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21 Elmo's Number Journey
22 Conan (Nes)

You press DOWN to jump forward, did the creators of the game run out of ideas, just have one attack command and just press down to pick up weapons, or better yet, just walk up to the weapons and you'd automatically collect them. This is worse than LJN games, according to AVGN's list.

23 Sonic 06
24 Super Pitfall

There's a difference between a game with puzzle-solving aspects and a game that's downright cryptic, and Super Pitfall is part of the latter category. The world of Super Pitfall is gigantic, and everything that's needed to beat the game is hidden at all times, either it's invisible or unreachable without warps, which are also convoluted. Glitches are all over the place, gold is there for decoration (while in other versions it can be used to purchase items), enemies are nearly impossible to deal with, and Harry dies in one-hit. And just to add further misery, after the princess is rescued the game requires the player to go through a complex route to warp back to the beginning of the game, and fall off a specific ledge on the first screen to win. I understand that it's technically more playable than other games on the list, but when a game is so bad that it's a requires internet usage to make any progress (and this game was released back when internet didn't exist) and has other ...more - nerffan8000

25 Bubsy 3D
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