Top Ten Worst Video Game Fanbases


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161 F-Zero Fans
162 Super Mario 64 Fanboys
163 Watch Dogs Fanboys
164 Paper Mario Fanbase
165 Just Dance Fangirls
166 Switch Haters
167 Game of War Fans
168 Hitman Fans
169 Invader Zim Fans
170 RTS Fans

Wasn't a very good "strategy" to add this on the list, eh?

171 Kirbytards

Nah, Kirby is good, he can steal your abilities after swallowing you.

As a part of this fandom I can assure you it's mostly tame. - Garythesnail

I like French potatoe

172 Xbots (XBOX Fanboys)

Microsoft doesn't care about you people. They're bleeding you dry and laughing about it.

Xbox sucks you people hear? - Goatworlds

Believe anything positive about the console without looking it up if it is true. They spread lies and can't back up their claim with reliable sources.

They are still denying that the console has no value compared to Wii U, PS4 and the PC and are rather satisfied with Halo and time-exclusives.

I have dealt with microsoft and It has terrible costmer service

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173 Half Life Fans

They always say half life 3 confirmed and annoying gravity gun referces - ikerevievs

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174 Amiibo Fans

They commit murder for $15 pieces of plastic. Let that sink in...

A lot of amiibo are hard to find, but other than that, it is okay.

These people are like how the Skylander Boy and Girl act when a new wave of Skylanders/Amiibo comes out: They rush to a Best Buy at like four in the damn morning, grab one of every new figure in the store, get into fights over one damn Amiibo and who gets it, leave, and possibly rush over to the stores that have exclusive Amiibos. It's the same thing every wave! And Amiibos aren't even that good to begin with.

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