Worst Vijay Films


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1 Sura

Its such a nice move

One of the worst movie in Tamilfilm industry

2 Velayudham

I love this movie

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3 Kuruvi

Its very interesting movie

4 Vettaikaran

Stupid movie title, just like most of them. But this one stands out! Acting was so real that Johnny Depp wept in applause

Is this a worst movie for U.. Who voted this... !

5 Kaavalan

Whoever voted this movies as one of the worst movies of vijay are all stupid, idiot, etc... It such a nice movie... How dare you people vote this movie as a worst movie

Kavalan is one of best movies of vijay who voted this movie is worst he is nothing in this world

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6 Thalaiva

Thalaiva is not at all worst movie due to its postpodance the movie goes back that's it

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7 Villu

Villu movie is too mocha but vijay acting was nice iam always thalapathy fan all the best anna for upcoming movies

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8 Jilla

Who says that the jilla is a worst they are the worlds miggest mad

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9 Azhagiya Tamil Magan

A worst film of vijay..

Sea that movie is Hollywood copy

10 Badri

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11 Puli

Worst film of vijay in his career
he acted very worstly in this film especially when the father vijay dies
i promise you I just can't stop my laugh during that time

12 Bairavaa Bairavaa

Sick movie ever suriya is better than vijay

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