Worst Video Games of 1983


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1 E.T

The game that killed the 2600 and Atari's downfall. - htoutlaws2012

2 Custers's Revenge

A porn game to avoid at all costs. - htoutlaws2012

3 Pac-man (2600)

The worst version of Pac-man with a buggy problem when your not sure with it's laggy looking movement making the game very unplayable. - htoutlaws2012

4 Spy Hunter

Terrible arcade game by midway - htoutlaws2012

5 Donkey Kong Jr. Math

Oh Nintendo doing a educational game this should be good (sarcasm). - htoutlaws2012

6 Wacko

Another midway arcade game but not as bad as spy hunter. - htoutlaws2012

7 Pigs in Space V 1 Comment
8 Frankenstein's Monster Frankenstein's Monster

Bad game based on a book believe it or not. - htoutlaws2012

9 Q*bert's Qubes

Not to be confused with the original classic this one is not the same game it's completely different and confusing. - htoutlaws2012

10 10-Yard Fight

A forgettable mediocre football game. - htoutlaws2012

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1. E.T
2. Custers's Revenge
3. Pac-man (2600)



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