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81 MMO-RPG Believers V 1 Comment
82 Bronies

This isn't even a video game fanbase..

Constantly Making Porn,"voicing their own opinion", And... well let me say this again making pony porn!

LoL! They are so horrible, they are pervasive!

Not a video game fanbase. EXACTLY! I am so sick of all the crossover ships involving Ponies with Sonic characters or whatever the heck they can think of.

I have nothing against Bronies or Pegasisters, since I applaud them for making MLP more gender neutral. It's just the Cloppers and crossover shippers I cannot stand.

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83 Moblie Game Fans

Nintendo handhelds don't count as mobile games they are handhelds, mobile games like angry birds and clash of clans suck play something real

The only thing that can get worse than this is Facebook games

They hate everything that's not on iPhone or android - ikerevievs

Well, I play pc games that are availabke on mobile because MY PC SUCKS! Greatest mobile games: Geometry Dash, Zelda and Angry Birds

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84 Adventures of Lolo Fans

This fan base is either extremely mean or they just hate the lolo haters. Out of my experience

No one likes Adventures of Lolo ever since the millennium turn. There's no need to complain about Lololo's Super-Hard Dungeon of Blocks.

What is this?

85 Team Fortress 2 Fanboys

1. They think anyone who likes Call of Duty is a fanboy. 2. They still whine about free to play. 3. Many players are try hards. Team Fortress 2 is my favorite game of all time, but these people are just stupid.


Pretty much explained, they get attacked by Call of Duty kids who think they are hackers.

I love playing Team Fortress 2, but the problem is there's just so many kids! - Mumbizz01

TF2 is fun, I have a friend who plays it, but he's not a stupid fanboy, there's this 1 guy at my school who's like! OH WHOEVER doesn't PLAY TF2 IS LIFELESS!

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86 Mortal Kombat Fans

Stay over there. Just...Stay over there.

Scorpion and Sub Zero are overrated.

87 Fire Emblem Fans

If you thought that Awakening or Fates (or any of the characters there) had the worst fandom or hatedom, then you haven't seen everything. Fire Emblem: Blazing Blade tends to have not only the worst fanbase out of any game in the series, but also the worst haters as well. Personally, I cannot stand Karel haters; they're a bunch of barbarous butts who don't seem to understand a thing about character development and constantly see him as a villain when he never was one, not even when he was known as the Sword Demon. Anti-hero yes, but never a villain. There is no reason to portray Karel as something he never was, and comparing him to villainous characters such as Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII and Shadow the Hedgehog from Sonic is never acceptable since those characters are nothing like him, with the exception of some of Sephiroth's looks. They even complain about the voice acting choices for the characters in Fire Emblem Heroes when it shouldn't be anything to worry about. (after ...more

Good games, but rotten fanbase. I would have to say that Rekka no Ken/Blazing Sword has the worst fanbase of any FE game, for obvious reasons.

Camilla fanboys are more awful - ParkerFang

I think most of the FE fans come from Awakening. So many Chrom fangirls, it's annoying. Here's a tip. Stop asking for Chrom in Super Smash Bros. and just accept Lucina!

It's not the end of the world you guys, jeez!

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88 My Little Pony Fans

Only the cloppers and crossover shippers are awful. Otherwise, I have no issues with anyone liking MLP or being MLP fans.

"Their fanbase is weird and "Bronies" bitch around haters' comments"

I'm neutral about the show, and I respect some bronies and pegasisters or whatever- Cousin's a brony. I really don't like the show, but I'm not an hater. Well, frist of all, they PONIFY EVERYTHING. Ex. YouTubers, game characters, ANYTHING. There should be another rule- everything that is famous have an pony version, wanting it or not. I remember I was browsing DevArt for my HungerGames simulator and I found pony "artists" while I searched for Kirito, an Anime character- the Weeaboo and otaku fanbase should also be here, even that I'm an otaku. I saw Markiplier- his fanbase should be here, too, but he is a great YTer.- ponyfied- Jacksepticeye, PewDiePie, Sonic, f*king SpongeBob! Since then I started searching about them, in their forums. Ba-bara-dee! Rule 34 links!

89 Mario Fanboys

Who put this on here, a Mario fanboy?

What I MEANT Call of Duty FANBOY LOL

Unlike sonic, mario fans are happy of what nintendo did to a mario game! Why can't the soniv fanbase be like Marios

90 Xenoblade

You Xenoblade fans, Xenoblade Cronicles isn't the best game ever. Shut up, stop whining for more games, stop treating this game like it's god, stop calling out every RPG on the 3DS a ripoff of XC just because the graphics look the same, and give those games a chance!

Y'know why us fans like this game because it good. You separate us normal fans to crazy over the top fans boys. When did we call all RPG on the 3DS a ripoff of XC. So don't make a blanket comment, OK?

91 Pokemon Haters

Agreed. These haters suck so much and they actually ruin the purpose of the series, since Pokemon is about "catching em all". You may not like all the Pokemon in the series, but you still need to accept them.

Jack Thompson

These SUCK! - coolguy101

92 Metal Gear Solid Fans
93 Sonic Boom Fans

Does it even have fans?

Tis dusnt evan ecxist dou u stoopid

94 Xbox Haters

They're like "Xbox sucks because it doesn't have uncharted".

95 Cartoon Fans

How is this video game-related? If you are talking about fandoms, then yes, cartoon fans can be on the crazy side at times, but not all of them. Anyway...

As I've said before, the modern-day fandom of many old, vintage animated shorts and films has got to be one of the worst fandoms on the Internet. Especially the Disney, Warner Bros., Fleischer Studio and MGM/Tex Avery cartoon fandoms. Although some of their animated shorts or films have worse fandoms than others. While I do admit that they have sane fans and that we had ancestors growing up watching them, even though those cartoons are not my cup of tea, but the modern fandom on the other hand... GOOD GRIEF.

So many fetish art and garbage people make of those cartoons nowadays. Want proof? Then browse DeviantArt. Be warned, though.

96 Halo 4 Fanboys

The low point of my favorite series. The loss of Bungie destroyed this game along with the bad revamp in music.

People say that 343 actually did good on this game. A lot of people will tell you otherwise.

97 Modern Sonic Fans

This was put here by a classic Sonic fanboy.

Mariotehplumber probably put this on the list.

98 Touhou Fanboys

These fans are annoying in deviantart and many more internet communities.

99 Bubsy Fans

Since when does bubsy have fans?

People like bad graphics? Who knew? - Goatworlds

Bubsy fans don't exist, nobody likes Bubsy

Bubsy haters are even worse...

Anyway, I know the series wasn't perfect (we all can agree that Bubsy 3D was awful), but at least the first Bubsy game was a guilty pleasure. Honestly, there are worse games out there.

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100 Tomb Raider Fans

Seriously? , So Low? , Really? , They Should Be Higher - VideoGamefan5

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