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121 Konami Fans

These people still think konami will be good as they once were before 2013 - ikerevievs

122 Zelda Haters

Oh come on this shouldn't be in this list, nobody hates Zelda!

I don't see them - ParkerFang

How does this exist.

Tingle haters are repetitive, though...

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123 Mega Man haters

They are like people who hold other games like Call of Duty and Minecraft on a huge pedestal and don't even know who Mega Man is because they only know modern games. Mega Man is one, if not, the biggest reason why Capcom became a huge gaming company. - ZeMegaMan

124 Doom Fans
125 Just Dance Fangirls

People who are deluded to believe that video games are just for boys.
Never played Just Dance but just fed up with words like "fanboy" or in magazines its usually men in them reviewing.

So sexist.

126 Bendy Fans

I simply cannot believe how popular this game has become. I think it maybe because of the old cartoon style going on. (Most old cartoons nowadays have bad fanbases, or at least just their modern-day fanbases are bad)

The fangirls ship themselves with him and it's just terrible - ParkerFang

Bad fan art and crap stories

Rule 34 - hunnyqueen09

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127 Neptunia Fans
128 FeralHeart Fans
129 Legends of Equestria Fans
130 Kefka Fanboys

Expects everyone to like him and if they don't, you're going to have a bad time with them - hunnyqueen09

Rude and disrespectful - ParkerFang

This should be higher

131 Parappa/Lammy Fans

Leave it to Lammy to be eternally worshipped as a memetic sex goddess - xandermartin98

132 Karel Fanbase

Don't trust him guys. He's/She's still going to bully her and say she's the worst Peach hater in the site. He/She claims to be a respectable fan but he/she isn't. He/she think he/she knows everything. I bet you that that person is that typical TLK, KH hater/Tails fan we always see. And heck that person also says that yunafreya needs a life when he/she needs one because he overhates TLK and KH too. That person is crazy

Okay, I will stop blaming a certain user from now on. I know calling out on someone is wrong, anyway.

And no, Peach isn't even my favorite Mario character. That honor goes to Yoshi. (It's just that hating a fictional character without a good reason to is very immature or biased, and all I was trying to say was constructive criticism. I have learned so much from constructive criticism all my life, and if I can learn, then anyone can. You can, too.)

Also, I would never call a favorite fictional character a waifu or husbando, because fictional characters are not real, and since they're not real, you can't marry them. So really, I am getting sick and tired of this waifu/husbando BS that some fans spam all across the 'Net.

133 Kingdom Hearts Haters

KH haters are as bad as the fans - ParkerFang

The fanbase is far worse. At least KH haters don't have the hots for it's original characters or make sexually explicit fanfiction and art of it.

134 Silent Hill Fanbase
135 Bioware Games Fanboys

Bioware fanboys have to be the most self-entitled, retarded, whiniest, touchiest and most unpleasable gaming fanbase I have ever seen! They are complete cancer!

For the past 5 years, these annoying wretches have been completely condemning Bioware at every SINGLE TURN!

They'll bring down entire games based on the most trivial things! It doesn't matter how good the latest game is, they don't care, they will ALWAYS find a reason to whine and baw!

They LOVE to put one title in a series on a damn pedestal and say it's the best game ever, despite having notable flaws, and everything that came out after them is automatically inferior, despite ALL the improvements made! (I'm looking at you, ME1 fanboys!)

The best Bioware characters I can compare theese fanboys to is Ashley and Kaiden from ME2 onwards! Thickheaded, shortsighted, holding in to the past, whiny and overemotional to the point where I just want to shoot them! Surprisingly fitting, considering that the ...more

136 Devil May Cry Fanbase

How are they bad? - ParkerFang

137 Xbots (XBOX Fanboys)

Xbox sucks you people hear? - Goatworlds

Microsoft doesn't care about you people. They're bleeding you dry and laughing about it.

Believe anything positive about the console without looking it up if it is true. They spread lies and can't back up their claim with reliable sources.

They are still denying that the console has no value compared to Wii U, PS4 and the PC and are rather satisfied with Halo and time-exclusives.

I have dealt with microsoft and It has terrible costmer service

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138 Next-Gen Fanboys

Thosse idiots never learn anything about their mediocre 1st games, Screwattack is one of them, I mean, They dislike the WII you and are so annoying.

If you hate next gen fanboys they are console fanboys in disquse - ikerevievs

And I'm looking at you BLACKB0ND, you're using bots for Likes and I wish that YouTube would block you, Cu'z I hate you

139 Good Game Trolls
140 Portal Fanboys

They laugh at the very mention of cake

As a portal fan, I didn't know this existed

The games are good, don't get me wrong, but I wish they'd stop bringing up the references to EVERYTHING and acting like its funny lmao

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