Top Ten Worst Video Game Worlds To Live In

Don't get me wrong, imagine if you're in/on those places and you're not powerful or a hero.

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1 Wasteland - Fallout

You should find food and water, you should avoid radiation, you should face many enemies, etc... - Delgia2k

We wouldn't last a week in the wasteland. And those annoying super mutants and behemoths.

A noob would be, let me stand in this radioactive pool because I want to be a ghoul. - Jermaineb12

Especially if u just arrived from vault 101 noob- I'm so far I'm gonna kill the crap outa every thing yeah I gotz the vault 101 security armor! And a 10mm pistol! Ooh, look a centaur! 10 minuets later-noob- aww he beat the living crap outta me.

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2 The End - Minecraft

A harsh Minecraft dimension. Seriously, you can't go back to the Overworld to get your backup sword. You have to kill the Ender Dragon every time you enter.

Winner takes all once you go in you can't come out unless you kill the ender dragon

It is dark, there are endermen and the ended dragon, and there are other weird creepy things.

Who would want to live her...

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3 Hell - Various

Hell in doom hands down

4 World War II - Wolfenstein

Get this straight, I know world war 2 happened. I meant this "World War II", which include robots and other bad stuff - Delgia2k

5 Poo Mountain - Conker's Bad Fur Day

Welcome to the Poo Mountain, 116.2m tall! Have a wonderful observation at the top and have a nice day at Windy Town!

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6 Freddy Fazbear's Pizza - Five Nights at Freddy's

Not only this place is scary, you will wait for hours until 6:00 A. M and you will be worried about monsters - Delgia2k

7 The Nether - Minecraft

I made a Satan Statue in the nether and it said ruler of hell enemy of God CURSE HIM

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8 Earth Post-Infection - No More Room in Hell
9 The Forest - Slender
10 Lavender Town - Pokémon Red and Blue

The music is what explains it

The Contenders

11 Netherrealm - Mortal Kombat
12 Pandora - Borderlands
13 Post-Corruption Terraria Island - Terraria
14 Makai - Darkstalkers
15 City 17 - Half Life

In this place, there is no freedom at all - Delgia2k

16 The Realm of Chaos - Mortal Kombat
17 Silent Hill - Silent Hill
18 High Charity - Halo
19 The Realm - Realm of the Mad God
20 Shadow Moses Island - Metal Gear Solid
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1. The End - Minecraft
2. Hell - Various
3. Wasteland - Fallout
1. Earth Post-Infection - No More Room in Hell
2. Wasteland - Fallout
3. Hell - Various
1. Netherrealm - Mortal Kombat
2. High Charity - Halo
3. Shadow Moses Island - Metal Gear Solid

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