraft vs Terraria.

I love the game but I just hate it when people compare it to something like minecraft there not the same people! stop comparing them! even half of the fanbase are like minecraft sucks terraria is best game ever play terraria instead of MiNeCrap! seriously those types of fans are annoying

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67 Minecraft Haters

Haters of Minecraft hate it because it's overrated. And yet NO ONE complains about Yoshi. - Drawbox

The top comment is trash

They don't know quality gaming when they see it. They continuously bash Minecraft. I know one and he always talks about how much Minecraft sucks. - Goatworlds

Nobody here knows the true quality of gaming. Most of the people who hate Minecraft are so stupid they don't even know how to play it. that's who the haters are. Welcome Goatworlds these people are bitches- YashaGaming123

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68 Yandere Simulator Fans

Yandere Simulator has a Fanbase?

Yandere Simulator has the most cancerous fanbase full of 11 year old weaboos I've ever seen, and it's a real shame because the game looks like it has a lot of potential.

Get rekt fans and haters - BorisRule

As a fan of Yandere sim, The fanbase is pretty bad, why?
1. If you search yandere sim ships, you would find a lot of Ayando ships (Budo x Ayano), they think this ship will happen on the game someday, however if you say one bad thing about the ship, the shippers attack you and don't respect your opinion. It's okay to ship them but they shouldn't take it too far, Yandere Dev wouldn't make Budo crush on Ayano. Ayando would not be real!
2. The fanbase is full of under 12 year old, um hello!? Yandere Dev said that this game is for 17 years old + Mature content, not for kids!
3. There are some bad OCs of them like Mlp and Sonic!
4. Full of rage fangirls/boys who always ship themselves with some frictional YS characters.
5. Oka Ruto (one of the most overrated characters) ruined it.
This is why Yandere sim fanbase going bad lately...

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69 Assassin's Creed Fans V 1 Comment
70 Starfox Fans

Only Krystal has a terrible fandom and hatedom, to be honest. But that doesn't stop me from seeing and liking her the way she is. Same with the rest of Star Fox.

Star Fox 64 elitists and their constant complaints about not letting the series grow and just want rehash after rehash of one game? Pure cancer.
Krystal haters and their pathetic bs excuses to bad mouth her even though she wasn't responsible for any of it? Obnoxious.
Everyone else? Actually pretty decent. The above two groups are extremely loud, but sane fans do exist.

71 EA Fanboys

They don't deserve fans.

72 Skylanders Fans

Too many "customs" aka buy a Whirlwind figurine, pull out its horn an wings, paint it pink and purple and call it "custom I made myself". I have seen customs made completely from scratch that are cool, but the recolour customs are just... NO.

I'm a teen and I am a skylanders fan. I can't why skylanders is on this list. Could someone nicely explain it for me?

Why is skylanders even around still

It is because TheHyenasSBE drew a busty female Spyro. That was unforgivable. (Poor Spyro)

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73 Digimon Fanboys

Vote this higher. They have a cancerous fan base, they always always are quick to attack Pokemon for ripping them off, excessively brag about their anime, and have the most unoriginal designs (seriously they're just dinosaurs with guns).

Digimon can talk, most Pokemon cannot. Pokemon have more original names than Digimon. Both are EQUAL. I am a Pokemon player, by the way. Most pokemon cannot talk which is lame but Digimon can. However, Pokemon have better names than Digimon. Pokemon name: Rapidash ; Digimon name: Flamingpegasusmon. BOTH ARE EQUAL. NOW STOP FIGHTING OVER WHICH IS BETTER.

They're highly obnoxious and are constantly bashing a way better franchise. - Goatworlds

Pokemon fans are worse - yunafreya648

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74 Witcher 3 Fans

They say literally every single game other than Witcher 3 is bad. Dark Souls was better. Same goes with Bloodborne and a few others.

Often completely intolerable towards any kind of criticism to the franchise, as well as possess an exaggerated superiority complex in regards to other games, no matter the genre. Claim that the Witcher "changed their lives" and/or "spoiled other games" for them, which would all be fine and well if their whiteknighthood wouldn't come down to bashing all other games and/or people who don't think The Witcher in itself is comparable to the second coming of Jezus.

Witcher 3 is good, but not good enough to justify the mindless circlejerk and entitlement that there's nothing better in existence. And that is from an objective point of view.

75 RTS Fans

Wasn't a very good "strategy" to add this on the list, eh?

76 Metroid Fans

They begged for a new game in their franchise, but now that they got one, they feel the need to whine about a new game just because it is not exactly what they wanted. They've even gone as far as to start a petition to cancel the game, which is a bit insane.

No. You're not entitled to a huge-ass big budget Metroid Prime continuation. Take what you have with Federation Force and maybe stop complaining about companies making spinoffs.

Fan base waited 5 years for new game. New game announced. Fan-base tried to get it cancelled.

Really? This game is awesome! Take this off! - oshawott98

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77 Nintendo 64 fans
78 Dark Souls Fans

Some are friendly but boy do they treat this series to much like Jesus H Christ. as in religious it's stupid that they forget it's a game pretty damn sad going along making childish slang to fit its defense kind like your calling the spouse/child/god is fat or ugly or something, any to much zealotry like a cult than a fanbase maybe a like a horror movie don't maybe a joke in itself.

I love the Soulsborne series. As in I really love it. Ever since Demons' Souls, I have had a special attachment to Fromsoft and their masterpieces. I can't describe how much I love it. In fact. I love it like you would love a really close person such as a spouse, a sibling, a girlfriend/boyfriend, a dear friend, etc. I know there are some Dick-Asses in the community, but most of us are good people. I know these games are hard. I know they're strenuous. And I know they're not for everyone. But the only real dicks are probably 20% of the community.

What agout Dark Souls haters

This game sucks! Bloodbrone is better than dark souls 3! Those fanboys are annoying, they are PC gamers they hate console each other - oshawott98

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79 Yoshi Fans

Why are Yoshi's fans considered horrible? Is it because they hate Toad? This ain't the only fanbase that hates Toad. There other fanbases that hate Toad just as well. You cannot blame them for the hate on Toad.

They are not the worst fan base though. But they are still horrible. "YOU CANNOT HATE YOSHI! " - DCfnaf

As a Yoshi fan myself, I agree. Most of us, although not that loud, don't like when our favourite character gets insulted and some of us don't really understand opinions. This is the worst type of Yoshi fan and I am sorry if you ever encounter one. - Wojt3kk777

Yoshi is my 3rd favorite Mario character with 2nd Luigi and 1st Mario. But his stupid fanbase is so annoying as hell. The fans are annoying it makes you want to jump from a building.

"YOU CANOT HATE HIM" - hunnyqueen09

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80 Street Fighter Fanbase
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