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21 Call of Duty: Ghosts

Campaigns not bad but this game is of course just like the all the others just like everyone else said except this time they decided to jack up the maps and make them bigger but have the same number of people on each team so all you do is run around for 5 minutes and ended getting killed from some random guy who spawns right behind you!... Sorry this games a waste of time battlefield 4 is way better trust me.

Honestly not the worst game on the list, but it deserves a mention for the lack of innovation when they needed it. And it's unfair to have BO2 as number one. TRUST ME. Hundreds of games on this list are hundreds of times worse than that.

Don't buy this game everyone keeps owing me I am about to trade this game for Battlefield 4 - Jordan2229

Its worst than I thought.

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22 Wreck It Ralph

I have this game on the 3ds and it's pretty boring. And Link Between Worlds should either be at the bottom or removed from the list. - Skullkid755

23 Grand Theft Auto V

Who put this game on here. Someone said it's boring but the truth is there are lots of things to do in this game. - Jordan2229

I'm just voting to say really, who put this game its like the best sandbox series ever.

Does it deserve to be the 4th best selling video game of all time? Maybe not. Does that stop it form being an amazing game? Hell no!

I agree. This game is the worst. I hate the multiplayer updates, especially the new ones. You want to hear the rest of it? Go watch Pivotkid85's video. And if that wasn't enough, none of the
players in a typical session are friendly. They keep killing you with machine guns. Rockstar games is everything that's wrong with society. I hope their CEO dies in a car crash.

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24 Mass Effect 3

Okay, when you have a game as engaging as Mass Effect 3 was, throwing an ending like that out of nowhere will completely ruin the entire experience. Not to mention that the fact that it's the same ending every time regardless of how you play the game makes it so that all of the interactive choices you made were for nothing.

25 Flappy Bird

Its still better than earthbound - ikerevievs

You are a troll aren't you? Earthbound is not the best but not the worst game ever - shawnmccaul22

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26 SSX

What is SSX doing here? It might not be the best game of 2012-2013 but it is FAR from the worst!

27 Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 - PS3

Worst game made by Konami EVER

28 Knack

Judging by the box art. This is a rip off of Zelda and Mario.
And I'm not even interested in Zelda.

29 Battleship
30 Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational

Golf seriously why would you play this stupid golf game in a PSvita it is just a rip-off

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31 Hitman: Absolution

What?! I love this game :(

This is one of the best game I played

32 Crysis 3
33 Madagascar 3: The Video Game
34 Wipeout 2048
35 Resident Evil 6

Where can I start with this one? How about "Goodbye Survival Horror (main reason RE is popular) and Hello Action". Resident Evil 6 was clearly more inspired by the Paul W.S. Anderson movies, which are as much as an insult as this game. A overcomplicated plot, screw ups of fan favorites like Chris Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy & Ada Wong, giving Wesker a son, what more do I have to say about this betrayal from Capcom?

This game is an insult to the series. It feels more like an action movie than a survival horror game. The controls are clunky as hell and the story is terrible. Really capcom? Really?

It got bad after resident evil 4.

Just no good its a really non realistic game they messed it up from number 5

At least it's better than Resident Evil 5...

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36 Call of Duty: Black Ops - Declassified
37 Twisted Metal
38 BioShock Infinite

This game is awesome shut up and take it off the list
This game is better than all the other crap people like for example black ops 1 and 2

Overrated, and ruins the bioshock franchise

Overrated. When people get past the pseudo-intellectual cutscenes, they'll probably realise a very linear (unlike other Bioshock Games) and boring GAMEPLAY, masked by a good environment, a friendly NPC and very low re-playability.

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39 Dark
40 Regular Show: Mordecai and Rigby in 8-bit Land
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