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Overhyped SP RPG. If you were a fan of the Gothic series, you will probably enjoy it, or be more forgiving of it's shortcomings, than players new to the title. graphics and animations seem almost a decade behind current offerings. The visuals and environments are nice but certain areas, cutscenes and textures appear overly blocky and flat (post processing appears absent). the Voiceovers (in the English language) are monotonous and mostly devoid of emotional weight, as well as audio hiccups that make environmental effects way too loud. The combat is really a hit or miss kind of thing, regardless of abilities or tactics. timing your attacks has more effect than actually trying to engage enemies tactically. The player movement and animations are somewhat forgivable but when combined with the loot detection mechanic, makes it really frustrating to find items when simply turning your character then requires you to adjust your camera angle to relocate the item you wanted to pick up.

22 NBA 2k18

They're putting way too much into these video games. That's why I play Madden a lot more than NBA. 2K destroyed WWE, and now they're just going to make NBA less enjoyable. I had a very boring experience the first time I put the disc in for this. - SavageLG

If you just want the single-player experience, just pick up 2K16. If you want multiplayer, pick up 2K17 and enjoy it while you can. These money hungry bastards only want their fans to not have a brain and look the other way at EA, who is desperately trying to improve their games every year. Don't get this game, it's almost identical to 2K17 in every single way. - MasonOcker

Same crap every year. I mean, I enjoy the NBA games but I don't need one EVERY YEAR. - Mcgillacuddy

I regret picking up this game. It’s decent enough for when you have friends over during a party, but man, does MyCareer attempt to milk your wallet dry. - Zach808

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23 South Park: The Fractured but Whole

I just didn't like the fact that this game was not as long as Stick of Truth. - SavageLG

South Park: The Stick of Truth was much better.

24 Metal Gear Survive

This Game Ugh Just Ugh - VideoGamefan5

25 Project Sonic 2017

I don't necessarily think Sonic Forces is a bad game, but I just think they rushed the story a little bit and it was a bit too short for just 2 hours of what I've seen from walkthroughs. It's a shame we didn't get a lot of original bosses and how some of them were just rehashed of previous ones. However, I do think that the gameplay is solid and they did do a great job on the Avatar mechanic, graphics, soundtrack, and voice acting as well. I don't think the gameplay is as "linear" as everyone says it to be. But other than that, I felt like there were some lost opportunities for this game. It's not a bad game, but it unfortunately has a tough act to follow coming off the heels of Sonic Mania. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

There was a brief period of time where Sonic was good again after Mania, and then this came out and were right back where we started - Jackamalio

It Look Like This Game Sucks

It was good but very dissapointing - Tayxd123

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26 Life of a Black Tiger

29? this crap game deserves to be on the top 3

This game came out in 2014. Not 2017 - USGC

How is this not in the top 10? This game is the worst PS4 game of 2017 by far! - DatBoiOnTheRun

Is Sony playing some sick joke on PS4 owners by pushing this so hard? Not only is this a craptastic game, but some of the assets are obviously stolen. Shovelware like this should be kept hidden away in the depths of Steam. - Zach808

27 FIFA 18

A massive stupidity of gaming. - Fullwalking2

More fifa crap - ikerevievs

28 Tacoma
29 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

The roster is bad. There is nothing new. It is just a clone of Mario Kart 8. Online mode sucks, way too easy. Many characters had to leave, and they should have added Birds and Diddy Kong.

Absolutely agree.
The non Mario, the clones, and the unnecessary all must go, especially you PINK GOLD PEACH

It’s a good game smh

30 Forza Motorsport 7
31 Call of Duty: WWII

Once again people fell for this cash grab just because it's "boots on the ground", then when they actually play the game everyone is outraged. Seriously what the hell did you guys expect? IT'S CALL OF GOD DAMN DUTY. - Mcgillacuddy

This is like Call of Duty: World at War - SoloPotato

This game is the Call of Duty equivalent of Star Wars Battlefront II - thunderstar1124

32 WWE 2K18

The switch port laaags like crazy and you have to download everything off of the internet!

Why do we have to use VC in WWE now? what - SavageLG

After the dreadful NBA 2K18 MyCareer, it looks like they actually tried to fix the microtransaction problem. But don’t worry. They made up for it by shoving out a glitchy mess of a game. Can these guys do anything right this year? - Zach808

33 Resident Evil 7 Biohazard
34 Crackdown 3
35 Splatoon 2

Who put this here

36 Madden NFL 18

EA makes more trash. - Fullwalking2

37 Ben 10

After seeing the cover of this game, I realised my childhood was definitely destroyed. This game is bad.

38 Doki Doki Literature Club! Doki Doki Literature Club!
39 Hello Neighbor

I thought this was ok

40 Yooka Laylee
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