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1 Bubsy

Isn't it one of the worst games of all time?

Bubsy is not underrated, he's hated by everyone

Is it just me, or does Bubsy 3D look more like an alpha version of a game?

Bubsy 1 & 2 are decent platformers
Bubsy in Fractured Furry Tales is mediocre
Bubsy 3D is horrible - tacoperson

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2 Call of Duty

A quick recap on the enemies, terrorists, terrorists, terrorist, terrorists, Russians, terrorists, terrorists, Russian terrorists. Plus all the guns have names like AB-12468 which no one remembers. They just know it as the pistol o the assault rifle. Oh yeah, and it's like 2 shots, boom you're dead. Everyone goes for the automatic guns and snipers. Most people only play it for the zombie mode. ANd all the maps look. Exactly. The. Same.

There's no innovation, very few (good) new ideas, and yet every six months there's a new one that fanboys will pay $60 for. Activision doesn't care about making this game better. They've gotten people hooked on this like it's meth and are now just peddling it to feed the addicts, no matter how low-grade it is.

! Call of Duty is the best game ever made... NOT!

Just another FPS that Xbox owners use as a reason to justify a stupidly overpriced system with no value. Also the only features of each “new” game are slightly improved graphics and new guns.

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3 Animal Crossing

From some of the comments I've read, it's clearly obvious that these people haven't even tried the games

This game is so much fun I would love to live in this game

WHAT? Animal Crossing isn't the best but it is great. Sure Amiibo Festival is bad I agree but the other games are fun and relaxing. - spodermanfan1000

WHAT?! Animal Crossing isn't the worst! It has great games... except for Amiibo Festival.

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4 Crazy Frog Racer
5 Pokemon Pokemon Pokémon, abbreviated from the Japanese title of Pocket Monsters and currently advertised in English as Pokémon: The Series, is a Japanese anime television series, which has been adapted for the international television markets.

It only became a guilty pleasure, until some Nintendrones ruined it by talking crap about Microsoft and Sony and didn't stop doing so ever. And they kept mentioning this as a part of why Halo, Grand Theft Auto, and Call of Duty sucked! - SelfDestruct

6 Super Mario Bros.

Without super Mario bros. the video game industry would still be dead. - egnomac

Umm... Without this series, the Legend Of Zelda, Pokemon and many other beloved franchises would be dead. This shouldn't be on the list.

No Zelda and Pokemon would be alive without Mario. Pokemon was created by a different person, and Zelda was created by the same person, but at the same time. It just took longer to develop Zelda.

SelfDestruct Is A Moron, He Doesn't Know Without Mario He Wouldn't Be Able to Play His FPS In His Mom's Basement - VideoGamefan5

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7 Five Nights at Freddy's

Do I have to say this again overrated does not mean bad

It sucks the fandom ruined it you can't go any where on youtube without seeing something about it and even worse it has started to become CHILDREN'S TOYS

Just another Indie horror game that only gains popularity due to young children. It lacks creativity as it's just another "Sit-and-survive" game.

FNAF 1 & 2 are great games
FNAF 3 is okay
FNAF 4 is mediocre
FNAF World is mediocre
Sister Location is a great game

Just because it's overrated doesn't mean it's bad. But, the series if flawed though. - tacoperson

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8 Cheetamen

The one that came for the 52 & it's crap sequel. - htoutlaws2012

Just one of the series that made Action 52 so terrible.

9 Angry Birds

Running Out of ideas I say...
Angry Birds rio? WHY NOT?
Star Wars? WHY NOT?
Transformers? WHY NOT?
You See, Angry Birds Team, You can't just make millions of pointless games.
You have to just make a few games, update from time to time, and when you have fixed everything, make a new one, or a new series. - DapperPickle

Re-hash after re-hash, but with new artwork, personally angry birds star wars made me quit playing a lot of games on my iPhone (well, ONE of the games)

10 Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog, trademarked Sonic The Hedgehog, is the title character and protagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series released by Sega, as well as numerous spin-off comics, five animated shows, and an animated OVA.

I think we can all agree that in the 90s and early 2000s sonic was a masterpiece and sonic adventure 2 is the best sonic game. After the 2005 the sonic franchise went downhill with Sonic 06 the worst sonic game ever, now the sonic franchise is now mixed because there were 2 story book adventures featuring sonic, a time travel game with 2 sonics, a ridiculous team is the main antagonist in sonic lost world and now sonic boom knocked on drugs? Even though I'm a huge sonic fan (not the character) No offense but I only play sonic games when shadow is playable

Just let it die already. This is starting to become like keeping a person who has become a vegetable alive. If you love it, remember it as it was and just pull the plug. Be it's angel and set it free.

What is this doing here Sonic is one of the best video game franchises ever now I am not a sonic fanboy but I know this series is amazing

How can sonic be below MARIO and Pokemon it's so much worse and it's sucks more

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11 Minecraft

Minecraft is NOT a series, nor does it have sequels

It's not even a series (Story Mode not counting) but its too bad, so it must be on first place.

Not even a series. You're welcome,

12 Danganronpa

If class trials take over an hour to complete and you can't save your progress during one, what's the point of buying the games. Still, the only saving grace is that it has good anime adaptations. But that's about it. Not the worst but save points during class trials are needed to make it salvageable. - SelfDestruct

13 Big Rigs

Sorry but Big Rigs is not a game series, but still yes this game is bad.

There is a sequel to this game. Its called Survivor: Infestation Stories.

1 game unfortunately does not count - htoutlaws2012

It was so bad it never got a sequel - ikerevievs

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14 Terraria

Terraria shouldn't be on this list, it is very fun like with the swords and armor and stuff, but the only annoying thing is that you don't get creative ;(

Lol people be saying that terraria is a ripoff of mine craft when terraria was released May 16 2011 and Minecraft was November 18 2011

Also, Terraria wasn't a series in the first place (unless you include Terraria: Otherworld, which isn't even out yet)

Me: Terraria has blood and guns. What'd you say about playing a real game?
MW: uh... What about mods?
Me: Terraria doesn't need mods for blood and guns.
MW: err
Me: your "argument" is invalid.

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15 Skylanders

I got Spyro's Adventure for my birthday, an old fan of Skylanders who was my moms friends son donated Giants to us and some figures, I didn't really like Swap Force so I didn't get it, and I got Trap Team. After that I realized the games were kinda dumb, so I stuck with my old ones and didn't buy the new games. Now they're making a 7th game. Wow Activision. Wow.

Its especially bad since the characters are $15.00 EACH!

First one was awesome and Giants was alright but everything after that sucked

Skylanders went too far with future games I mean... Trap team? SUPER CHARGERS?! I kinda miss the old games (the first skylander game one)

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Uh, of you wanna play football, you could play it outside for free, not 40$ bucks. - DapperPickle

I work in retail. Every time I work the gaming section and someone comes to me saying they want to buy this, or any sports game, I want to smack them.

Every year, same game, new players.

Noo I love this series take it off - nintendoisdoodoo

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17 Persona

Other than being used to create good anime adaptations, Persona games are useless. - SelfDestruct

18 Just Dance

Every time a new game comes out I literary get mad

Out of all the songs from 2015 on JD2016... I only recognised 2 or 3. Oh and yeah... This game is hardly good at getting you fit. Just ride a bike. At least you can trade it in for better games at GAME(the British version of GameStop).

19 Bird Mania
20 Gex

Who even likes a talking gecko who is obsessed with T.V. ? I hate Gex. He's my third most hated video game character.

21 Startropics

I don't know what this is - AGENTWASHINGTON

22 Dizzy

Doesn't exist. You're welcome,

23 Destiny
24 Mega Man

Why is Megaman on here? He got in SSB4 because people liked the games so much!

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25 Dempa Men

This series is underrated and deserves more love than it gets

26 Mother

What the hell is MOTHER doing on here!?

Yeah... The first game sucks, EARTHBOUND AND MOTHER 3 EPIC. But their stories are so dark

What this series is amazing

Dumb baby games - nintendoisdoodoo

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27 Assassin's Creed

All of the games suck. (Except for A. C 3 and black flag)

28 Grand Theft Auto

It promotes car theft, murder and many more illegal stuff..

How is Mario at 5 and this crap at 36? - 445956

You're a criminal is this, nothing good about that.

A video game promoting criminal activities what is good about that. if you we're a cop as player and had to arrest the criminals it would be not so bad, but you being a criminal is just plain bad.

29 Flappy Bird

How was Flappy Bird ever so popular? - redhawk766

30 Halo
31 Lollipop Chainsaw


32 Super Smash Bros.

Why Smash Bros!? Take this off the list NOW!

You people do realize that Super Smash Bros 4 was rated the highest-rates game of 2014?

Really Overrated - VideoGamefan5

So overrated

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33 Awesome Possum... Kicks Dr. Machino's Butt

It was so bad it never got a sequel
it was just another sonic clone - ikerevievs

34 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

This was one of the best game series ever. That is until Robomondo got their nasty little hands on it and decided to stomp all over the title.

I bet I know why this is here its like the sonic of licensed games the early games were good to decent
the new ones like shred ride and tsp5 are abominations pro skater 5 is worse than sonic 06 - ikerevievs

35 Elf Bowling

The elf's heads come off seriously

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36 Half-Life

How in God's name is half life here, the half life series is the one of the greatest games of ALL TIME

It's better than most crap people call games - shawnmccaul22

37 Madden

When every release comes out EVERY YEAR, I just get literally mad.

It's the same thing every time.

38 NBA 2K
39 The Legend of Zelda

More People Who Have No Taste In Gaming Put This Here - VideoGamefan5

Whoever keeps puttin good games on here should go jump off a cliff and die.

This series is so horrible whoever likes it doesn't have good gaming taste - nintendoisdoodoo

What is good gaming taste then? A game where you shoot everything you see? Or games that lack a story? - shawnmccaul22

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40 Megami Tensei
41 Poptropica

Ok, All This Stupid Crap Is, Is A Kids Game, Play Mario Instead - VideoGamefan5

42 Kirby
43 Mass Effect

Are you serious - shawnmccaul22

44 Need For Speed
45 Dragon Age
46 Medal of Honor

What happened to this franchise? No seriously, where did it go?

47 Sniper: Ghost Warrior
48 Mario Party
49 Sonic Adventure
50 Spyro the Dragon
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