Angry Outlaw #43 MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch

What happens when you make claymation, and have celebrities battle to the death in the ring? The answer major success for MTV here on Celebrity Deathmatch!

His the meanest outlaw in all of america, he does not hold on anything or anyone, he'd rather stick it up there's and go screw a limp wang, then talk about the dreaded terror of furious strength in full power of rage there is stopping the angry outlaw, he is the angry! angry! Outlaw!

Historical Background: Celebrity Deathmatch was originally on MTV's second animation block called Cartoon Sushi. The show was not as impactful as Liquid Television, but it did have a rare gem in the collection that would go on to rave a crowd that hated a certain celebrity, and wanted them dead in claymation the satisfaction in anybody. This would become Celebrity Deathmatch after the show died, but MTV had something to this, and was perhaps the last of the golden age cartoons in that time- span coming late 90's to early 2000's this show was like what you watch when you see scripted wrestling the likes of than WWF right well they had a few of those guest star in those episodes, and majority of them are pretty awesome to still see today. It also went on to have a brief reboot, and a plan of a revival, but the creator himself said they never chose to pickup up that sucks.

PlayStation 1 Version: Now with a small amount of merchandise brought to this came two different version of the TV show. The PlayStation One managed to still be in its infancy somehow still being alive when the PlayStation's 2 popularity was in its prime in 2003. This one is significantly different in terms of menu look, gameplay, and graphics. Menu has more option than the other one, but after that though you get to play with a whopping ready for this 12 characters. I say that because there are at least 4 of them not actual celebrities. Furthermore I expected something like what Mortal Kombat Armageddon did what was that get every kharacter from every other previous Mortal Kombat title that was awesome here they could not get all the ones from the past episodes why! If i'm estimating this correctly they missed a total of... 200 missing combined I mean wow this is a bit reaching, but come on this is ridiculously limited. This version is easier than the other counterpart just pull off a few moves over and over you can beat this game in an hour no less. The fatality animations if you will are pretty lame here as Mills raises your hand in domination. Oh and the Alien was never that tall so that's very wrong once you unlock him. Overall forgettable, but very bad for a late title.

PlayStation 2, XBOX Version: Now this one feels slightly more like the actual show a little bit. Oh and as I read the disclaimer at the bottom says this... ''Anyway, IT'S JUST POLYGONS!'' In the show it said ''CLAY!'', but seeing Polygon the games licensing accuracy is not looking to be represented too well as read. This menu has looping theme from the show, and some sayings from the two commentators who like the other version end up unlockable towards the end of the game. What the other game did not have was a Create-A-Celebrity which is super limited, and it might as well generic male, or female to test your wits against whoever you choose. There are more to choose here, but still missing a whole lot in the process still feels incomplete already. Greeted by then interviewer Debbie Matenopoulos although they could of had her in the game as well as the first interviewer Stacey Cornbred whose ends up a corpse. I feel there's still no effort into this game, and finally get to the gameplay. There's one thing I never mentioned is the story is in six different episodes, and the venues change around unlike the other one which was mostly in the ring we go from that to a Factory, Hawaii, Tomb, Graveyard, and a Spaceship okay how crazy can we get Big Ape Productions? Also the heath bars a much different as well there was a stamina meter on the top, in this you have a semi signature move with the MTV icon at your disposal. At first I couldn't figure how to set up fatalities because it was totally confusing, but I end up not making a move, and it does for me at times weird ''HARA KIRI!'' Continue the process and you can beat it the same amount as the other one. The load times are worse here than it is the other one especially at the beginning start time takes quite a bit of chunk time. Its a little better, but that ain't saying a whole lot still not passable when my one repetitive move is to stomp unto my opponent to lay down the most damage given.

These version should of been way better, but like many other license titles it disappointed, and one of the worst ways ever that Steve Austin would get Stunners over and over for one not putting him in the game, and two the lack of picking from more than just 27 celebrities is a sour taste to the hardcore fans of this show. Don't play these games if you wanna relive the show watch it on its own accord because its better to say Clay than to see Polygons. I'm the Angry Outlaw and... No way Stone Cold is here! (Stunner leaves the house as the theme song plays out) ''I'm breaking the limit inside you, don't run away, bring it on straight to me!''

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