Top 10 Worst Video Game Items & Power-ups


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1 Dildo In Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Really bad ever heard of sarcastic that is what it is. - fast

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2 Professor Oak's Parcel In Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow

Dude Dildos are useful - MoldySock

3 Soda Pop In Pokemon Yellow
4 Bowser Kart In Nintendogs
5 Wooden Shield In The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
6 Fake Item Box In Mario Kart 64

Does anyone even get fooled by these?

These things always fool me - Curti2594

7 1-Up In Sonic Generations

Really? I never Heard.

8 Crystal Coconut In Donkey Kong 64
9 Nintendog In Super Smash Bros

No one an even see, not even the one who summoned it

It just no never should of added into game - devmai

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10 Poison Mushroom In Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels

Me:It should be #1. Guy from screwattack: A brand new power-up. bubaddamamamamababue - POKEMON57000

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11 Goldeen In Super Smash Bros

You know, they could have made Splash just a bit powerful, and treated it like a land mine, but they made it suck instead

It suck the most

12 Energy Condenser EE2 in Minecraft

You can say it is practical for getting items you need using items you don't but combined with a energy collector Mk3 it can produce an infinite amount of EMC or in other words: infinite everything. The reason it is stupid is because of how
OP it is and of course it takes all the fun away from Minecraft in general.

13 The Cane In Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
14 Wood Hoe in Minecraft
15 Golden Tools in Minecraft

Gold is one of the rarest minerals, yet it does the same thing as wooden weapons and breaks quicker.

The golden tools only last for 32 uses because gold is sort of a weak material.

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16 Final Smash in Super Smash Bros Brawl

I am only voting to disagree

17 Sleep Ability - Kirby Air Ride


18 Thunder Cloud
19 Weight Power-up in Kirby Air Ride

When you use it, you must jump or you lose!

20 Banana in Mario Kart
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