Top 10 Worst Villains In Comic Book Movies

These are the worst villains in a Marvel or DC movie.

The Top Ten

1 Mr. Freeze from Batman and Robin

He was such a great character, and The Governator made him awful. - dDub141

2 Galactus from Rise of the Silver Surfer

This is no galactus.

When actors just won't do, use a cloud? Really? - dDub141

3 Dr. Doom from Fantastic Four Doctor Doom is a Marvel comic book supervillain. His first appearance was in The Fantastic Four #5 (July 1962).

He had the look of "Pay me now" throughout the film and clearly had no idea who Dr. Doom is. - dDub141

4 Venom from Spider-Man 3

He wasn't that bad, but he needed to be much more buff and needed to stop using Topher Grace's face whenever he talked. That kind of defeated the purpose.

He was just, awful. Ruined. - dDub141

He was way too skinny, venom is jacked in the comics. Other than that though, he wasnt that bad.

5 Bane from Batman and Robin

He was awful. Way to kid friendly. So glad Tom Hardy redeemed him. - dDub141

6 Parallax from Green Lantern

A great character completely sucky in the movie. - dDub141

7 The Riddler from Batman Forever

I liked him, but he was to silly. - dDub141

8 The Lizard from The Amazing Spider-Man

Wasn't a big fan of him - dDub141

9 Bullseye from Daredevil

Wasn't very good. Didn't like him. - dDub141

10 The Mandarin from Iron Man Three

That wasn't the Mandarin! That was NOT the Mandarin! The Mandarin is a badass, through-and-through, and is Iron Man's arch- nemesis. Ben Kingsley would have been awesome in that role, but no, they had to steer clearer from the comics and make Killian the Mandarin. Bad move there, director, bad move.

The Contenders

11 Two-Face from Batman Forever Two-Face/Harvey Dent is a fictional villain from DC Comics. Harvey Dent was one of Gotham's most trusted citizens until he had acid poured on his face making him go insane and become a criminal by the name Two-Face. In film, he has been portrayed by Billy Dee Williams in Batman, Tommy Lee Jones in Batman more.

Tommy Lee Jones turned a serious character to a Jum Carrey comedic sidekick. - dDub141

12 Electro from The Amazing Spider-Man 2
13 Jigsaw from Punisher: War Zone
14 Dr. Walter Jenning from Howard the Duck
15 The Violator from Spawn
16 Lex Luthor - Jesse Eisenberg

Couldn't take him seriously with how annoying he was, for the entire. movie. - Enmanu16

17 Steppenwolf
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