Top Ten Worst Video Game Fanbases


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161 Final Fantasy XII Fans
162 Pes Fans
163 Cdi Zelda Fans

What the actual heck?

How? - Nirocart

164 God of War Fans
165 Activision Fans
166 Destiny Fanboys
167 Bloons TD Fans

Meh, there decent. At least you don't see it everywhere.

168 Arena Shooter Fans

They don't want their games to change whether it's good. Just like Call of Duty Fans they hate on other games especially Call of Duty. They keep rage kicking new players. - UserWhom

169 Danganronpa Fans

Yes Danganronpa is better known as an anime. But it started out as a video game.
So let's describe this fanbase shall we?
Unnecessary shipping of the characters, and wow it happens almost all the time! - SelfDestruct

170 Super Mario 3 Fanboys
171 Hyperdimension Neptunia Fans
172 N64 Fanboys
173 Johntron Fanboys
174 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Fans

Why? - Ad1230

175 Dragonite Fanboys
176 Charizard Fanboys
177 Pokemon Anime Fans
178 F-Zero Fans

Umm... When did F-Zero have a bad fanbase? From the looks of it, it either just has a small fanbase (not too bad, actually) or doesn't have one at all, since not everyone is familiar with the series outside of Super Smash Bros. and the 'FALCON PUNCH! ' line that stemmed from it.

179 Super Mario 64 Fanboys
180 Watch Dogs Fanboys
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