Tomb Raider (2018) Will Suck!

MegaSoulhero The new Tomb Raider movie looks like CRAP!!! It’s going to suck!! They recently released a trailer for it and it looks terrible! But are we really surprised?

I haven’t played any of the Tomb Raider games, but I’ve watched gameplays and they look pretty cool. This movie does not look cool! It looks like a bunch of clichés put into one film and doesn’t really do anything new with them! The trailer is only two minutes and there are still quite a lot of clichés! In the video game, some of these clichés work, but they managed to execute it poorly in the movie! Lara introduces herself in a dramatic way and but it’s pretty much just a way to make the audience go “OH MY GOD!” because she’s and iconic character. It felt very forced! And as for the character herself, I hate the actress they got to play her! Sure, she’s hot, but I feel like that’s the only reason they cast her! Her acting isn’t very good! I literally laughed at that grunt she made at the end of the trailer! What was that!? That was so hilariously bad! And at other parts, she’s just bland! But not as bland as...

MegaSoulHero: I was gonna say Kaya Scodelario! The girl from Dead Men Tell No Tales!
HP Fan: Oh. Okay. Carry on.

Anyway, aside from Alicia Vikander’s bad acting, it seems as though the rest of the cast acts bland as well! They keep speaking in monotone voices! Kind of like a Shyamalan film! Also, the visuals don’t look very impressive. They’re not exactly bad, but at the same time they’re not very good. Honestly! I mean honestly! Why was this made! Do you remember the last time a video game movie was good? Neither do I because they are all terrible! I haven’t seen the first Tomb Raider movie, but judging by its negative reviews, I don’t think I missed much! There are people saying this new film looks good and that they are excited to see it. Really? You’re gonna fall for it? I’m certainly not! I’ve pretty much given up on video game movies! It’s just one of the rules of life! Video games shouldn’t be made into movies!

The new Tomb Raider movie looks like trash! Nothing about it got me excited! I can tell you right now that it’s probably going to bomb! I doubt it will make a lot of money! Looks better than Jumanji! I can tell you that! But this a movie that I am definitely going to skip.


Dude, you can't base a movie on a trailer. That's Reviewing 101. - TheReviewer20

Also number 1 of being a director:
Never ever ever make video game movies. - visitor

Jem and the Holograms begs to differ... - RoseRedFlower

Video game movies have a tradition: they all stijk - visitor

Stink - visitor

As someone who has played the games (practically most of the mainline games except the newest one), a Tomb Raider movie seems unnecessary. The games already have a rich story to them, that a film can't really enhance honestly. It's like if they made a movie about Uncharted, it's already cinematic and story rich enough...oh wait I forgot, they are making an Uncharted movie...we'll hit that road when we get there I suppose.
Either way, this movie doesn't interest me. I'll stick with the games for this one. - cjWriter1997

Disney RUINS EVERYTHING. damn - AlphaQ

This isn't Disney - Phillip873

Oh, my bad. - AlphaQ

Gosh, this is gonna suck. You're right but you can't Base a movie on a trailer but I will have low expectations if I'm gonna watch the movie. - AlphaQ