Worst Video Games of 2012-2013


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81 Pikmin 3 V 2 Comments
82 Madden NFL 13
83 Mario Party 9

One of the most stupidest attempts - VideoGamefan5

84 Sonic Lost World

I Really like modern sonic more than classic sonic. but this one is bad. In this game, sonic is too slow :(

Oh really?! Have you played sonic adventure, sonic adventure 2 battle, sonic heroes, sonic colors, or sonic genorations? - Artattack

Really? People say sonic is too slow? Shouldn't of turned their T.V. to slow motion mode then!

Absolutely terrible. Sonic has been sucking since 1994, after the release of "Sonic and Knuckles". Ever since, Sonic games are pure crap. Face it guys, Sonic will never be good again.

V 3 Comments
85 Battlefield 4

Terrible game. Halo 4 and Call of Duty Ghosts should be taken off.

It's has horrible stutters, slow model loading time, crashes even on decent PC's. But otherwise great game.

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