Top 10 Worst Video Games of 2017


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41 Mario Sports Superstars
42 FIFA Switch

Its called fifa 18 and it sucks like all fifa games - ikerevievs

43 Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

It may have rabbids, but this game is actually good. I'm not a fan of the rabbids but this is a nice strategy game. Give it a chance

Why rabbids? , of all game franchises they had to chose rabbids? - VideoGamefan5

It would've been better if it was was mario and rayman but no it has to be the damm rabbids - ikerevievs

On a gameplay level, this game is pretty good. It’s a nice entry-level strategy game to get more casual players into the genre.

The one problem: The Rabbids. These things are the Minions of the video game world. Obnoxious, unfunny, and are forced down your throat to a headache-inducing level. - Zach808

44 Sonic Forces: Speed Battle
45 The Walking Dead: A New Frontier
46 Vroom in the Night Sky Vroom in the Night Sky

How many of you remember Superman 64? Well, this is something along those lines. It looks terrible, looks boring, plays horribly and has numerous translation errors. In fact, there are quite a few old Nintendo 64 and Playstation 1 games that are infinitely better than this rushed launch title. - raidramon0

47 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

How the heck are you supposed to make a list of these games haven't even been released yet? - Dawscr

This game is trash! There’s frame rate drops and the bosses are bland. It was a waste of my money!

Just kidding. I love this game. It shouldn’t be on this list

48 Injustice 2

I actually like this game. - Fullwalking2

49 For Honor
50 Kingdom Hearts III

This game has no release date - ikerevievs

51 Outlast 2
52 State of Decay 2
53 Super Mario Odyssey

Why no votes yet? This game tricks you into thinking it's good, but at the VERY END, Peach literally REJECTS Mario after having been saved in a HUGE way, and then proceeds to leave him ON the moon. Wow, Nintendo, what a rushed ending. Wow.

Why is one of the greatest video games in terms of creativity, soundtrack, graphics and gameplay this year on the list? *Sees people complaining about the ending with Peach rejecting Mario along with Bowser* Typical fandom. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

OK, so I guess that Super Mario Odyssey could be on The Ultimate Daredevil (which is me)'s list of greatest games with awful endings and top that list. I used to strongly hate Peach for being girlishly dainty, but because Mario saved her in such a huge way which she demands him to do (come on! She fought for herself many times before like in Mario Sports), she leaves him in such a mean-spirited way... on the moon as a resuit! Sure, anything can happen but this is certainly the BAD way to let the Mario universe work.

Oh peach ruined the game huh? How about you stop hating on peach, & actually enjoy a game without you hating on a fictional character

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54 Skyrim Switch

Switch hater alert

55 Pikmin 3ds
56 The Surge
57 MotoGP 17
58 F1 2017
59 NHL 18
60 Lineage 2: Revolution
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