Top 10 Worst Video Game Songs of All Time

Video game music is some of the most underrated music out there. There are some video game songs that give me goosebumps every time I hear them! However, there are also some terrible songs out there. Some are so bad that you would rather go deaf than listen to them, whether because they are extremely repetitive, make no sense, or have barely any music at all! This is the Top 10 Worst Video Game Songs of All Time.

The Top Ten

1 Main Theme (Crazy Bus)

Yeah it definitely deserves the top spot cause I can't really call it a song because it's nothing but random high pitched notes and it gets soo annoying very quickly. Worst song ever. - CrypticMemory

Honestly, I am blown away by video game music these days. Most of these songs are very old, and video game music has really gotten better over time. While some bad video game songs are made these days occasionally, I just love video game music, and I think it is the most underrated music out there. - CrypticMemory

What is this song!? Can I even call it a song? It's nothing but random notes! It's ear-grating, it makes no sense, and no effort was put into it! This song sounds like I put my DS underwater for 10 minutes! Crazy Bus - Main Theme, you get an F- with a frowny face sticker. Even I could play better music on a piano, and I have no experience at all! Was there any attempt at making good music when this abysmal song was written? I just get a headache when I listen to this! In my opinion, the main theme of Crazy Bus is the worst video game song ever made. - CrypticMemory

Ironically, this is coming from the person who played this on discord to torture me.
Yep, it's true. - Bammer73

2 Mansion Basement (Resident Evil: Director's Cut)

It seriously sounds like me playing some notes on some lame piano app I downloaded on and I put it on synth and not even trying to make a song. - CrypticMemory

This song is horrible. The trombones are playing random notes, and the song is extremely dull. Apparently, the original composer of Resident Evil's music was going deaf and a ghostwriter wrote music instead. It sounds like someone was fist-fighting another person while composing this garbage! Zero effort, the harmony is awful, and the pitch is mind-numbingly low! - CrypticMemory

The original was really cool, the Director's Cut vers. was just stupid - xEliHbkx

Wow! It's so laughably awful! - Jasmine21064

3 Central City (Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood)

Honestly I don't think I should've put this song this high. It's not really bad it's just sort of annoying but at least it makes sense and it's not really repetitive. Not good but not that bad either. - CrypticMemory

I'm just not felling this. This doesn't even sound like a Sonic song to me. The song just feels too weak and empty. I can sense the melody, which would sound great if the song didn't felt like it was composed by a toddler. - Jasmine21064

While I liked the Shadow The Hedgehog version, this one is just garbage. The basic melody is OK, but the soundfont is just awful. It's just so dull, and the pitch is way too low. I recommend giving this song a skip. - CrypticMemory

Absolutely nothing in this song works in any way, even remotely. Sounds like one of those "all X-artists songs played at once" but of a garbage 8 bit bandcamp EP - xEliHbkx

4 Resetti's Theme (Animal Crossing: Wild World)

This song is just annoying. While it starts out pretty bad, it just keeps repeating over and over! People always used to be annoyed and scared when their game crashed, the battery of their DS ran out, etc.. Honestly, I can see why! You have to listen to this mind-numbing tune for 10 minutes! If you had to listen to this a lot, I feel bad for you. - CrypticMemory

I think this is the worst version of Resetti's Theme. This is the only version that actually sounds appalling to me. - Jasmine21064

*yawn* Nothing to hear here folks - CrypticMemory

5 Twilit Battle (The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)

This song is just abysmal. It's repetitive and dull. This song sounds like bugs farting on my eardrums! I get that this song is supposed to be spooky, but for me, it's just more dull than scary! At least it tries to change things up a little 30 seconds in the song. But it only plays that part for a few seconds, then it goes back to the repetitive mess! This song just makes no sense. I love Zelda music, but this song is just bad. - CrypticMemory

The ailens are coming! The ailens are coming! Never mind it's just this song, which sounds like, again, bugs farting on your eardrums. - CrypticMemory

The song's not THAT bad. It's still not something I would recommend to anyone, however. - Jasmine21064

No, this is good. - Marxcute19

6 The Star Spangled Banner (Double Dribble Arcade)

The audio quality is just awful. The man singing just sounds bored! And the crowd cheering just sounds like they are screaming in horror! I don't blame them! Also, I just can't understand the lyrics! This song is just bad. However, it came from a really old game, so I put it lower on the list. - CrypticMemory

Yeah so cringingly awful but it's pretty old so it has an excuse. - CrypticMemory

It's so laughably bad! - Jasmine21064

7 Long Elevator (Undertale) Long Elevator (Undertale) Cover Art

Yeah, this one is pretty bad. I can't really consider it a song, more of a noise. However, it was on the soundtrack, so I guess it counts. Anyway, It's repetitive, annoying, stupid, and just boring. I don't know why Toby would put this on the OST anyway, maybe as a joke? I think that Undertale has some truly astounding music, but this one really sucks - CrypticMemory

Not really a song and now that I think about it I'd probably put Meat Factory here instead. Also I heard a pretty good remix of MF on YouTube by Horses Feather. - CrypticMemory

Boring. I expected something that's worth listening to for at least a few minutes. Y'know, something with a good melody of some sort. This "song" doesn't even have a melody. - Jasmine21064

I don't consider this a song. It's more a noise. - Eclipsmon

8 The Yoshi Clan (Yoshi's New Island)

Kind of cute but it gets kind of annoying as it continues. - CrypticMemory

Why is this below Megalovania? - The01Bro

Because people are biased, saying that it's "overrated" and hating on it for no other reason - CrypticMemory

9 25m (Donkey Kong)

It's 5 notes repeated over and over. That's it. Nothing changes. No drop, nothing. This song can make anybody go insane. Was there any effort put into this song? Actually, no, because it was stolen. This is the exactly the same bass line as the ballad of John and Yoko from the Beatles! This song is just pure garbage! I put this lower on the list, though, because this song is pretty old. - CrypticMemory

I don't mind it... if I don't hear it for more than half a minute straight. I start to feel genuinely insane if it happens. Also, it's from an old game; what did you expect? - Jasmine21064

It's a really old game, it would make sense for the music to be mediocre.

This was in 1981.
Were you expecting anything major? - Marxcute19

I still don't like it. I understand I might be a little harsh on this one - CrypticMemory

10 Options Menu (Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball)

When I listened to this song I was thrown off guard. It's so grating and the pitch is so high and the instrument choice was pretty stupid, but hey, it's not that repetitive, but it makes my ears bleed when I listen to it. I'd probably put it higher. - CrypticMemory

Ugh. This song just grates on my ears. The pitch is so high, that I feel like I am losing my sanity when I listen to this trash heap of a song! Why do you even need music for an options menu anyway? If you are going to include music for it, at least make it soothing for the ears! It isn't really repetitive, though, so I guess it's not THAT bad. - CrypticMemory

Honestly, because of the amount of times my brothers were playing this game when I was little, I kinda got used to this song. It's still not a good song, namely because of the instrument choice. - Jasmine21064

As one YouTube comment said, "This is what a kidney stone would sound like". - The01Bro

The Contenders

11 Wily Stage 4 (Mega Man 9)

Also known as castle of evil

Far to repetitive

12 Megalovania (Undertale)

By the way hating something because it's "overrated" is not a good reason - CrypticMemory

Also my rankings on all versions
5 cognitive dissonance 8/10
4 Undertale 8/10
Now this is where it gets good
3 super smash Bros ultimate 9/10
2 home stuck 10/10
1 Halloween hack10/10

Challenge of the day? Tell why this song is bad without saying it's overrated. - Eclipsmon

(Record scratching sound)
This is favorite FAVORITE video game song! - Zulufox

13 Main Theme (Baldi's Basics)

Eh, I've heard way worse and way better. Just mediocre and extremely dull. Though it's most likely intentionally like this. - Jasmine21064

This theme is amazing! It shouldn't be on this list. - Eclipsmon

By far the worst theme song of any video game ever - ShrekTheGoat

I personally think that Crazy Bus is worse, but this one is pretty lame - CrypticMemory

It's the worst thing I have ever heard.And its also the worst game in my opinion! I would not recommend playing this game at all.

14 Town Theme (King's Quest V)

The audio quality is awful. It sounds like someone playing on a broken accordian! Also, is this song played at freak show carnivals? If so, I honestly wouldn't be surprised! Maybe for a merry-go-round with dead corpses of real horses? This song is just hilariously bad. Town music should be relaxing and inviting, not made to keep you away! King's Quest V's town theme is just abysmal, and I recommend you don't listen to it. - CrypticMemory

15 Result E (Sonic Unleashed)
16 So Cold (Undertale)

I bet the people that put this song on the list doesn't understand the point of the song. - Eclipsmon

Personally, I like this song. The distorted filter to this song makes it sound unsettling. - CrypticMemory

Rather memorably terrifying, though - xandermartin98

Its fine I guess - hcraw17

17 Malo Mart (Twilight Princess)

Not a bad song, but quite annoying after a while.

Worst ever

18 Unnecessary Tension - Undertale

More like unnecessarily boring. - CrypticMemory

One of the few BAD songs in the game also coming from the person who added. Megalovania and castle of evil

19 Area 3 (Santa Claus Saves the Earth)

Possibly THE most boring video game music ever - xandermartin98

I've heard really good music from PS1 games such as Crash Bandicoot, Parappa the Rapper, etc., but this has got to be one of the lamest PS1 songs I've heard so far. The melody isn't bad, but the overall feel is mediocre. Y'know (you actually don't til now), that kind of mediocre that I'll listen to for a few minutes, will get bored of it quickly, and possibly forget about it in the next month or so. In other words, it's not bad; it's just a bit dull-ish. I'll most likely imagine a better version of it in my mind, to be honest, but only if it manages to get in my head, which I doubt.
P.S.: For a Christmas game, it doesn't have a holiday-spirit vibe at all. And it doesn't make anything better as it's from a game that's, in my opinion, so appalling-looking and eye-fatiguing that it makes Bubsy 3D and Crazy Bus almost look like Sonic Mania. - Jasmine21064

20 Main Theme (The Adventures of Rad Gravity)

It's not THAT bad to me, but it's still mediocre - CrypticMemory

21 Main Theme (Mario Party 2)

Aw man, I love this theme... - Jasmine21064

I don't see what is wrong with it - CrypticMemory

22 Racing Minigame Theme (Winter Games NES)

"Exquisite" - James Rolfe - xandermartin98

23 Inside the Dungeon (Earthbound)

"This music is one of my greatest achievements" - Dungeon Man - xandermartin98

This one's actually good. - Marxcute19

24 Area 4 (Santa Claus Saves the Earth: Gba Version)

Sounds like someone who was having a seizure stumbled upon a xylophone - xandermartin98

25 Guile's Theme (Street Fighter II)

Really? I thought that this is a really awesome song. - Jasmine21064

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