Top Ten Worst Video Game Worlds To Live In

Don't get me wrong, imagine if you're in/on those places and you're not powerful or a hero.

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1 Wasteland - Fallout

You should find food and water, you should avoid radiation, you should face many enemies, etc... - Delgia2k

We wouldn't last a week in the wasteland. And those annoying super mutants and behemoths.

A noob would be, let me stand in this radioactive pool because I want to be a ghoul. - Jermaineb12

Oh no, it's worse than WW II - Delgia2k

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2 Hell - Various

Hell in doom hands down

3 The End - Minecraft

A harsh Minecraft dimension. Seriously, you can't go back to the Overworld to get your backup sword. You have to kill the Ender Dragon every time you enter.

Winner takes all once you go in you can't come out unless you kill the ender dragon

Who would want to live her...

It is dark, there are endermen and the ended dragon, and there are other weird creepy things.

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4 World War II - Wolfenstein

Get this straight, I know world war 2 happened. I meant this "World War II", which include robots and other bad stuff - Delgia2k

5 Poo Mountain - Conker's Bad Fur Day

You probably gonna hate this place if you are there - Delgia2k

Welcome to the Poo Mountain, 116.2m tall! Have a wonderful observation at the top and have a nice day at Windy Town!

6 Earth Post-Infection - No More Room in Hell
7 Lavender Town - Pokémon Red and Blue

This wouldn't be bad to live in. The worst parts are the tower(or a radio tower depending on what time your living in),and the fact that you might not have a pokemon. You wouldn't even hear the music. Unless there's a music box somewhere in the town.

The music is what explains it

8 Post-Corruption Terraria Island - Terraria
9 The Nether - Minecraft

I made a Satan Statue in the nether and it said ruler of hell enemy of God CURSE HIM

Another harsh Minecraft dimension. Its basically "h*ll" and you can burn to death here... a lot. You can't farm here since the water will boil away. Oh well, at least you can return to the Overworld anytime. A nice dimension idea.

10 The Forest - Slender

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11 Netherrealm - Mortal Kombat
12 Makai - Darkstalkers
13 Freddy Fazbear's Pizza - Five Nights at Freddy's

Not only this place is scary, you will wait for hours until 6:00 A. M and you will be worried about monsters - Delgia2k

14 The Realm of Chaos - Mortal Kombat
15 Pandora - Borderlands
16 The Realm - Realm of the Mad God
17 High Charity - Halo
18 Silent Hill - Silent Hill
19 Shadow Moses Island - Metal Gear Solid
20 City 17 - Half Life

In this place, there is no freedom at all - Delgia2k

21 Liberty City - GTA IV

The land of opportunity if you don't get shot.

22 Alfred Davis' Mansion - Mad Father
23 Hyrule - The Legend of Zelda
24 Manhattan Island - Prototype
25 Rapture - Bioshock Series

The Liberatarianism is too powerful! RETREAT!

26 The Mushroom Kingdom - Mario Series

I so would rather go to Rosalina's kingdom or Sarasa Land.

27 Bionis/Mechonis - Xenoblade Chronicles
28 Banoi Island - Dead Island

This island is filled with many zombies, what else can I say? - Delgia2k

29 Georgia - The Walking Dead
30 America - Call of Duty
31 The Island - Cave Story
32 Luxendarc - Bravely Default
33 The House - Plants VS Zombies
34 Haven City - Jak II

Do one thing wrong and entire krimson guard force chase after you.

A city at war with ferocious beasts under a corrupt government.

35 A Tropical Island - Far Cry 3

This island filled with some psycopaths - Delgia2k

36 Elpis - Borderlands
37 Post Apocalyptic Wasteland - Rage
38 Subspace - Super Smash Bros. Brawl
39 Sunset City - Sunset Overdrive

Would you want to live in a city filled with mostly monsters?

40 Clock Town - The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

I would love to live here, it's a great place and all, but the only reason why I woudnt want to live here cause the world is about to be crushed by a giant moon that has a terrifying, scary face

41 Distortion World - Pokemon Platinum
42 Los Santos - GTA V

It's cool but you have a very great chance of being shot, ran over, beaten, etc. , by the other characters. - xMagnoblade

43 Columbia - BioShock Infinite
44 Pallet Town - Pokémon

I would rather have to go through mount moon without repels and with only a magikarp than live in the same are as Gary Oak!

45 Gotham - The Arkham series
46 Vice City - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
47 Neo Arcadia - Mega Man Zero

Dr. Weil. Enough said.

48 The Voidlands - Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon
49 The City - Rampage
50 Corruption and Crimson - Terraria

It's an awesome game, but I wouldn't live in it unless I could pick as many people and whoever I want to come with me. I'd hate to be alone.

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1. Earth Post-Infection - No More Room in Hell
2. Wasteland - Fallout
3. Hell - Various
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