Top 10 Worst Video Game Zombie Maps

To maps that are so small to maps with lots of hard bosses. I give you the top 5 worst nazi zombie maps

The Top Ten

1 Nacht Der Untoten

How is this the worst, this is the map that started it all. shame on you people you don't even know the true zombie experience

This is a very small map. There are 3 rooms, no perks, and 1 box. At least, they have Mule Kick in Black Ops.

2 Call Of The Dead

The water makes you frozen. Also, George Romero keeps on following you. The worst wonder weapon that is the Vr-11 still sucks.

3 Mob Of The Dead

Sorry MOTD fans. This is a confusing map to play. I like Brutus, Tommy Gun, Blundergat, and the Death Machine but it's the maps fault. Like I said, I'm sorry I put this at Number 3.

4 "Five"

I shouldn't had put this at number 2. This map is too hard for players. The DEFCON system, pentagon theif, and the red teleporters are the worst.

5 Bus Depot

It is smaller than Nacht Der Untoten. There are only 2 rooms. One that is the spawn point, and two that is outside. There are no perks or buildables. You just need to survive as long as you can.

6 Die Rise

You can fall from skyscrapers. Also, the elevators can crush you to pieces. every time you turn on the power, the perks changes. The jumping jacks are too fast, you can't even knife them. The Sliquifier is the worst.

7 Dead Ops Arcade

Why did you do this Treyarch? This is just a little arcade to play. It has nothing to do with the zombie storyline. It made everybody disappointed.

8 Town

This map is only good for grief and its lava everywhere you go and the worst point is that this is the only green run survival map to have the teddy bear

This is the worst map. There is too much lava. Even, lava is near Pack A Punch. They have the worst perk that is Tombstone.

9 Nuketown Zombies

It really has no open spaces. Also, you had to wait for perk until 5 rounds. There is too much zombies and too much barricades and cliffs.

10 Origins

This map is so difficult. There is too much mud, giant robots, and the panzer soldat. I like the staffs of course. But, the Easter egg is hard to do.

The Contenders

11 Laboratory

I hate this map there is n perks and only one room, if you do manage to get out you are going to fall down into a pit of lava and you will die

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