Worst Video Games of 2014

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21 Hyrule Warriors

Bad Game... Hyrule Warriors? Not at all, this game is so fun... especially in two player. Why do people hate this game? Is it because it won't make you buy a Wii U or keep a Wii U? I would personally buy a Wii U just for this title alone.

If you love dynasty warriors and mash it up with Zelda characters it is addictive and dare I say very fun. - htoutlaws2012

22 Me & My Furry Patients 3D
23 Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal
24 Tenkai Knights: Brave Battle

For a video game based on a line of toys and an anime series aimed at children, this game was certainly boring. Choppy controls, anti-climatic explosions, repetitive enemies, boring boss fights, cutscenes you can't skip without seeing them for the first time, disappointing graphics. What's not to hate? The only redemption are the voice actors, although this video game had a lost of wasted potential.

Just stick to playing online games based off the franchise or watch the anime series. Those two things are better uses of your time than playing this poor excuse for a kids game. In fact, even by kids game standards, this game is lackluster and very disappointing at best. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

How is watch dogs in The top 10 but This isn't? , oh wait retarded Nintendo fans took over This site - VideoGamefan5

Awful Game

25 Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z

It sucked no multiplayer offline, no freeplay, charecter slots wasted on transformations, terrible story mode and it should at least be top ten

26 Bayonetta 2

Why the hell is this on here this is a amazing game - venomouskillingmachine

Lol, look at the butthurt feminist who's upset because the best game of the year features a sexy lady. Cry harder.

Very sexist and boring that's why one is buying this

27 Just Dance 2015
28 EA Sports UFC

Why is Bruce Lee have anything to do with this game, it looks like 360 graphics that doesn't belong on the new gen consoles - htoutlaws2012

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29 Destiny

Too much expansion pack dlc. Too short game

Basically the top. Much disappointing. - Fullwalking2

Destiny was a gigantic letdown. The missions were repetitive, the grind, the dialoge was crap, it was so boring, just horrendous to play.

30 WWE 2K15

Lack of create modes, lack of match types, most wrestlers looked terrible ex. Summer Rae, the rock etc, horrible soundtrack (only two songs belonged in a WWE game). Tiny roster (58. Too much DLC) And finally my career mode was disgusting. The mode was boring, repetitive And lacking. It sucked horribly.

Just a transitional game solely to make 2K16 look better.

31 The Slaughtering Grounds

Stupid asset flips...

32 Forza Horizon 2

I was right! The 360 port of Forza Horizon 2 is a disaster! Not only are the geaphics downgraded to the point of the being the same as Forza 4/Forza Horizon 1, but there are no DLC packs for that port as well. Also, it is missing a lot of cars, making the 360 port one of the worst games of 2014! - SelfDestruct

I bet the 360 version may be worse than the original Forza Horizon. - SelfDestruct

Honestly. This one was really huge dissapointed in the 360 version

33 Escape Dead Island

What a Joke... the graphics look like they came from the PS2 and the controls suck... story is bland and the most fun to be had is to see whether the game freezes on the main menu.

34 The Elder Scrolls Online

It didn't deliver well and not that elder scrolls touch

35 The Letter
36 Sims 4

A Downgrade from Sims 3. No texture editor for furniture makes this game useless to me. It's worse then Sims 3 on the Xbox 360 (Sims 3 on Xbox 360 is only bad due to a bad and slow to use layout) and feels less satisfying than The Original Sims.

I bought it and gave it a chance, within 2 weeks I wanted a refund. The graphics are too cartoony and none of the sims have personalities, they get moods. Same thing as moodlets from the sims 3. It's overall boring, I get that it's the base game. But I am not spending $60 for my boring sims to get a pet dog. Such a wasted opportunity. They could of added things we want into the base game, like toddlers and snow. Cc won't help how stupid the sims look in game, terrible shadowing and cheesy in game skin.

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37 Madden NFL 15

It comes out every single year like Call of Duty and skylanders EA and Activision is just hard for them.

38 Mother 4 V 1 Comment
39 Murdered: Soul Suspect
40 Air Control

This game is a buggy mess. The graphics is like superman 64. To look around you have to move your cursor.

It is by far the worst steam game ever and do not waste your money on this crap. Five Night at Freddy's 1&2 and Binding of Isaac Rebirth is better then this trash.

This is one of those games which makes you question if this really existed. I didn't think so until I saw a review of this game by Jim Sterling

This game, is just stupid.
It's Super Buggy.
The graphics are horrible.

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