Worst Video Games of 2014

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1 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Same thing a last year, the game hasn't even come out yet and your voting it for one of the worst games of the year. Just at least give it a chance.

Exactly. Thank you're not being a biased idiot like most of the Call of Duty fans on this site.

Well actually I did really enjoyed this game and number 1 should go to Rambo the video game and I do like Kevin Spacey's performance in this game.

The new Call of Duty is the same thing OVER and OVER again.

I don't recall ghosts having exo suits, boost jumping, and laser rifles, the pick 13 system, and actually good graphics,

Why Activision why? Call of Duty once were great series. - Aguythatpeopleignores

2 Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

There is a reason why Sonic Fans, Critics, and gamers alike are beginning to like Sonic 06 and replacing Sonic 06 on the worst Sonic game list. Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric is one of the worst game ever in history, I can say a few bad things about Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric. It is one of the worst game of 2014, the worst game in history, worst Sonic games ever replacing Sonic 06, worst spin off game, and the worst selling game ever. The game is rotten to the core and broken in so many ways, the game suffers from numerous bugs and glitches that are unavoidable, the controls are completely broken, the story is confusing, unfinished, terrible, bland, stupid, and among the worst plot and story in the series, the puzzle solving sections are bland, lazy, easy, and not challenging, the combat system is boring, repetitive, and dull, the dialogue is irritating, annoying, lazy, and makes no sense, the jokes are so unfunny, the character design are so lazy, they made Knuckles from a tough Sonic ...more

Worse than Sonic 06. It has poor level design, lackluster puzzle-solving, numerous bugs and glitches, unfunny jokes, and repetitive combat system. Do not buy this game it all cost.

The more Sonic games that come out, the more it shows Sega have stopped caring about the mascot once considered better than Mario. Sonic Boom was buggy, boring and treated players like idiots. Not even the nicest of critics would recommend this terrible game.

And we thought it couldn't get worse than Sonic 06. Boy, were we wrong. I actually found this spectacular fail entertaining, & got a kick out of all the scathing reviews that came out. This culminating in Roger's hilarious, brutally honest parody.

3 Five Nights at Freddy's

Overrated overplayed after playing the third game you realise it's just a 1 trick Phony that wasn't even scary - Aguythatpeopleignores

This game is great! Maybe simple, but great!

Who the hell put this on the list? Look. Something being overrated doesn't not make it a terrible game. The game had an original concept, rich lore, and tons of charm. Okay, so 2 and 3 were weaker than 1, 4, and SL, but I like this series. Shouldn't be this high. - DCfnaf

I like this game. I think the second one is better

4 Rambo: The Video Game

Advanced Warfare is number 1? AGAIN? I am not saying this because I am a Call of Duty fan. I am saying this because it is apparently worse than games that are FACTUALLY TECHNICAL FAILURES (THIS ONE FOR EXAMPLE! ) You may not like Call of Duty but at least it got the functions right. This on the other hand...

1. Gameplay - No control over Rambo's movements. All you can do is rotate him for aiming purposes only, and only do QTE's.
2. Graphics - They got this one so wrong! I have heard the term "PS2 graphics" several times and most times were usually exaggerations. But for this one I can truly say it is PS2 graphics, for a PS3 and Xbox 360 game (that's still a generation behind! ).
3. Sound - No proper voice acting. Just soundbytes taken directly from the Rambo film trilogy. Yes, so bad sound quality from 30 years or earlier prior to the game's release!
4. Repeated phrase - Oh this happens in this game: "Come on comrades. He's a man not a god! "

The Call of Duty ...more - SelfDestruct

Call of Duty number one AGAIN? Jeez, guys give it a rest. Call of Duty isn't that bad. You may not like it anymore, but that doesn't make it the worst thing ever.

This, however, who'd not have passed for a game 7 years ago, let alone in gen 8.

We already know that video games based on movies are bad so this doesn't change a thing.

This game is like travelling back in time 20 years.

5 FIFA 15

My friends used to play Grand Theft Auto 5, Black Ops 2, etc. with me, but thanks to this game, my friends are nothing but FIFA fans. - CasinLetsGoBowling

Do we really need another soccer game? Not unless you actually intend to bring something new to the table.

ONLY for soccer fans, as always, just an updated rooster from previous years.

Yeah! Who gives a crap about the FIFA World Cup, it's over and outdated now! - Adamshane1999

6 Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs is okay but Ubisoft Montreal says that game could be better. Well we will see for Watch Dogs 2 ( If is coming out )

This game was a major disappointment

I don't know why people hate this game smh

Well like the crew its not bad its only dissapointing and uisoft had a hard time this year at least Far Cry 4 was good so they got 1 game right in 2014

7 Bound by Flame

More like bound by lame

Don't... Get... Me.. Started.

8 NHL 15

This was pretty good in my opinion

Every NHL games are crap. It's the same thing every years!

Too easy a target for my vote.

Why Is This On The List - masoncarr2244

9 Assassin's Creed Unity

What were they thinking releasing this game in the state it was in? It runs like complete crap, even on high-end PCs. This trend of half-assed, buggy games needs to die, or we're headed for another video game crash.

This game is not one of the worst its just dissapointing

19 frames even on dual cores that's bad and 24 on quad cores ahh! this game is terrible it's the game that's the problem not the pc or console on console its 10fps!

10 Tomodachi Life

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11 Titanfall

As destiny this game is so not right its just another grindy and crappy game

12 Destiny

Too much expansion pack dlc. Too short game

Basically the top. Much disappointing. - Fullwalking2

Destiny was a gigantic letdown. The missions were repetitive, the grind, the dialoge was crap, it was so boring, just horrendous to play.

13 Lords of the Fallen
14 Child of Light

Whoever made this list must have bad taste. This was one of the best games of the year

This game was excellent! Why is it here

15 Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare

What. This is the best shooter 'for kids'! How's it one of the worst video game in 2014? -_-

This game is great! Why is it here?

Just because it's by EA does'nt make this bad,IDIOTS!


16 Hatsune Miku Project Diva F
17 Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty was an American reality television series on A&E that portrayed the lives of the Robertson family, who became successful from their family-operated business, Duck Commander.

AngryJoe's worst game of 2014. - SelfDestruct

18 The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Bad game for a bad movie

This game is just bad... ... Enough said

Better than the movie

This game is not so bad but also not so good

19 My First Songs

A brilliant game. The enticing story's and mind blowing graphics make this an absolute steal for 60$. I expected silly and pointless characters, but instead, I got a group of children who are actually crucial to the sorry and are fully developed charcters.

This game hits the right bars on so many levels, the end.

How is this on the list? It should be #1 on best games of 2014. Loved it all the way through and looking forward to the sequel: My First Maths Book. Also want the DLC that adds 'Got to pick a pocket or 2'

When I saw this on the list I laughed my head off. It's meant to be a book not a digital piece of binary

Nice game. I play with my parent.

20 Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
21 The Last of Us Remastered

Are u mad putting the last of us up here.This game is amazing. I can bet u anything it was some Xbox cry baby who put this game up here. Screw u

The Original was overrated and this one is more of the same for me.

22 Tenkai Knights: Brave Battle

For a video game based on a line of toys and an anime series aimed at children, this game was certainly boring. Choppy controls, anti-climatic explosions, repetitive enemies, boring boss fights, cutscenes you can't skip without seeing them for the first time, disappointing graphics. What's not to hate? The only redemption are the voice actors, although this video game had a lost of wasted potential.

Just stick to playing online games based off the franchise or watch the anime series. Those two things are better uses of your time than playing this poor excuse for a kids game. In fact, even by kids game standards, this game is lackluster and very disappointing at best. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

How is watch dogs in The top 10 but This isn't? , oh wait retarded Nintendo fans took over This site - VideoGamefan5

Awful Game

23 Pokemon Omega Ruby

Why is Splatoon not on here but the Pokemon Ruby remake? THAT'S STUPID!

24 Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal
25 The Lego Movie Videogame
26 WWE 2K15

Lack of create modes, lack of match types, most wrestlers looked terrible ex. Summer Rae, the rock etc, horrible soundtrack (only two songs belonged in a WWE game). Tiny roster (58. Too much DLC) And finally my career mode was disgusting. The mode was boring, repetitive And lacking. It sucked horribly.

Just a transitional game solely to make 2K16 look better.

27 Me & My Furry Patients 3D
28 Five Nights at Freddy's 2

This was my personal least favorite in the series due to the stressful gameplay and unoriginal idea. - DCfnaf

I only liek the first two games to be honest

29 Mario Kart 8
30 EA Sports UFC

Why is Bruce Lee have anything to do with this game, it looks like 360 graphics that doesn't belong on the new gen consoles - htoutlaws2012

My name briar snoop and I hate men

Another crappy sports game.

My name briar snock I hate me

31 Hyrule Warriors

Bad Game... Hyrule Warriors? Not at all, this game is so fun... especially in two player. Why do people hate this game? Is it because it won't make you buy a Wii U or keep a Wii U? I would personally buy a Wii U just for this title alone.

If you love dynasty warriors and mash it up with Zelda characters it is addictive and dare I say very fun. - htoutlaws2012

32 Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z

It sucked no multiplayer offline, no freeplay, charecter slots wasted on transformations, terrible story mode and it should at least be top ten

33 The Slaughtering Grounds

Stupid asset flips...

34 Bayonetta 2

Why the hell is this on here this is a amazing game - venomouskillingmachine

Lol, look at the butthurt feminist who's upset because the best game of the year features a sexy lady. Cry harder.

Very sexist and boring that's why one is buying this

35 Just Dance 2015
36 Forza Horizon 2

I was right! The 360 port of Forza Horizon 2 is a disaster! Not only are the geaphics downgraded to the point of the being the same as Forza 4/Forza Horizon 1, but there are no DLC packs for that port as well. Also, it is missing a lot of cars, making the 360 port one of the worst games of 2014! - SelfDestruct

I bet the 360 version may be worse than the original Forza Horizon. - SelfDestruct

Honestly. This one was really huge dissapointed in the 360 version

37 Escape Dead Island

What a Joke... the graphics look like they came from the PS2 and the controls suck... story is bland and the most fun to be had is to see whether the game freezes on the main menu.

38 The Elder Scrolls Online

It didn't deliver well and not that elder scrolls touch

39 The Letter
40 Sims 4

A Downgrade from Sims 3. No texture editor for furniture makes this game useless to me. It's worse then Sims 3 on the Xbox 360 (Sims 3 on Xbox 360 is only bad due to a bad and slow to use layout) and feels less satisfying than The Original Sims.

I bought it and gave it a chance, within 2 weeks I wanted a refund. The graphics are too cartoony and none of the sims have personalities, they get moods. Same thing as moodlets from the sims 3. It's overall boring, I get that it's the base game. But I am not spending $60 for my boring sims to get a pet dog. Such a wasted opportunity. They could of added things we want into the base game, like toddlers and snow. Cc won't help how stupid the sims look in game, terrible shadowing and cheesy in game skin.

EA has screwed up yet another game from a great series...

Its just Bioware's mistake guys.

41 Madden NFL 15

It comes out every single year like Call of Duty and skylanders EA and Activision is just hard for them.

42 Mother 4

Wait, they made a 4th one

43 Murdered: Soul Suspect
44 Air Control

This game is a buggy mess. The graphics is like superman 64. To look around you have to move your cursor.

It is by far the worst steam game ever and do not waste your money on this crap. Five Night at Freddy's 1&2 and Binding of Isaac Rebirth is better then this trash.

This is one of those games which makes you question if this really existed. I didn't think so until I saw a review of this game by Jim Sterling

This game costs real money... - Cazaam

This game, is just stupid.
It's Super Buggy.
The graphics are horrible.

45 Fighter Within

Really? Omega ruby, Bayonetta and last of us before FIGHTERS WITHIN!? What?!

This game, is just stupid.
It's Buggy.
The fighters, never do anything you want them to do.

This has to be the worst Kinect game I've played, don't waste your hard earn money on this crappy game. Collapse

46 The Crew

The Crew is not a bad game. But its look too much arcade for me.

This is an awesome game

The driving sucks and the graphics is awful.

Don't buy this on the Xbox 360 is pure crap. But Is okay on the PS4.

47 Goat Simulator
48 Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
49 Yoshi's New Island
50 Rollercoaster Tycoon 4 Mobile

This isn't just a bad game because of its follow-up from the RollerCoaster Tycoon series, it's also a bad game because it's just not good and it is the "fun" equivalent of sucking money from your wallet with a vacuum cleaner. - ReakMayhem

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