Top Ten Worst Video Game Titles


The Top Ten

1 Irritating Stick
2 Bad Dudes VS Dragon Ninja
3 Tongue Of The Fatman
4 Jumpman
5 Stickyballs
6 Booby Kids
7 Punky Skunk
8 UmJammer Lammy
9 Spanky's Quest
10 Yo! Noid

The Contenders

11 Wild Woody

I've seen the hilarious cutscenes! But I'm also extremely conserned about the title of this game. Wild woody? Who came up with that?

12 Summertime High School: A Young Man's Notes—How a New Exchange Student Like Myself Ran Into His Childhood Friend on the School Tour, Then for Some Reason Became Super-Popular with the Girls for His Daily Scoops on the School Photography Club Even Though

Longiest game title ever.

13 Pokémon X/Y

Hmm, looks like Nintendo's finally become self-aware after all - xandermartin98

14 M.U.S.C.L.E.
15 Unpossible

€Me fail English? That’s unpossible.” - Ralph Wiggum - Pls_no.

16 Kingdom Hearts
17 Wargasm
18 South Park: The Fractured But Whole
19 Aaargh!
20 Snow White and the 7 Clever Boys Snow White and the 7 Clever Boys

This is a thing...?

21 Family Party: 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade
22 Xexyz
23 Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie
24 Beyond the Beyond
25 Massive Action Game
26 Super Army War
27 Touch Dictionary

It's abbreviated in the absolute worst way possible. - Cyri

28 Divine Divinity

That's it, I'm calling the department of redundancies department, Steven! - Cyri

29 S.C.A.T. Special Cybernetic Attack Team
30 Iggy's Reckin' Balls

Why its called "VVV"? Srysly?

32 Revengers of Vengeance
33 Infinite Undiscovery
34 Attack of the Mutant Camels
35 Vikings: War of Clans
36 Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

I prefer the name Luigi's mansion 2 because it sounds like an actual sequel, but Dark moon? That makes no sense! ain't moons darker than that? - ShaunFan04

37 Sneak King
38 Battlefield 1
39 New Super Mario Bros. 2

Oh god, where do I begin? First of all, the New Super Mario Bros series was getting rather old and stale by the time this game released. For a game with New in the title, there sure isn’t much new in this game. Also, this is the 3rd game in the series, not the 2nd. - Zach808

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