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1 Ride to Hell: Retribution Ride to Hell: Retribution

"Oh Cawl of Doody Is the WRST GAM ever! " Just shut up. Anyone who thinks that Call of Duty is a 0/10 game CLEARLY does not know what a 0/10 game really is. Example? Ride to Hell: Retribution.

This is truly the worst piece of crap my PS3 has ever had the displeasure of running. Horrendous graphics, bugs and glitches galore, un-functional gameplay, nonsensical story, sound design is trash, sexism up the ass, and the worst voice acting ever. The voice acting makes Resident Evil on the PS1 sound like The Last of Us.


I think many professional reviewers summed it up best: This game is FUNCTIONAL GARBAGE! Now I have to say, I was torn between naming Sonic 06, Mindjack, and Colonial Marines the worst game of this generation. But, oh wait, this so-called "game" just HAD to come out and make my job easy. The plot makes no sense, ps2 graphics, AWFUL shooting mechanics, HORRID driving mechanics, and just plain insulting to human beings at points. This game is just what says on the front, a "ride to hell". 1%... Good one. When one finishes this, you will wonder how it ever got released!

I am just baffled that there isn't ANYTHING good worth mentioning in this game. Every aspect of this game is terrible... I always find something decent somewhere, but, its so bad...

I didn't actually play this game until a few days ago, mainly because this was easily the most suggested worst game of the year to me, and to those of you who said that I should play this: [email protected]()()! [email protected]()()! F- YOU WERE RIGHT! Ride to Hell Retribution isn't just bad, it's [email protected] offensive! It may not be as buggy or as unfinished as the others, but its own design and concept makes it terrible! I can't believe I actually played this game... X(

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2 Call of Duty: Ghosts Call of Duty: Ghosts

How can I explain how crap this game is? Well it's just another Call of Duty repeat. Why do people have such high expectations for Call of Duty games. Open your eyes. Hopefully with 3 companies now making Call of Duty the extra year will help them freshen up their act and bring something new to the genre instead of the usual garbage that's been seeing the light of day.

You guys are dumb asses the game hasn't even came out yet how you gonna did a game before it comes out

I remember the original Call of Duty games. Now those were good. Now it's the same crap over and over again, and damn, the graphics are way to sharp for me.

Why Are People So Negative About Call of Duty?

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3 Aliens: Colonial Marines Aliens: Colonial Marines

Ah, the great fake-out. This game was hyped for two years before release with a great dev behind and good looking gameplay. Then this came along. The gameplay and graphics were completely different and 80% of the game wasn't even made by Gearbox! Stay away.

This game was such a disappointment. It's been in development hell for 12 years, yet we get a piece of garbage. One of the worst AI ever in gaming, bugs galore, unbalanced gameplay, bad graphics, and mediocre multiplayer, this is easily one of the worst games ever made.

4 The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

With a T.V. show as hyped and as good as The Walking Dead, you would think they would at least make the Walking Dead game good. Don't get me wrong the Telltales game with Lee and Clementine was awesome.

If this game was half as entertaining as the show, it would have made the top 10 best video games. But it wasn't. Not even close. I hated playing this game.

Walking dead survial instinct failed so the game gets a god darn F-.

5 Fast & Furious: Showdown Fast & Furious: Showdown

Holy crap this is a crappy game!

6 Star Trek Star Trek

Ps. Not a shooter good looking for fwns not gamers only played the first level. All on3 huge cut scene. No killing all shooting walls like a puzzle.

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7 Final Fantasy: All the Bravest

I don't even think people know what this video game is

You don't have to buy everything to beat the game

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8 Dead Island: Riptide Dead Island: Riptide

The first Dead Island it's so much better than this!

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9 Beyond: Two Souls Beyond: Two Souls
10 R.I.P.D. the Game V 1 Comment

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11 Walking With Dinosaurs the Game V 1 Comment
12 Knack Knack

The big robot thing on the box art looks like ganondorf from the legend of Zelda

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13 Day One: Garry's Incident V 1 Comment
14 Infestation: Survivor Stories
15 Fighter Within Fighter Within
16 DeadPool DeadPool

This game is awesome totally lets you get rid of rage

This game is quite fun, but not the best

Who put deadpool on the list Its awesome

The game was okay.

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17 Flappy Bird Flappy Bird

This Should Be 2, Right After Ride To Hell - VideoGamefan5

18 Grand Theft Auto V Grand Theft Auto V

It shouldn't be listed, this game is really amazing

How is this listed? One of my best games off all time, in fact. - tkeyboard

I totally agree. This game has gone way too far. It should've been on #3 or over. And every player is a raging toddler. Another thing I hate is the interiors. There's a lack of interiors, and if you DO find an interior, there's not much of that interior to explore. THE PART I HATE MOST OF ALL IS THE VEHICLES. Every GOOD car only appears in the next gen consoles. The only cars you can see or enter in the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions are station wagons, luxury SUVs, and slow sedans. Thanks Rockstar , you are everything that's wrong with society. I hope your headquarters burns to the ground.

It's only bad because is so overrated but if don't been the fashion video game will be the best Grand Theft Auto game

19 Killer Instinct
20 SpongeBob SquarePants: Plankton's Robotic Revenge SpongeBob SquarePants: Plankton's Robotic Revenge

I saw the boss battles and I was like, "Where is the music? Also, the gameplay looks so boring! " Get Truth or Square instead of this game. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

One of the more terrible licensed game, and the worst of 2013. Destroy all copies of this game!

I saw the cover, and why do the graphics look like that? - Skullkid755

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1. Beyond: Two Souls
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1. Ride to Hell: Retribution
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1. Ride to Hell: Retribution
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