Worst Virtual Boy Games

We all know the Virtual Boy gives us headaches and is considered the worst console ever. Now lets review the games for the console that look like crap.

The Top Ten

1 Waterworld

A movie-based game that looks like crap and has bad graphics.

2 Mario Clash

All this is a 3D remake of Mario bros.

3 Golf

Why can't this be in Green instead of Red and Black. As for the game itself, it's just golf.

4 Nester's Funky Bowling

The game itself is just bowling.

Nothing is funky about it.

5 Virtual League Baseball

Another sports game, what kind of console is this. I understand why the console was discontinued so quick.

6 Galactic Pinball

Another example of what this game should not be on the Virtual Boy.

7 3-D Tetris

Do yourself a favor and play the game boy Tetris instead.

8 Red Alarm

It's so hard to see where you are. Why are all Virtual Boy games just Red and Black.

Red alarm-red is correct. Everything is red.

9 Virtual Boy Wario Land

This is actually a good game. This an example of what this game should not be on the Virtual Boy.

A relatively fun platformer, but imagine how much better it would've been on something like SNES.

10 Mario's Tennis

The Virtual Boy should've had Galactic Pinball included, not this just tennis pack for an expensive console of a bomb.

The Contenders

11 Space Squash
12 Virtual Lab

It's a puzzle game. A boring, unfinished, and poorly executed puzzle game.

13 SD Gundam Dimension War

Another boring title, except this one's a strategy game.

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