Top Ten Worst Video Game Fanbases


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101 Hay Day Fans
102 Counter Strike: Global Offensive fans who hate Counter Strike Source

Could've just said CS:GO fans who hate CSS.

I agree

103 The Last of Us haters
104 Luigi Fans

Mario Is Mental is crap and should not exist. How do you people believe this crap? - DCfnaf

They say he is underrated and will go out of their way to make Mario look abusive just to make Luigi look better. Under appreciated my ass, he has his own series and spinoffs and is important in the RPGs.

Annoying as hell

They worship Mario is Mental like a god.

105 Splatooners

Dude, just...No Splatoon fans are fine

106 Ocarina of Time Fanboys

They think that oot is best game even though in my opinion Mario 64 Mario maker and halo 3 are better games - ikerevievs

107 Wii U Fans V 1 Comment
108 Mario Kart 64 Fanboys V 2 Comments
109 Konami Fans

These people still think konami will be good as they once were before 2013 - ikerevievs

110 Zelda Haters

Oh come on this shouldn't be in this list, nobody hates Zelda!

How does this exist.

You would think, I have seen them. They are terrifying

111 Mega Man haters

They are like people who hold other games like Call of Duty and Minecraft on a huge pedestal and don't even know who Mega Man is because they only know modern games. Mega Man is one, if not, the biggest reason why Capcom became a huge gaming company. - ZeMegaMan

112 Doom Fans
113 Tracer and Widowmaker Shippers
114 Bendy Fans

I simply cannot believe how popular this game has become. I think it maybe because of the old cartoon style going on. (Most old cartoons nowadays have bad fanbases, or at least just their modern-day fanbases are bad)

Bad fan art and crap stories

Bendy is the new FNAF is the new Undertale is the new Sonic.

115 Neptunia Fans
116 FeralHeart Fans
117 Legends of Equestria Fans
118 Devil May Cry Fanbase
119 Next-Gen Fanboys

Thosse idiots never learn anything about their mediocre 1st games, Screwattack is one of them, I mean, They dislike the WII you and are so annoying.

If you hate next gen fanboys they are console fanboys in disquse - ikerevievs

And I'm looking at you BLACKB0ND, you're using bots for Likes and I wish that YouTube would block you, Cu'z I hate you

120 Good Game Trolls
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