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21 Just Dance

Every time a new game comes out I literary get mad

Out of all the songs from 2015 on JD2016... I only recognised 2 or 3. Oh and yeah... This game is hardly good at getting you fit. Just ride a bike. At least you can trade it in for better games at GAME(the British version of GameStop).

22 Persona

Other than being used to create good anime adaptations, Persona games are useless. - SelfDestruct

23 Mega Man

Why is Megaman on here? He got in SSB4 because people liked the games so much!

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24 Gex

Who even likes a talking gecko who is obsessed with T.V. ? I hate Gex. He's my third most hated video game character.

25 Startropics

I don't know what this is - AGENTWASHINGTON

26 Mother

Yeah... The first game sucks, EARTHBOUND AND MOTHER 3 EPIC. But their stories are so dark

What the hell is MOTHER doing on here!?

Worst games ever how could anything like this

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27 Super Mario Bros.

Without super Mario bros. the video game industry would still be dead. - egnomac

Umm... Without this series, the Legend Of Zelda, Pokemon and many other beloved franchises would be dead. This shouldn't be on the list.

No Zelda and Pokemon would be alive without Mario. Pokemon was created by a different person, and Zelda was created by the same person, but at the same time. It just took longer to develop Zelda.

SelfDestruct Is A Moron, He Doesn't Know Without Mario He Wouldn't Be Able to Play His FPS In His Mom's Basement - VideoGamefan5

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28 Dizzy

Doesn't exist. You're welcome,

29 Iron Man (Game)
30 Destiny
31 Lollipop Chainsaw V 2 Comments
32 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

This was one of the best game series ever. That is until Robomondo got their nasty little hands on it and decided to stomp all over the title.

I bet I know why this is here its like the sonic of licensed games the early games were good to decent
the new ones like shred ride and tsp5 are abominations pro skater 5 is worse than sonic 06 - ikerevievs

33 Assassin's Creed

All of the games suck. (Except for A. C 3 and black flag)

34 Dempa Men

This series is underrated and deserves more love than it gets

35 Elf Bowling

The elf's heads come off seriously

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36 Half-Life

How in God's name is half life here, the half life series is the one of the greatest games of ALL TIME

It's better than most crap people call games - shawnmccaul22

37 Madden

When every release comes out EVERY YEAR, I just get literally mad.

38 NBA 2K
39 Super Smash Bros.

Why Smash Bros!? Take this off the list NOW!

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40 Megami Tensei
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