Worst Video Games from the 8th Generation of Gaming

Well... it's been a long time since these lists were a thing. How time flies indeed. In any case, the 8th generation is nearly at its end with the 9th generation already begun. Let's take a look back at some of the most notable or just straight up worst titles we have seen from this long stretch of a timespan.
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1 WWE 2K20 WWE 2K20 Product Image

I could of went either way with my top 3, but a game that has caught my attention in recent years is one that I was already off the ship years ago when my wrestling game binge had already declined by 2k15. So my knowledge of the later 2K games was going just mainly on the main features they had to offer while not changing up the gameplay is why I stopped. Skip over the next 5 years later, and wow we reached a new low in wrestling game history. The numerous criticism included horrible face/game models of the wrestlers looking way off in noticeable spots. The other being obviously unplayable and broken gameplay ruins the whole fun. The game is very buggy that even if you tried to edit a superstar they would have such nightmarish unfinished textures that I'm sure you've screenshots of yourself. I have not seen a broken and unplayable game this bad since Wrestlemania 21 on the Original Xbox. That is really setting the bar to a new low to be this bad of a disaster. 2K20 was so bad they ...more

2 Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric Product Image

As you see with my top 3 all have something in common they are very glitchy to play. Sonic Boom would have to rival Sonic 06 strongly to be considered one of the worst Sonic games ever made. This game is actually based on a TV show at the time so a lot of the references I never really got. Still just from playing it from a gameplay standpoint wow this is just bad and pretty boring, to be honest. I feel nothing with this Sonic game. At least I felt a pulse in Sonic 06 with all the stock they put into that music. I feel nothing here with Rise of Lyric. Easily the worst game on the WiiU.

3 Raven's Cry Raven's Cry Product Image

Raven's Cry was exclusively released as a PC game only. It is the worst game on the PC hands down and was a strong contender for not only the worst game of not just 2015 but of that decade period. Mainly reasons, why this game is renownedly disliked, would include constant crashes, buggy gameplay, pre-alpha staged publishing details. Equals what you get here, and an unfinished game that was rushed and even more pathetic they attempted to rebrand the cover with a subtitle to really sucker some gamers who are curious to buy it cheap. Just scroll away this is not the pirate game you're looking for.

4 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 Product Image

What a franchise-killing game this turned out to be. Pro Skater 5 was a sad end to the potential of never seeing another new Tony Hawk game anytime soon (Aside from remakes that is). The Robomodo games we're not very fond of in the fanbase when they went their motion controls route early on, and eventually got the chance to make an actual new Pro Sater game was just the icing of a new low in gaming. The soundtrack is forgettable, the levels are pretty bland looking for an updated graphics they got here.

This game definitely feels like a step backwards when you can't even get off your board just going back from scratch seeing some people didn't like just being on the board constantly as often. Feeling very basic, and not as cool when attempting to go for combos like the old games had to them.

5 Orc Slayer

I find this to be the far weirder of the two indies games I have encountered on the PS4. Orc Slayer is an FPS that looks terrible that reminds me of Send in Jimmy quite a bit with how atrocious these enemies look. Get surrounded by too many of these troll-like creatures and the games over. For a medieval setting what wasted potential on a game that looks incredibly ugly to boot even with the choppy game mechanics.

6 Life of Black Tiger

Indie games are to be found in quite a huge abundance on the virtual market, and for the most part, you can find some great surprise hits. You can also end up purchasing some pretty bad ones too. Life of Black Tiger is one of the more infamous titles on the PS4. This looks like an indie game that could have been on the Xbox 360 that's how bad these graphics look. The main plot of the game is you play as this Tiger and you go around killing other animals like a carnivore. The animations are very sluggish when attacking your prey. Yeah, what a life of just wondering in such a downgraded game that could have been on the 7th gen instead.

7 The Letter

This is one of the few horror-based games found on the WiiU to purchase via eShop. Not to be confused with a mobile app game that came out more recently. This 2014's Letter is renownedly hated back in the day upon release to the general public. The gameplay is basically you moving, but you also click too which seems old for a suspenseful game in the 8th generation mind you. It's not the only indie game to have made this list folks. There are slightly worse out there I have tried, but just for trying to roam around a very bland mostly dark textured atmosphere with an eending that leaves you with nothing. The game was a cash grab once you're done with the feeling you got ripped off from its story alone.

The scariest thing about the game is how bad it is.

8 Fighter Within Fighter Within Product Image

Another Xbox One launch game on the list, and this one is much worse than our last entry. Fighter Within has some very horrid Kinect controls for a fighting game. You wonder why sensor controls are something I generally dislike in many genre games and this is a great example of this. Reminded of how awful the concept can be if not developed properly.

9 Crimson Dragon

This game is a supposedly spiritual successor to the Panzer Dragoon games. Too bad it plays pretty mundane and mediocre overall for a launch game on the Xbox One. This was one of the few games that reminded games that buying a console way early in its existence proved that you rather wait until the better options of new games available are worth a try or not.

10 Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified Product Image

Going way back early in the generation lifespan with the only handheld game on this list. Graphically the game looks good on the handheld, but that doesn't make a game passable. You need solid gameplay to work with and Declassified is the most broken out of all of them. The controls have a hard time responding. The story isn't that long in fact to keep you over. Making this a quick cash-in of a badly developed game where they never went back to the handheld market after this flop existed.

The Contenders
11 Warcraft III: Reforged
12 Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival Product Image
13 SimCity (2013) SimCity (2013) Product Image
14 Garfield Kart: Furious Racing Garfield Kart: Furious Racing Product Image

This one is a special honorable mention, and I am not expecting anyone to agree with me, but hoo man I cannot not talk about this. Expecting enjoyment on memes alone will get you three minutes into this clunky, misguided, and outright evil racing game. Controls built like a flimsy gyroscope, AI built to circumvent gameplay mechanics that hamper your own racing, and hindered by a lack of hindsight in course-designing to compliment its high-speed & time trial modes, Furious Racing holds true the most infuriating 100% I have ever set out to accomplish. Good. Riddance.

15 Mighty No. 9 Mighty No. 9 Product Image
16 Pokemon Go!
17 No Man's Sky No Man's Sky Product Image

Absolutely not a nomination for the current-day No Man's Sky, as the developers have shockingly turned the game around into the triple-A experience it was dreamt up to be, but we cannot forget the ultraviolet stain plagued over its inaugural year of longevity. Notoriously unsupported and under-released with notable promised features discovered incomplete or even non-existent in the 1.0 build, the flames this gas canister produced were something the internet will never forget.

18 The Slaughtering Grounds

The Slaughtering Ground is a story fueled with implosion of studio apathy and corporate homicide of Digital Homicide Studios L. L. C. that is an incredibly interesting topic to read about. Cited as "Steam's worst developer", the energy the company took veiling its fragile integrity by taking lawful action on literally everything and the kitchen sink, it's a super compelling destruction story you can't look away from and I'd recommend giving it a read sometime.

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