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101 Paper Mario Thousand Year Door Fans

You're playing Sticker Barf and Color Trash? Play a real Paper Mario game! I want the partners back and Sticker Barf and Color Trash have bad rag mechanics! That's what they and are so ungrateful. I get it that Sticker Star and Color Splash aren't good, but stop bashing on the Paper Mario company and making them feel bad.

102 Modern Sonic Fans

This was put here by a classic Sonic fanboy.

Mariotehplumber probably put this on the list.

103 Touhou Fanboys

These fans are annoying in deviantart and many more internet communities.

104 Bubsy Fans

Since when does bubsy have fans?

People like bad graphics? Who knew? - Goatworlds

Bubsy fans don't exist, nobody likes Bubsy

Bubsy haters are even worse...

Anyway, I know the series wasn't perfect (we all can agree that Bubsy 3D was awful), but at least the first Bubsy game was a guilty pleasure. Honestly, there are worse games out there.

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105 Tomb Raider Fans

Seriously? , So Low? , Really? , They Should Be Higher - VideoGamefan5

106 Retro Game Fans
107 The Sims Fans

Okay, The Sims is addicting and good game.But the fans are (i am one of them) are really ADDÄ°CTED to The Sims
They are crazy about The Sims, they spend billions on The Sima, and they don't care about money they spend on The Sims.TSims.They play The Sims for hours, and they don't get bored.They are annoying

108 Old Spyro Fanboys

These fans whine about Skylanders, make terrible OCs, bash Skylanders on nearly every video to do with Spyro and most of these fans are incredibly rude. They've never even played Skylanders and are still whining about the game to this day.

Please send all these idiots to Mars

I'm talking about the fanboys who hate on the skylanders games, even though they never played them, and relentlessly attack anyone who liked the game.

I can't say anything about this without exposing my hatred for the Spyro fans of Deviantart. You will only find OCs and shipping.

90% of the fanbase never played skylanders I wanna murder all them to venus spyro sucks thees days I'm talking about old spyro not skylander version

109 Counter Strike fans

Counter strike isn't a bad game, but it has the most god awful fanbase ever. It's full of smurfs, hackers, 9 year old kids, etc.

Gosh. They're terrible.

I wish this godawful game didn't exist so my "friends" wouldn't be douches.


110 Mario Haters

Mario is good and the game are not the same.

"Mario isn't the same thing over and over, guys."

Hypocritical call of duty fans who attack Mario for being similar, when call of duty is really the same thing.

Also Luigi Fans and Game Theory Fans. - DCfnaf

Call of Duty fans
Lugi/Game Theory fanboys
Yoshi fans
Sonic fanboys
Tloz Fanboys

There are so many out there - FrancescoBertini

111 Madden Fans


Even Nerd complained about it.

112 Rareware Fans

I may loved Rare's Nintendo efforts as the next person (such as Donkey Kong Country trilogy, Banjo-Kazooie and Tooie, Star Fox Adventures, et cetera), but I also like their Xbox stuff (Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, the new Killer Instinct, to name a few). However, there is a portion of the fanbase who can't get over the fact that Rare was bought by Microsoft and is no longer part of Nintendo. The issue I have with fans of Nintendo's Rareware is that they're a bunch of whining, immature brats who dislike Microsoft and Xbox (Microsoft makes awesome games, too, there is no reason for hating), to the point that they even try to bribe Rare themselves to go back to Nintendo when the chances are little to none because most of the Rare staff who worked with the company during their time with Nintendo are even no longer working there and they either work with other companies or started their own indie studios these days.

I also find it ironic that some fans dislike Star Fox Adventures ...more

They whine about the fact that Microsoft bought them out even though they don't realize that Nintendo didn't want to buy them. They automatically call any Microsoft produced game garbage (except Rare Replay) because they're really a bunch of Nintendrones (a word I DESPISE using). Both Microsoft and Nintendo are awesome in their own right. Rare doomed themselves because their most important people left the company. - RevampSpider

Jontron just died a little inside.

113 Hay Day Fans
114 Counter Strike: Global Offensive fans who hate Counter Strike Source

Could've just said CS:GO fans who hate CSS.

I agree

115 The Last of Us haters
116 Luigi Fans

Mario Is Mental is crap and should not exist. How do you people believe this crap? - DCfnaf

They say he is underrated and will go out of their way to make Mario look abusive just to make Luigi look better. Under appreciated my ass, he has his own series and spinoffs and is important in the RPGs.

Annoying as hell

Stop worship LameTheory and Luigi as the second coming of christ, also luigi is
Becamed one of the most overrated character in fiction, accept it. - FrancescoBertini

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117 Splatooners

Dude, just...No Splatoon fans are fine

118 Ocarina of Time Fanboys

They think that oot is best game even though in my opinion Mario 64 Mario maker and halo 3 are better games - ikerevievs

They expect everyone to like it - hunnyqueen09

119 Binweevils Fans

Stupid butthurt little kids who compares this game to other games such as Minecraft

One of the time, there was this stupid girl who says all games are rubbish because it is boring you should play the better game which is binweevils

Plus they are rude to people and always rants about other games which are not even close

120 Wii U Fans V 1 Comment
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