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121 Zelda Haters

Oh come on this shouldn't be in this list, nobody hates Zelda!

How does this exist.

I don't see them - ParkerFang

You would think, I have seen them. They are terrifying

122 Mega Man haters

They are like people who hold other games like Call of Duty and Minecraft on a huge pedestal and don't even know who Mega Man is because they only know modern games. Mega Man is one, if not, the biggest reason why Capcom became a huge gaming company. - ZeMegaMan

123 Doom Fans
124 Bendy Fans

I simply cannot believe how popular this game has become. I think it maybe because of the old cartoon style going on. (Most old cartoons nowadays have bad fanbases, or at least just their modern-day fanbases are bad)

The fangirls ship themselves with him and it's just terrible - ParkerFang

Bad fan art and crap stories

I would not be surprised if Cuphead gets a massive fanbase as well once it comes out in September, due to so many people going gaa-gaa over it's old cartoon style.

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125 Neptunia Fans
126 FeralHeart Fans
127 Legends of Equestria Fans
128 Kefka Fanboys

This should be higher

129 Wendy O. Koopa Fans
130 Parappa/Lammy Fans

Leave it to Lammy to be eternally worshipped as a memetic sex goddess - xandermartin98

131 Devil May Cry Fanbase

How are they bad? - ParkerFang

132 Xbots (XBOX Fanboys)

Xbox sucks you people hear? - Goatworlds

Microsoft doesn't care about you people. They're bleeding you dry and laughing about it.

Believe anything positive about the console without looking it up if it is true. They spread lies and can't back up their claim with reliable sources.

They are still denying that the console has no value compared to Wii U, PS4 and the PC and are rather satisfied with Halo and time-exclusives.

I have dealt with microsoft and It has terrible costmer service

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133 Next-Gen Fanboys

Thosse idiots never learn anything about their mediocre 1st games, Screwattack is one of them, I mean, They dislike the WII you and are so annoying.

If you hate next gen fanboys they are console fanboys in disquse - ikerevievs

And I'm looking at you BLACKB0ND, you're using bots for Likes and I wish that YouTube would block you, Cu'z I hate you

134 RTS Fans

Wasn't a very good "strategy" to add this on the list, eh?

135 Good Game Trolls
136 Portal Fanboys

They laugh at the very mention of cake

As a portal fan, I didn't know this existed

The games are good, don't get me wrong, but I wish they'd stop bringing up the references to EVERYTHING and acting like its funny lmao

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137 Classic Sonic Haters

Who hates Classic Sonic?

Rabid Shadow fanbrats in a nutshell.

138 Half Life Fans

They always say half life 3 confirmed and annoying gravity gun referces - ikerevievs

Half life 3 confirmed.

IGN predicts that in E3 when they'll announce HL3 only to get 3 new hats in TF2.

139 Lollipop Chainsaw Fans
140 Princess Peach Haters

Check out the "worst super Mario games" list. Meet a ton of idiots that hate every game because the "bossy and cranky" princess peach appeared in the game. Why is Super Mario Galaxy number 7 on that list? Princess Peach. Why do I hate the Daisy and Rosalina Fans so much beside the fact that they war? Princess Peach. I hate the Peach Haters. - DCfnaf

I'm not a rabid Peach fan or anything, but some of her haters are extremely stupid. If you don't believe me, go to the list called: Top ten reasons to hate princesses Peach and Daisy. Some think being a tomboy is job that Peach refuses to do, that she got angry at people for forgetting her b-day (which definitely happened), and some don't like her because she didn't perform with Pac man.

Anyways they would hate any Mario game because "cranky, bossy, violent" Princess Peach made her debut in it and always wished that Rosalina, Daisy, or Pauline to replace her. - ParkerFang

How the heck this went down so quickly and Peach fans are higher? - ParkerFang

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